EEWC Chapter 47

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 47: Becoming Infamous in History? (2)
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“General Luo, you should know about the Weapon Refining Sect’s position.” Hun Fei’s expression darkened, “We bear the responsibility of protecting the people of this mainland and we have to battle with the demons every ten years. If we obtain the Biluo fruit, it’ll give our Weapon Refining Sect even more power to protect all of the people in this world. Yet you’re actually trying to claim some profits for something that will benefit the greater good? What right does a person as selfish as you, who doesn’t consider the good of the world, have to negotiate terms with us? If you don’t want to become a sinner through the ages, then hand over the Biluo fruit to us!”

In Hun Fei’s words, their Weapon Refining Sect was trying to acquire the Biluo fruit for the sake of protecting the mainland and General Luo had to comply and be grateful for the chance to contribute to the greater good. If he refused, then he would be rebelling against the common people of the world!


General Luo laughed loudly twice, a scoff on his face: “So this is how the Weapon Refining Sect acts? Talking about benevolence and morality, working for the people of the world, but the truth is that you’re only borrowing this guise to achieve your own goals. Basically, your Weapon Refining Sect is a bunch of hypocritical bad guys. If you’re really working for the greater good, then why aren’t you willing to fork out a measly 10 million gold coins? Or is the Weapon Refining Sect so poor that they can’t afford it?”

Just as he finished speaking, the clear sound of applause rang out from outside the hall. When everyone turned to look, that slender silhouette walked slowly into the room under the sunlight.

There was an unspeakable beauty in the bright rays falling on her body.

“Well said,” The girl smiled as she said, “The Weapon Refining Sect is indeed so poor, they don’t even have 10 million gold coins, tsk tsk. If this were to get out, I’m guessing that no one will choose to join the Weapon Refining Sect again. I finally understand why my brother would reject you in front of all those strong people that year.”

“Gu Ruoyun!”

Hun Fei’s expression was terrible. His tightly clenched fists cracked. He would never forget that a good-for-nothing had rejected the Weapon Refining Sect’s invitation not too long ago, the same way Gu Shengxiao had done.

He could say nothing about Gu Shengxiao, he had enormous talent and had been taken in by the Spirit Sect as a disciple. However, what did she count as? She had that kind of courage when she was just a good-for-nothing.

No, that wasn’t courage, that was stupidity!

“Hmph, I was about to look for you, who knew that you would serve yourself up on a platter!” Hun Fei smiled coldly, “You’ve come at a good time. Follow me back to Weapon Refining Sect in a few days, or you can choose to give all of your spiritual force to our eldest miss here.”

Spiritual force could be said to be everything to a martial artist. Although they did not need spiritual force to live, they would end up unable to cultivate and become idiots.

General Luo’s expression changed after hearing his words as he completely understood what it meant.

“Oh?” Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and smiled, “Why should I give my spiritual force to your Weapon Refining Sect’s eldest miss? It seems like there’s only harm in doing so and no benefits. I’m not that stupid.”

“It’s not a must for our Weapon Refining Sect to obtain the Biluo fruit, but your spiritual force is something we must have no matter what.”

Hun Fei had been completely enraged by Gu Ruoyun and his heart had completely ignored Shiyun’s plans and warnings. He only knew that this damned good-for-nothing had rejected his Weapon Refining Sect, so he had to make things difficult for her!

“Gu Ruoyun, you should know your physique better than anyone else and you should know that the spiritual ocean in your body is many times larger than normal. You won’t be able to break through into the martial artist ranks within ten years, judging by your talent. No matter how hard you train, you’ll only ever be a good-for-nothing!” Hun Fei looked at Gu Ruoyun as he said in disdain, “Since a good-for-nothing is of no use to anyone, why not sacrifice yourself for the sake of the common people of the mainland?”

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