EEWC Chapter 216

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 216: The Dongfang Family’s Call for Help (6)
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Wei Yiyi was staring dazedly at one side. She had followed Shifu for three years, but she had never seen her let out such a dazzling smile. Her smile was so beautiful, it could touch people’s hearts.

“Heaven City, the Xia Family.” The young girl’s face held a subtle glow as her eyes seemed to be looking into faraway memories. A hint of guilt flashed across her countenance.

Yu’er, it’s been three years. I can finally go looking for you. You have to wait for me. In this life, I won’t let you suffer the pain you did in your previous life.

“Heaven City?” Dongfang Shaoze frowned, “Heaven City’s power is on par with the Dongfang Family. Yun’er, I don’t know how you’re related to the Xia Family, but if someone tries to make things difficult for you, then send Elder Yu to notify me. The Xia Family still has to show some respect to the Dongfang Family, no matter what.”

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