EEWC Chapter 20

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 20: The Stern Crown Prince (4)


Someone started laughing first. Everyone else followed after and started laughing loudly as well, as if they had never heard such a funny joke in a long time.

“Gu Ruoyun, don’t be crazy!” Young Master Ling jumped up angrily and said viciously: “If this young master doesn’t eventually beat you up till you kneel down and shout ‘daddy’, then this young master will take up your surname!”

This bitch actually tried to humiliate him! Very well, he’ll give her a spectacular death! Thinking this, Young Master Ling ground his teeth in hatred, as if he were anxiously waiting to tear Gu Ruoyun into pieces.

“You mofo! Ling Xi, who are you going to force into kneeling down and calling you daddy?” Luo Yin could not bear watching anymore, she stood up with a swoosh and said angrily: “Even if Gu Ruoyun is defeated, there’s still me! If you have the balls, then come and play a round with this lady, what are you trying to prove by bullying someone weaker than you?”

Ling Xi wanted to curse out loud, but was abruptly met with General Luo’s warning look.

Really, General Luo was the only person who Ling Xi was most afraid of in this lifetime, other than his own grandfather.

Although General Luo and Old Man Gu were both generals, the latter was someone unwilling to look for trouble, while the former… was someone who did not care for his life!

To be more specific, he was famous for having a daughter complex.

If you bullied his daughter, you would get beat up even if you were a relative of the emperor! Once, because the son of the Minister of War had called Luo Yin ugly, General Luo ended up rushing to their door and beating the son up until he was almost crippled.

The emperor wasn’t a self-indulgent ruler, so he couldn’t remove his military power just because of that matter, as General Luo had contributed so much to the country with his war efforts.

“Hehe,” Concubine Ling said with a smile that did not reach her eyes: “Great General Luo, your daughter is really interesting, but don’t forget that the crown prince and the people from the Weapon Refining Sect are still here. Oh yes, let me give you an introduction first, this is the daughter of the sect master of the Weapon Refining Sect, Shiyun.”

In the people’s hearts, the Weapon Refining Sect was an existence equal to a holy place. Furthermore, this was the sect master’s daughter who was right before their eyes.

“Imperial Concubine Ling, our sect has a few reasons for coming to your esteemed country this time. Firstly, for the crown prince’s birthday, and secondly, our sect has been lacking personnel, so we have specially come here to choose a few people to enter our sect as outer disciples. I have already heard that there are many young talents in Azure Dragon Country. They would be the perfect people to serve in our Weapon Refining Sect.”

Shiyun smiled as she looked at the people standing in the garden. Her smile was like a spring breeze, giving people an unusual feeling of comfort.

Gu Ruoyun’s mind reacted and she looked at Shiyun in surprise, but she said nothing as she withdrew her gaze…

“Girl, it looks like you’ve already sensed it,” Zixie’s voice suddenly came from within her soul, “This woman is practising a long lost divine art. Those who practise this type of art will emit an aura that is comforting and mesmerising and the men who see her will unconsciously admire her. But practising this kind of art will cause a person’s constitution to become extremely weak and she must rely on taking spiritual force from others to live on. If there isn’t enough spiritual force for her to feed on, then she will die very quickly.”

Even Zixie was somewhat surprised, how was there still someone who knew such an evil art? This kind of art should have disappeared years ago…

Especially since this woman gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling, one he had only ever felt from one other person before…

Hearing Zixie’s words, Gu Ruoyun fell silent, it looks like this mainland was much more complicated than she had imagined…

TL Note:

Luo Yin is too cute. I had fun translating the way she was cursing him out! Yes, she really does say mofo, but in Chinese. The censored word was there in the original too. I hope I got her sassy attitude across to you!

Also, the reason why she dares to be this bold is probably thanks to that daughter-complex father of hers, General Luo. What a cute family.

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