EEWC Chapter 18

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 18: The Stern Crown Prince (2)

Gu Ruoyun smiled wryly: “I understand what you’re trying to say. It was precisely because I wasn’t strong enough that my mother, grandfather and brother all died so horribly, that the people by my side left me, one by one! Since the heavens gave me the chance to live on, then I must become the ruler of this world! I’ll dominate everyone’s right to live or die!”

At this moment, the girl’s voice was full of a domineering aura that lit up that usually inconspicuous face with radiance.

Zixie smiled, patting Gu Ruoyun’s small head, before saying: “Girl, you need to take the Qi Gathering Pill now and wait until you break through into level 3 before you leave.”


A light passed through Gu Ruoyun’s eyes, as she had a premonition that she would be able to break through into level 3 after taking this pill…

A sleepless night went by.

When Gu Ruoyun appeared in front of the eyes of everyone in the Gu household, they had just reached the final time limit. The people in the Gu household, who had previously wished for her to stay as far away from them as possible, had never been so happy to see her return.

Old General Gu could not be bothered to say anything more to her. As he swept her with a neutral gaze, he ordered: “The expert from Weapon Refining Sect is already inside the palace. The emperor has ordered everyone to attend the crown prince’s birthday. There’s no time for you to clean up, so just follow us right now.”

Actually, Gu Ruoyun already had some insight into this matter. However, because she wanted to know the level of someone considered an expert in this mainland, she did not defy the general’s order…

Within a room carrying a faint fragrance, a man stood with his hands held behind his back; he cast a long shadow under the weak sunlight.

Elder Yu stood behind his family’s young master, after hesitating for a long while, he finally said: “Young Master, the Weapon Refining Sect recently sent two elders to Azure Dragon Country, and I’m not sure why they have come. Even if Azure Dragon Country’s Crown Prince is Elder Hun Fei’s disciple, with his arrogance, he definitely wouldn’t attend an occasion such as this without a motive. This time, even Elder Lian Tianlin and the sect leader’s daughter have come. I feel like something is going to happen.”

The corner of that man’s lips curled up: “No matter their purpose, it has nothing to do with our Dongfang family, but… if I recall, that Elder Hun Fei took a liking to Gu Shengxiao’s talent before, but was rejected by Shengxiao, and he only accepted the crown prince as a disciple after that.”

“Young master, do you mean that he’ll cause trouble for Miss Ruoyun?”

“No,” the man shook his head, “The Weapon Refining Sect has some prestige in this mainland after all, so they won’t do such things. Oh yes, Elder Yu, I will make a trip back to the Dongfang family soon. You will stay here to help Gu Ruoyun.”

Elder Yu was startled for a moment, his wrinkled face stunned.

“Young master, this…”

“Elder Yu, you know that I initially established Hundred Herb Hall to secure a source of funding for myself. If Hundred Herb Hall is able to support Gu Ruoyun, then what’s the harm in giving it to her? No matter what, she’s still my older sister’s daughter. I’m letting you stay here so you can observe her abilities clearly. If she has no real strength, then you may return to the Dongfang family without saying anything else to her. Rather than involving her in our internal feuds, why not let her live a free and unfettered life outside?”

The man’s tone held some helplessness.

Elder Yu lowered his head and respectfully said: “Yes, this old servant will do as the young master commands.”



Within the Imperial Gardens, Luo Yin spotted Gu Ruoyun following the Gu family in a single glance. Overjoyed, she flew towards Gu Ruoyun without caring about the glare from General Luo at her side.

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