EEWC Chapter 12

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 12: Refining Pills (3)

Elder Yu did not answer Shopkeeper Zhao. His astute eyes instead looked deeply at Ling Yu: “Miss, in our Hundred Herb Hall, there are no exceptions, whether you’re a commoner or even from an official’s household! If you try to use force to pressure us, then our Hundred Herb Hall will no longer welcome you from here on!”


Ling Yu’s face turned pale with anger. She had not expected that a small physician would even dare to speak to her like that with the Ling family currently in power! This was simply going too far!

“Very well, you better remember this! If I, Ling Yu, don’t avenge this insult, then my word can no longer be trusted! When the time comes, don’t blame me for not warning you!”

However, just as she had finished saying that, Elder Yu shut his eyes once more. No matter how much Ling Yu was hopping around in anger, he never spared her another glance…

“Miss, sorry to keep you waiting, I’ll fill the prescription for you now.”

After Ling Yu left, Shopkeeper Zhao embarrassedly said.

“Shopkeeper, is this elder one of Hundred Herb Hall’s in-house physicians?”

Gu Ruoyun’s gaze shifted and landed on Elder Yu, her lips curving up into a slight smile as she asked.

“This…” Shopkeeper Zhang was stunned for an instant, he carefully looked over at the elder who was resting with his eyes shut. Not seeing any reaction from the other, he then said: “Miss, this senior is Elder Yu, he is also… one of our Hundred Herb Hall’s physicians.”

“Oh,” Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin lightly, “I see that his medical skill is quite lacking, otherwise, why wouldn’t he be able to get rid of such a simple scar?”

“What did you say?”

Elder Yu suddenly opened his eyes and sneered: “A simple scar? You make it sound so easy! If it were just getting rid of a mere scar, it wouldn’t be that difficult. But asking for it to be removed within a day, that’s impossible! Whether it’s an injury or an illness, they all need time to heal.”

“If your skill is lacking, then just say so, isn’t it more refreshing to just admit that you can’t do it?”


Seeing Elder Yu’s expression darken, Shopkeeper Zhao hurriedly interrupted her: “Miss, don’t say any more, Elder Yu’s medical skill is known by all, even the physicians by the emperor’s side are not his equal.”

“Really?” Gu Ruoyun smiled mockingly, a subtle hint of light flitted through her clear pupils, “If Elder Yu’s medical skill is really that impressive, do you dare to compete with this junior?”

“Very well!”

Elder Yu stood in outrage, cold eyes looking at Gu Ruoyun: “How do you want to compete?”

“Simple! If I lose, not only will I admit that I was wrong, but I’ll also admit that your medical skill is incomparable! If you lose, then… I want this Hundred Herb Hall.”

With a wave of flowing cloth, Gu Ruoyun sat down, her delicate and pretty face holding a smile filled with high aspirations.

Elder Yu froze for a long time, before finally laughing uproariously: “Girl, you have some guts for even trying to touch this Hundred Herb Hall! You want to take this Hundred Herb Hall? You don’t have that kind of power!”

“Why?” Gu Ruoyun smiled, playing with a lock of her hair: “The dignified Hundred Herb Hall doesn’t have the courage to compete with a little girl like me? Or should I say that, Elder Yu, you’re scared of losing?”

“Lose? Hmph, I, Elder Yu, have never known the meaning of defeat! However, the Hundred Herb Hall is not mine, so I can’t make that decision. If you want to compete with me, you’ll have to wait until after I have invited the young master to decide!”

In fact, Gu Ruoyun had also guessed at Elder Yu’s identity. Going by the shopkeeper’s attitude towards him, he was definitely not a normal physician. However, even if he had a high position in the Hundred Herb Hall, he was a steward or an elder at most. Her aim, however, was the man behind the Hundred Herb Hall.

What’s more, since she had just arrived, she needed to have a force behind her to back her up!

Hundred Herb Hall was undoubtedly the best choice!

Most importantly, once she had the Hundred Herb Hall under her control, in the future, she would not have to worry about gathering medicinal herbs.

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