EEWC Chapter 11

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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 11: Refining Pills (2)

Hundred Herb Hall was the largest medicinal hall in Azure Dragon Country and where any herb that you could possibly want was sold.

At this point of time, within Hundred Herb Hall, a grey-haired old man was currently seated and resting with his eyes closed. Suddenly, a slight sound of footsteps came from outside the door. He opened his eyes and glanced over, his line of sight landing on the young girl who had just stepped into the pharmacy.

This young girl was extremely thin; the oversized grey clothing covering her emaciated body made a jarring picture. Although her skin was very white, it was a shade of ivory white that was pleasing to the eye, making her memorable.

But the old man only glanced at her once, before closing his eyes again.

“Miss, may I ask what you’re looking for?”

The shopkeeper saw that there was business to be made and hurriedly greeted her, smiling as he asked.

“I guarantee that our Hundred Herb Hall, as the largest medicinal hall in our country, will be able to provide you with any herb you might need. Even if it’s a thousand-year ginseng, we’ll be able to obtain one for you.”

“Well, I don’t need thousand-year ginseng, instead, help me find the herbs written on this prescription.”

Gu Ruoyun said as she handed over a prescription.

The shopkeeper scanned through the herbs on the prescription, then smiled: “Miss, these herbs are all very common. Please wait for a moment, I’ll get them for you now.”


Gu Ruoyun nodded. Her gaze wandered over the whole pharmacy before pausing on the resting elder, as a dim light flashed through her clear pupils.

This old man’s strength was more than average, he was at least a martial king. This kind of power could be counted as one of the top ranked in Azure Dragon Country, why would he be willing to act as an in-house physician for Hundred Herb Hall?

It seems like Hundred Herb Hall’s background was much more powerful than she had imagined…

“Hey, what kind of medicine is your Hundred Herb Hall selling? You told me that this medicine could heal the scar on my neck, so why aren’t there any results yet?”

In front of the counter, a girl dressed in silk finery fiercely slammed the table. She looked very beautiful, with creamy skin, crescent eyebrows, and bright eyes shining like moonlight in a dark night. Yet, she was currently huffing out flames of anger.

On the girl’s neck, which was as fair as snow, a clear scar laid there spoiling the original aesthetic, leaving behind a blemish that marred that otherwise perfect beauty.

“Miss, you’ve only used the medicine for one day, how could there be any results?”

Although the shopkeeper looked helpless, his expression lacked any fear. He only tried to persuade her earnestly: “If you continue to use it for half a month, you’ll definitely regain the original colour of your skin.”

“This lady doesn’t care!” The finely dressed girl squared her shoulders and threw back her head snorting dismissively: “Don’t you know who this lady is? The highest-ranking imperial concubine in the palace is this lady’s aunt! If you annoy this lady, this lady will let this lady’s aunt send down an order to kick your Hundred Herb Hall out of Azure Dragon Country!”

Imperial concubine?

Gu Ruoyun startled a little, this woman was most likely from the Ling family. No wonder she was such an arrogant and overbearing boobs-for-brains!

The Hundred Herb Hall held power not only in Azure Dragon Country, but they also enjoyed a high status in other countries as well. Yet she dared to mention chasing them out of the Azure Dragon Country. Not even the Imperial Concubine herself had the guts to do so.

However, Ling Yu did not think much of it. From her perspective, the Hundred Herb Hall was only one business. No matter how much power they had, in her head, how could they be stronger than the imperial power?

“Such daring for a little miss.”

The resting elder finally opened his eyes. Upon hearing his voice, the shopkeeper unconsciously let out a sigh of relief, respectfully saying: “Elder Yu, this matter…”

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