DWGMSFF Chapter 1-35

Hi everyone, I’m translating Demon wang’s golden medal status favorite fei. This is a time travel romance about how a modern woman entered the body of a foolish miss. You will read how she overcomes all her obstacles and become the demon’s wang most favorite fei. There will also be some twist in the story. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Chapter 1-35

Translated by 1314dreamer

Edited by ororomunroe90

  • I rather read one that is faithful to the raws than one influenced by the TN’s will (after the whole fiasco of mistaking My Kitsune Waifu as JPN light novel). So I’m on board with “Demon wang’s golden medal status favorite fei”.

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    uuh because the genre is more suited to moonbunnycafe?

  • Did rosyfantasy drop this series or what?

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    Umm…why does the title changed from Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei to Demon wang’s golden medal status favorite fei? Is DWGMSFF is the real name of this novel and the previous one is inaccurate?

    • 1314dreamer

      there wasnt a english name for the book. so my first titel was demon wang’s golden favorite fei. then shushengbar came up with demon wang’s golden medal status favorite fei. I find that title more to the chinese title

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