Double posting on volareTL goes the way of the dodo bird

Some of you will greet this news with sadness, whereas many more of you likely won’t care less. 😀 It’s come to my belated attention (and I should have thought of this earlier, truly) that we’d be getting on the hate list and receiving the banhammer from several ad providers (as well as our partners in crime in which volareTL works are hosted on) if we continued posting in both places.

Therefore! Apologies to those who actually liked reading on volareTL, but please head on over to the works’ respective websites for them in the future. The TOC will redirect you there. As for what’s going to happen to volareTL… keep watching this space!

And, if any group’s website causes your browser/mobile to crash, please please please leave a comment so we can get it fixed for you. 🙂