Double posting on volareTL goes the way of the dodo bird

Some of you will greet this news with sadness, whereas many more of you likely won’t care less. 😀 It’s come to my belated attention (and I should have thought of this earlier, truly) that we’d be getting on the hate list and receiving the banhammer from several ad providers (as well as our partners in crime in which volareTL works are hosted on) if we continued posting in both places.

Therefore! Apologies to those who actually liked reading on volareTL, but please head on over to the works’ respective websites for them in the future. The TOC will redirect you there. As for what’s going to happen to volareTL… keep watching this space!

And, if any group’s website causes your browser/mobile to crash, please please please leave a comment so we can get it fixed for you. 🙂

  • Sirreadsalot

    Now that someone mentions it, Wuxiaworld frequently causes my phone to heat up and crashes constantly. Sometimes it does it 3 times in the 3-5 minutes it takes to read an average chapter. The longer I read the hotter my phone gets and the more frequent the crashes. I figured its just because my phones shitty.

    • etvolare

      Lol, or it could be the site. Would you mind taking a few moments to email WW with what kind of phone you have? [email protected]

  • Tyler

    Oh no! Will you still make posts that have links to the chapters on their respective websites (e.g. “GDK Chapter 200” with a link that takes you to chapter 200 on gravity tales)? Or will that get you in trouble too? And as a side note keep up the excellent work! Love your translations.

    • etvolare

      Posts that link back to the chapter will still definitely be made, have no fear! Thank you for enjoying the translations!

  • Alvan Fleming

    You said to leave a comment to get site fixed? I always have problems with Wuxiaworld. I always get an unresponsive script warning with a debug script, stop script demand, and often this is followed by a plugin warning. It leaves me unable to read the text until the Debug, stop script pop up comes up, if I choose stop script, it freezes till another stop script debug demand appears, IF I move the pop up to the side, I can then read the text, I have to close the page and go back to the original email click on the link and hit next page as soon as the story comes up to continue reading. WuxiaWorld is the only website that this happens on, and I read a lot of Webfictions. I have already tried to leave a comment there, but guess what, as I type my comment I get a debug, stop script demand that won’t let me. So please pass this along.

    • Alvan Fleming

      oh and this is the script identity posted on the script warning. Script:…jc-chapter-58-2/ line 0 > eval:1234, I had to go back in to copy this from the pop up.

      • etvolare

        Thanks for taking the time to comment! I passed it along to Ren and he said the technical team will need information such as browser, mobile system in order to pinpoint the problem. To avoid having your personal information on a public site, would you like to email [email protected]? Thank you!