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Age of Lazurite

apartmentTo preserve etvo’s sanity, Age of Lazurite isn’t currently accepting donations. If you would like to support etvo, please visit her Patreon

Celestial Employee


Go to work, worker bees! You can help us work faster by sponsoring some happy hours! Full sponsored chapters are at $50/chapter.

Great Demon King


I hope you are enjoying the series! If you can’t wait for the next chapter in Han Shuo’s epic demonic shenanigans,I’m happy to offer sponsored chapters at $50 a piece. They will be released on the weekends and I will give a shout out to your name for everyone to worship. Thank you again!

Star Rank Hunter


Want more Star Rank madness! Chapters are offered at $75 each. They’ll be released as soon as they’re done, thank you again!

Cultivation Chat Group

chat-groupWuxia chat group meets muggle meets real life wuxia. Sponsor us to enhance our emoticon sets! Full sponsored chapters are at $50/chapter.

Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei


Jealous of the attention Murong Qiqi is receiving? Come sponsor us for more chapters! Sponsored chapters are going at $40/chapter.

Release That Witch


Wanna see the latest inventions Chen Yan comes up with? Release the Witch is accepting donations at $40/chapter. Thank you!

Sword Spirit


Show your soul to the Sword Spirit! Chapters are sponsored at $40 each. Thank you for your patronage!

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

RuoxiWanna see more of Yang Chen teasing his good wife Ruoxi? Wanna see how he kicks the asses of those who wants to touch his girls? Each sponsored chapter will be at $40. They will not have a set timing to be released, and will instead be released as soon as it’s done!

Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort


Wanna see the epic rise of our Gu Ruoyun? Well, you can for $40 a chapter! Come, come!

Sovereign of the Three Realms


Can’t get enough of Jiang Chen’s farting adventures? Thank you so much for your interest! I’m happy to offer sponsored chapters at $60 a piece. They will be released on weekend along with a shout out to you for everyone to worship. Thank you for your readership and patronage!

True Cultivators on Campus


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