DWGMSFF Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 Male and female lead brightened the scene

When Murong Qi Qi lazily opened her eyes, she smelled something fishy.


Two threads appeared in Murong Qi Qi’s palms. As soon as the other party takes action, she will also ruthlessly take action.

“Did you sleep well?”

Feng Cang propped his chin. He didn’t move and only looked at that pair of bright eyes of Murong Qi Qi’s. Just now, she slept like a well behaved cat. Now she is like a leopard whose territory got violated. Sure enough, this girl is interesting!

Murong Qi Qi was bursting from anger in her heart. How come she had slept so deep? He’d appeared before her and she didn’t even notice. Because Su Mei and Su Yue were at her side, that’s why Murong Qi Qi went to sleep without any worries. She didn’t expect that an unexpected character would appear.

“Feng Cang……”

Murong Qi Qi was more surprised about the man in front of her. Before, she had only heard rumors about Feng Cang. Now seeing him in person made Murong Qi Qi greatly surprised.

His face’s like the moon of the autumn festival. His color is like the spring flowers. His temples seemed as though they were carved out. His eyebrows are like a painting. The contour of his face is like peaches. His gaze is like ripples of spring… ….

It seems that all good words put on this man weren’t overstated… …

“Does Qing Qing really know that I’m Feng Cang?”

While Feng Cang was talking, his hand put her messy hair back in place. That action was as natural as it could be and very adept like they had been spouses for many years. It’s as if he did it more than a thousand times.

“I guessed it.”

Murong Qi Qi moved slightly backwards to avoid Feng Cang’s hand. To be honest, she isn’t used to being intimate with people, especially if it’s a stranger and a man.

Murong Qi Qi’s ‘alienation’ made Feng Cang feel slightly frustrated but it also let him have a trace of happiness. At least his wangfei1 is not someone casual. And she’s also not like those love-struck fools who lost themselves in his appearance and forgot what their names were. This girl’s will is very strong and also sensible, making Feng Cang love Murong Qi Qi even more.

It’s just that seeing her whole body guarding against him and her feeling of wanting to be be alienated from him, made Feng Cang got a headache. What does he need to do to let them become closer? If she is like that with everyone, then what does he need to do to become the only one?

Murong Qi Qi didn’t know that in the head of this Nan Lin wang2 who shook the four countries, it was full of thoughts about how to please her.

Wangye, the hour is getting late, shouldn’t we go over?”

Murong Qi Qi lowered her face and looked submissive. Feng Cang had appeared too suddenly. So sudden that it made her forget her disguise. Now that her mind came back, she once again put up her calm appearance.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s radiant face suddenly become so calm, Feng Cang got more curious about her. How can a person have so many faces and can instantly change expressions?

However what Feng Cang’s certain about is that right now, he had no place in Murong Q Qi’s heart. That’s why she’s using such an expression to face him.

It seemed that this little wangfei’s guarding against people is really strong. To open the door to her heart and let her show her true self to him would be really very difficult, ah! But when has ever he feared? The more Murong Qi Qi is like this, the more determined Feng Cang is to open the door to her heart.

“Qing Qing, let’s go!”

Without explanation, Feng Cang grabbed Murong Qi Qi’s hand.


Murong Qi Qi wanted to shake his hand away, unfortunately his big hand is like an embrace, packaging her hand inside his, making her unable to break away.

Forget it, let him have his way! She couldn’t go against him and show her true colors just because of such a little thing, right? Thinking till here, Murong Qi Qi no longer struggled and let Feng Cang hold her hand and also let Feng Cang hug her out of the carriage.

“Mi, miss…….”

Seeing Murong Qi Qi in Feng Cang’s embrace, Su Mei and Su Yue’s eyes fell out. The two received Murong Qi Qi’s warning look at the same time. They immediately lowered their heads.

Murong Qi Qi was blaming them for letting Feng Cang making it so that she was without any preparation. However, she couldn’t blame them, ah! These two girls didn’t know why guye3 is so pleasing to their eyes. Together with the bribes before, the natural balance of their hearts tilted a bit.

“Qing Qing, don’t blame them. It was I who was afraid to disturb Qing Qing’s good dream and didn’t let them convey to you.”

Feng Cang put Murong Qi Qi down and personally help her tidy up her dress.

“Qing Qing is really beautiful today!”


Murong Qi Qi blushed. The reddish pink looked particularly attractive. She lowered her head even more.

“Let’s go, don’t let the people wait so anxiously!”


All the way, Feng Cang held Murong Qi Qi’s small hand. His pace is very big, but he walked very slowly. It seemed that he waited for Murong Qi Qi to be in unison with him. This man’s care and dedication to every detail reached even to the tiniest detail.

When they arrived at the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the eunuch in the front saw the couple who had walked over from far away, his mouth was wide open from being stunned.

Should such a person be owned by the world? Could it be that it’s an angel who’d descended from heaven? The eunuch couldn’t help but rub his eyes. Because of surprise, the eunuch forgot to bow. He just looked at how Feng Cang led Murong Qi Qi in. He also forgot to announce.


When Longze Yu Er, who was originally holding a cup of wine, saw the people coming in, the cup of wine in her hand fell onto the ground. The smell of wine attracted the attention of people. She didn’t seem to have noticed. She just looked in daze at the people who’d arrived.

She saw that man dressed completely in white. The wide robe is held by a belt with a green jade. On the hem and cuff are violets embroidered with the finest silver threads. The black hair is held by one single hawksbill hairpin.

That face, it’s seems a little too devilish. His color is white-like jade, almost transparent like he is sick. Because of the sun, it made him have a layer of gold, making the cold emitting from his body fade a bit.

Looking at those eyes which is so deep as a cold pool of water of a thousand years. It’s like carved from a knife.

Those eyes are crystal clear, but was obscured by the sparkling on the surface, making people unable to guess his inner thoughts. It also made people unable to dare come forward to explore him some more. They were concerned that if they’re just a moment careless, they’d get sucked into those eyes and all their thoughts deep inside their hearts would be seen by the owner of this pair of eyes.

He is obviously a man so beautiful like a devil, but his whole body is dressed in white. It just happens that this body in white actually expresses his appearance of a human and a demon. It’s as if he was born for this white color.

When the other people saw Feng Cang, their expression is not much better than Longze Yu Er’s. Even the faces of those consorts of Longze Yu became slightly red like they saw their first love again. They looked at Feng Cang full of feelings.

Devil, really a devil! Murong Qi Qi’s heart exclaimed. Fortunately, she saw Feng Cang’s painting before and also her self-control is strong enough. Otherwise, she would be like those people drooling in front of a handsome man. She’s afraid that Feng Cang would’ve laughed in her face then.

Although Feng Cang had long become accustomed to people’s infatuated eyes, but being stared at like wolves by those women, still made him become very unhappy. He frowned gently. And this frown is also so perfect. People began to draw air.

“Did you look enough?”

Only when Feng Cang’s desolate voice stung the eardrums of those people did they woke up. The palace eunuch and maids who didn’t have inner energy put their hands on their painful ears. The plate and jugs in their hands fell onto the ground, making a burst of ‘dingdang’ sounds.

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  1. Wangfei: main wife of a wangye
  2. Wangye/ wang: prince of the first rank
  3. Guye: son-in-law/ also used by the servants of the female family when referring to their Mistress’ husband
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