DWGMSFF Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Unexpected Result

Look and look, the more people the better!

Murong Xin Lian once against exposed a strange smile.

“Dad, third little sister didn’t do it on purpose. It was miss Duanmu who has gone too far……”

“Second big sister, no matter if third big sister did it on purpose or not, the truth is that she wounded miss Duanmu. If the empress wants to investigate, one ‘not on purpose’ is not enough to pass the responsibilities!”

Seeing Murong Xin Lian plead for Murong Qi Qi, Murong Qing Lian rolled her eyes.

It seems that in this family no matter old or young have no place for Murong Qi Qi, ah!

Hearing Murong Qing Lian’s words, Shangguan Wu Ji couldn’t help but feel heartache for Murong Qi Qi. Living in such a family, being calculated by her sisters and also being disgusted by her own father, really don’t know how she survived all these years.

“Prime minister, the matter that happened just now, third miss really didn’t do it intentionally. It’s miss Duanmu who bullied her first. Asking prime minister to not blame third miss too much.”

Shangguan Wu Ji speaking up for Murong Qi Qi is outside of Murong Tai’s expectation.

At this time, Bai Mu Fei and Bai Yi Yue also stood out: “It was really an accident. It has nothing to do with third miss. Prime minister, don’t make things too difficult for third miss.”

One Shangguan Wu Ji already let Murong Tai be surprised. Now even Bai family’s young master and miss are pleading, made Murong Tai even more surprised. When has Murong Qi Qi’s relationship with people become so good? Two great family are speaking up for her? Could there really be an ulterior motive in this?

Guzhang, 1in this matter, we are all witnesses. Even if Duanmu family get this matter in front of the empress, we will also testify for little cousin sister. Guzhangdoesn’t need to worry.”

Li Yun Qing’s last words, gave Murong Tai reassurance. Since there are so many people willing to testify, then he doesn’t need to worry about Murong Qi Qi’s matter.

Seeing others speak up for Murong Qi Qi and Murong Tai seemed to have dispelled the idea of going to look for Murong Qi Qi, Murong Xin Lian became anxious: “Daddy, just now third little sister was somewhat unwell. Why don’t we go see her?! Don’t know if she got sick or not!”

“Even if she dies, she deserves it!”

Murong Tai threw out this sentence. Li Yun Qing’s and Shangguan Wu Ji’s expression immediately changed.

Seemed to have realized that his words are too fickle, Murong Tai immediately pulled out a smile. Even if this daughter isn’t much in his heart, but now there are outsiders. He can’t leave a bad impression.

“Alright, I’ll go see her! Really troublesome!”

“Second big sister, let’s also go!”

Murong Qing Lian is really happy. It has been a long time since a thing in thefu made her happy. Although before she and Murong Xin Lian have some unpleasant things, but bullying Murong Qi Qi this rubbish is her greatest pleasure.

“Let’s also go……,” Shangguan Wu Ji suggested to the others. He is very worried about Murong Qi Qi. Thinking back the Murong Qi Qi’s expression with her tearful eyes and at this moment seeing the people of Murong fu 2treating Murong Qi Qi like this, Shangguan Wu Ji felt a pumping pain in his heart.

“Big brother, I also want to go see third miss.”

At this time, Bai Yi Yue is also very worried about Murong Qi Qi’s situation. Although she hasn’t come much in contact with her (MQQ), but she likes this third miss from her heart. Now seeing her situation in xiangfu, 3Bai Yi Yue really pities Murong Qi Qi.

With the two’s suggestion, Bai Mu Fei and Li Yun Qing also nodded. They followed Murong Tai.

Murong Xin Lian’s mood is now very good. The more people, the better. She was worried about that this matter won’t get big. The three great families’ young masters and miss saw Murong fu’s third miss scandal with their own eyes, tomorrow this will spread through all the streets of the capital. Haha ha! Murong Qi Qi, this time, you’re dead!

Everything is carried out according to Murong Xin Lian’s plan. The closer they get to the room she arranged, the smile on Murong Xin Lian will become bigger. She seems to have seen the position of Jing wangfei4waving at her. She even saw Longze Jing Tian smiling gently at her…….


Upon hearing this, blood went to Murong Tai’s head. He kicked the door open. Without a word, he rushed to the bed and teared the curtain. When he saw Zheng Min’s expression of being in the seventh heaven, hot blood went in Murong Tai’s head.

“Slut! You dare to put a green hat on me!”

  • Green hat means your wife is cheating on you in china that’s why you won’t see people in particular men wear green hats in china. The story that I found on the internet is about Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty enacted a law, which required men who worked in the prostitution trade to wear green hats. Later, it became common to say about man whose wife had an affair, that she made her husband wear a green hat.


Murong Tai slapped Zheng Min in the face, grabbed Zheng Min and pulled her up.

Murong Xin Lian heard that the voice is wrong, she immediately let people lighten up the room. The moment the room lightened up, Murong Xin Lian saw a naked Zheng Min kneeling on the ground.

“Mother, how come it’s you?”

Murong Xin Lian’s heart is in a tremendous shock. Should Murong Qi Qi not be in this room? Why is it Zheng Min?

“Old master, please spare my life! Old master, please spare my life!”

The man on the bed casually put on his clothes, came off the bed and immediately knelt down.

“Old master, it’s concubine Zheng who seduced me. It’s really concubine Zheng……”

The man hasn’t even finished speaking when Murong Tai pulled out a sword and cut off his head. A bloody head rolled in front of Zheng Min. Zheng Min screamed: “Wa……”

“Slut! You still scream?!”

Just thinking that the younger generation of the three great families saw the scandal of his family and saw that he actually has worn a green hat, Murong Tai is really angry. This matter has been seen by outsiders. How will he continue to live?! The more he thinks, the angrier he got. The more he thinks, the more fire lit in him. Murong Tai simply doesn’t think anymore. A sword pointed at Zheng Min.

“Daddy, don’t!”

Murong Xin Lian wanted to rush inside to save Zheng Min, but Murong Qing Lian stretched her feet making her stumble on the ground. After she got up, the sword has already pierced into Zheng Min’s heart. The blood splashed on Murong Tai’s hem.


Seeing this, Murong Xin Lian cried once and fainted.

Originally they were going to see Murong Qi Qi. Now they saw xiangfu’s scandal. Li Yun Qing and the others exchanged a look and quietly backed out.

At this time, Murong Tai is no longer in the mood to go think about Murong Qi Qi’s matter. Seeing that till dead Zheng Min has her eyes open with a shocked expression, Murong Tai felt resentment. He went forward, pulled out the sword and kicked Zheng Min.

According to Xi Qi country’s law, when a wife is caught on spot having an affair, she can be killed immediately. The law will not hold the man responsible. That’s why Murong Tai flew into rage out of humiliation and killed Zheng Min.


Murong Tai called the housekeeper Chen Zhong.

“Throw this couple out to feed the dogs. Today’s matter no one is allowed to spread it out, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Murong Tai’s ruthlessness made Chen Zhong’s heart tremble. After all Zheng Min gave birth to Murong Xin Lian for him and normally she is also very favored by Murong Tai. But now this matter happened, Murong Tai didn’t even ask, directly killed her and doesn’t even leave a whole body. This prime minister is really heartless, ah……

The only one on the scene who is happy is Murong Qing Lian. Zheng Min died. Liu Yan Zhi can now be the only favored one. And Murong Xin Lian will be shamed because of this. No matter how beautiful she is, good families wouldn’t dare to let her marry into their family!

I tried to find the story I heard when I was younger, but couldn’t find it. I was also curious about the story of the green hat and a family once told me a story.

Long time ago, in the ancient times, there was a merchant who has a wife that sells vegetable on the market. One day, she and a man selling tofu got attracted to each other. When the merchant went away for business, they will have an affair. One time, the merchant went away to buy something and the man selling tofu thought he went again on a business trip. While they were having a tryst, the merchant came back home. The man selling tofu needed to hide. The wife then told the man selling tofu that when her husband goes on a business trip, she’ll make him wear a green hat. The wife said to her husband that she will make him a green hat, so it’ll be like she is with him when he is away. So since then every time the man selling tofu sees the merchant go away wearing a green hat, he’ll think: I’ll go warm your bed for you.


1. Guzhang: uncle/ husband of paternal aunt?
2. Fu: residence?
3. Xiangfu: residence of the prime minister?
4. Wangfei: wife of a wangye?

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