DWGMSFF Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Du Xian ER

  • 毒仙儿 (Du Xian Er): Du= poison Xian=fairy Er= used to call someone close


It was really quiet. Occasionally, sounds of beasts howling and wind blowing through the grass could be heard. The moon was embedded in the dark blue sky. Under the full moon was a pool of water braved by a thin fog. In this dim white mist, a graceful figure was faintly discernible.

“Miss, I’ve found out.”

At one side of the pool, a person in dark clothes knelt on one knee with her head bowed to express her respect for the beauty in the water.


That young woman’s voice sounded sweet like the clear spring in the mountains. In this silent night, it was particularly pleasant to hear.

“Five years ago, miss and Murong Xin Lian went into the palace together to visit the then Noble Lady Murong Xue Lian. Miss stole the glowing pearl that the emperor had gifted to Murong Xue Lian. Murong Xin Lian found out and told prime minister Murong Tai. Murong Tai punished miss with the home punishment (being beaten with a wooden stick on the back). Then he sent miss to Jing Xin An……”

  • Noble lady is a rank in the imperial harem
  • Jing Xin An is a temple/nunnery

Hearing this, the young woman chuckled.

So it turned out that this was the reason. No wonder when she woke up, she was in a broken house at the back of a nunnery without a single person around her.

Hearing the young woman’s laughter, the person in black paused. Before she wondered why miss let her go investigate this. However after she investigated, she understood. Originally, she thought her own life was miserable, she didn’t expect that miss’s life was even more miserable. Being beaten half to death by her biological father and thrown in the nunnery to fend for herself. It seemed that being born in a rich and powerful family was not necessarily a happy thing.

Seemingly to have realized the person in black’s emotions, the young woman laughed heartily: “I’m alright, you can continue.”

“From what this subordinate discovered, the glowing pearl was actually taken by Murong Xin Lian. She let the maid at miss’ side Fei Cui hide it in miss’ chamber and deliberately framed miss. Now, Fei Cui has become Murong Xin Lian’s confidante and head maid.”

“Oh……So it’s like that ah……Fei Cui, Murong Xin Lian……”

The young woman lifted a wisp of black hair and played with it in her hands. White fingers played like snakes with the black hair, making the black hair seemed like it was a waterfall. Really beautiful.

“Miss, do you want…?”

The person in black made a ‘kacha’ hand gesture.

This nasty pair of master and servant used such low means to frame miss. Should have killed them long ago.

In the person in black’s eyes flashed a hint of ruthlessness. Just a nod from miss, and she would immediately go to the prime minister’s mansion and kill those two bitches.

She knew the person in black’s loyalty, but she had never thought about wanting the other party’s life. After all, she is not ‘her’.

The real miss Murong, she’s afraid, must have already died after the twenty slaps from the wooden stick. Now, she’s just a guest from the other world. As long as they don’t provoke her, she’s too lazy to bother with those small characters.

“Am I not the biological daughter of the first wife? Why does this Murong Xin Lian from the illegitimate line dare to do this to me? Could it be that Murong Tai’s first wife is so muddleheaded?”

“Answering miss, even though you are from the legitimate line, but since young, your body was weak and you couldn’t practice martial arts, so……”

The following words, the person in black didn’t say but in her heart, she was puzzled. Sir Mozun used ‘genius from the heaven’ to describe miss. Even that person said miss is ‘a century rare’ genius. How could it be that she was labelled as useless by her family?!

“That’s why I’m a useless decoration. Dad doesn’t like me, mom doesn’t love me. Even after knowing that she’s framed, a useless daughter dying is alright. Is this what you wanted to say?”

The young woman swam to the shore and looked smilingly at the person in black kneeling on the ground.

Hearing that, the person in black shuddered. She immediately lowered her head.

“Miss, this was not what this subordinate meant……”

“Hahaha! Stand up! I have said, there aren’t that many rules. I’m teasing you!”

The young woman’s laughter was like silver bells. Seeing that she wasn’t angry, the person in black’s heart felt slightly relieved.

Everyone knew that miss is like Sir Mozun, temperamental but with extraordinary ability. That’s why she won Sir Mozun’s love. Not only did he adopt her as his daughter, he also passed Moyu over to her.

  • Moyu: a dark sect from jianghu

In this world, you can offend everyone but you can’t offend miss.

Offending Sir Mozunat most you’ll die, but if you offend miss, living would be more painful than death. Being with miss for five years, the person in black understood this fact clearly.

“Miss, it’s those people who don’t have eyes. They dare to treat miss, this pearl, as a pebble. It’s their loss.”

The person in black stood up. The look in her eyes while looking at the young woman was stunning.

Even though she served miss for so long, the times she got to see miss’s true appearance weren’t much. Every time she saw her real appearance, even as a young woman, she’s attracted by miss. Such a beautiful young woman, making people not dare to get closer. Not dare to act profane and couldn’t help but bow to worship……

“No need to bother with them. These are things of the past. They are just some small shrimps. This old madam (referring to herself in an arrogant way) is too lazy to play with them.”

The young woman once again swam into the water. The white misty fog enveloped her.

“Miss, this time, I’ve found out another thing.”

“The one with a marriage arrangement with miss, Jing wang1 Longze Jing Tian, had won the south, He Lan Yu. Soon, he’ll return triumphantly with the troops to the capital. Now everyone at court is saying that Jing wang is a young war god. Murong Xin Lian seems to have a crush on Longze Jing Tian and wants to sabotage.”

Just now, she was thinking if they didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t bother them. Hearing this, the young woman in the water humphed coldly. Then she laughed again.

“Jing wang is returning? Surely in a few days, Murong Tai will send people over to get me. The funny things will begin!”

Su Mei couldn’t figure out why miss was happy, but she understood, if miss was happy, someone was in trouble. She just didn’t know if that unlucky person was Murong Xin Lian or another person……

“First, you go back to Moyu and arrange everything. When you come back, bring Su Yue. Go……”


After a gust of wind, the person in black disappeared without a trace.

The young woman soaked in the hot spring lazily. Her eyes were looking at the moon in the sky.

In a flash, she had been in this world for five years. Don’t know if the people from that world could also see such a beautiful moon……

Just as the young woman was in deep thought, the sounds of swords came from both far and near.

“Go die, Longze Jing Tian! Your people wouldn’t come here in time! Brothers, hurry! The person who kills Jing wang, the reward will be his! Hahaha!”

“Relying on only you guys, you want to hurt me?”

Although the voice of this person was calm, but he was already seriously injured. The other party have a lot of men and they’re all experts.

It seems that wanting to take a bath quietly would be impossible…….

The young  woman leisurely got out of water. She gently wiped the drops of water from her body. Then she wrapped herself with the white clothes hanging on a tree.

“Longze Jing Tian, if it’s under normal circumstances, we certainly wouldn’t be able to hurt you, but you’ve been poisoned for several days. I don’t believe that, with so many people from our Wu Ji Gong, we can do nothing to you! Everyone, don’t listen to him. Let’s attack together! They only have five people!”

In the dark, ‘shua shua’ sounds can be heard. More than a dozen people in black rounded the five people.

Wangye, you go first. We will delay them here!”

Lu Yuan blocked Longze Jing Tian.

“Ye, escort wangye and leave!”

“Big brother, I won’t go! You go with wangye!”

At a side, Lu Ye cut off a man in black’s head.

“Big brother, leave!”

“None of you can leave!”

Just in a blink of eye, a charming woman in red stood next to Mei Sha.

“Senior  brother, such a small thing, how come it’s still not done yet?”

“Junior sister, Jing wang is not a small character. A lot of our people had died!”

“Humph! Plainly, you are useless! Look at me!”

A red figure went towards Lu Ye next to Longze Jing Tian. A muffled sound could be heard. On Lu Ye’s abdomen, there was a hole. Blood dripped out.

Lu Ye felt pain, he knelt with one knee. With a sword in one hand, he is supporting himself to not fall. The other hand quickly hit the pressure point to stop the bleeding.

“Hehehe, it’s of no use, my dagger has poison on it.”

The woman in red laughed evilly. White teeth, red lips. Looking at it, she seemed like a demoness from hell.

“Ye, how are you?”

Lu Yuan hurriedly went to Lu Ye’s side, only to find out that his lips were already purple. His face is filled with a layer of black.

“Demoness, give me your life!”

Seeing his little brother hurt, Lu Yuan pointed his sword at Jue Sha, but has been dodged by her.

“Longze Jing Tian, our task is only to take your head. Why should you make things difficult for the people who follow you?! As long as you are obedient, we will let them go. I can also give him the antidote!”

Jue Sha is standing beside Mei Sha. One in red, one in black, really matching. It was just, the woman in red was quite pretty and the man in black was really ugly.

Although that man called Longze Jing Tian was seriously wounded, but he was still standing with a straight back. Although he was somewhat pale, but the aura emitting from his body would make people not dare to get close to him.

Benwang2 wants to know who is the one that wants my life?”

Longze Jing Tian slowly opened his mouth. His voice is deep, full of confidence. Even with the present situation, not a trace of panic can be heard.


Mei Sha seemed to have heard a good joke.

“Longze Jing Tian, when you are in hell, Yan Luo will tell you. Go die……”

  • Yan Luo is the king of hell

Mei Sha turned into a black wind and went straight at Longze Jing Tian’s chest.

His speed was fast, making it so that Lu Yuan can’t approach.


Lu Yuan’s roar revealed a trace of despair. He could only watch Mei Sha’s sword pierce into Longze Jing Tian’s heart.


Suddenly, a white wind caught Mei Sha’s sword.


The sword turned into ash in the white wind. Then screams were heard. Three people in black had fallen.

“Who are you?”

The stunned Mei Sha took a few steps back before he stood firm. He was surprised to see the young woman in white before him. In his eyes showed astonishment.

To be able to cut open his tornado easily, who is this young woman?

“You disturbed my quietness.”

The young woman in white passed one of her fingers leisurely through her dripping wet hair. With the sweep of the finger, a white mist emerged and her hair became instantly dry. The hair were loose over her shoulders till her ankles.

This scene appeared somewhat spooky to the crowd. When everyone’s eyes fell on the young woman’s face, sounds of saliva dripping on the ground betrayed their inner thoughts.

“Boss, it’s a beauty!”

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  1. Wang/wangye: the prince of first rank
  2. Benwang: this king, I used by the prince of first rank
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