CCG Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The young lady surrounded by hoodlums


To cultivators in sects, a person who joins a sect at Song Shuhang’s age is a fool, like an ninety year old man who already has one leg in the coffin that wants to go to elementary school. Even if that old man enters the school by making use of connections, how much could he possibly learn? What could he achieve? He doesn’t even have a future; who knows whether a ninety year old man will die tomorrow?


Even if Song Shuhang succeed in foundation building, the amount of time and resources his future advancements would require would be fifty percent more than those youngsters who had completed foundation building between the ages four and five.


On one hand is a rapidly improving, low maintenance disciple with unlimited potential.


On the other is someone with difficulty advancing, the high maintenance Song Shuhang with a bleak future.


As long as the upper echelons of the sect don’t have brain damage, none of them would waste any sizable amount of precious teaching time and cultivation resources on Song Shuhang.


Also, even if the Nine Provinces (1) Group member who recommended Song Shuhang into their sect can help to take care of Song Shuhang for a while, they couldn’t possibly take care of Song Shuhang for an entire lifetime!


Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master was left speechless, he didn’t think about it as deeply as North River’s Loose Practitioner had. All he had thought was how incomparably arduous being a loose cultivator was, and didn’t think of how joining a sect wouldn’t be any better for Song Shuhang.


“Which is why, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sect or loose cultivation, the difference isn’t that big to Song Shuhang. Which is why it was best to let him choose. What one chooses himself, even if it’s a mistake, nobody can be blamed.” North River’s Loose Practitioner indifferently said.


As Seniors amongst loose cultivators, all the two of them could do was to try their best to help Song Shuhang when he needed it.




Jiang Nan University City – Men’s Dormitory.


Song Shuhang leaned back against the chair, and looked towards the small sealed glass jar on the computer table with the remaining Body Tempering Liquid contained inside. Only by consuming these last few spoonfuls with Medicine Master’s foundation building meditation techniques and training techniques would the medicinal power in it be fully utilized.


At this time, a melodious sound appeared, it was his phone’s ringtone.


Song Shuhang tapped on the answer button, and Tubo’s voice was transmitted, “Shuhang, have you sorted out your two large boxes yet? Come look for us once you’re done. Yangde’s room has been confirmed! Come over and take a look, then us brothers shall freeload a meal off of him.”


“Alrighty, I’ll make my way now, send me the address.” Song Shuhang replied.


“I’ll send it to you via SMS.” Tubo ended the call.


After the call was finished, Song Shuhang put down the phone, and his gaze shifted to the balcony.


Perhaps he would require an off-campus apartment like Yangde.


He wouldn’t need to stay out, but would occasionally want to concoct pills, or when he wants to cultivate, he’d want a place where he wouldn’t get disturbed.


“If I want to rent a house outside, should I get a part-time job?” Song Shuhang was just an ordinary student, and didn’t have programming skills like Li Yangde, if he wants to earn money the only option is to get a part-time job.


Come to think of it, how do the Seniors in Nine Provinces (1) Group earn money? They are not isolated from the world, and should require money for day to day life, don’t they? At the very least they need to pay for electricity, internet plans and so on.


While he was letting his imagination run wild, Tubo sent the address as an SMS.


Auspicious Street Block 221D Room 602.


That was a street very close to the campus.






“Location is good, and close to the school. That brat Yangde has found a good place.” Song Shuhang looked at the map on his phone, and evaluated the address sent by Tubo.


Auspicious Street was an old residential area, because there wasn’t much planning when the area was constructed, houses there came in all kinds of styles and sizes. Alleys interweaved each other randomly, and the whole area looks chaotic from afar.


“If it’s located here, it should be possible to take a shortcut, saving me a decent amount of time.” When he thought of that, Song Shuhang made his way into an alley, weaving through the alleys like a lively fish.


These remote alleys had long been the gathering point for the school’s hoodlums.


And when talking about hoodlums, the ones that were eliminated totally as a group must be mentioned.


That group of hoodlums that had been cleaned up and beaten to the point even their mothers couldn’t recognized them had finally woken up after two days and nights.


After the matter, the school’s news club had specially interviewed them as to how they all fainted.


Strangely, these hoodlums racked their brains, yet not a single one could remember what happened then. Their memories of that day were all lost, and they didn’t even know why they were in the hospital. From what they could remember, they were smoking in the alley while acting cool, and the next moment they woke up in the hospital, every single one of them was confused as to what was going on.


The hospital was also unable to determine the root cause, and could only diagnose them as collective memory loss. This matter could only be dropped at this point.


This matter had already become one of Jiang Nan University City’s new ‘Unfathomable Events’.


“Evidently, their memories had been tampered with.” Song Shuhang thought in his heart.


If it was only one or two people having fuzzy memories, it may still be assumed that they knocked their heads, causing the memory to be unclear. But tens of people and every single one of them having fuzzy memories? Every single one of them lost their memories of getting put down that day? There is no such coincidence in this world.


Thanks to the matter of those hoodlums getting eradicated, the alleys close to the university that were always full of hoodlums had become much more peaceful; these small alleys were originally their gathering point. In the past, these small alleys were full of these hoodlums, yet these days their numbers had rapidly decreased.


In accordance with that, the public security in the area has improved a lot.


There’s a sentence that is written like this: Say fuck, then fuck!


Oh, that’s not right, it’s ‘speak about fuck, and fuck appears’.

[TL: A pun on the chinese version of ‘speak of the devil’, which is a quote from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms: ‘Speak of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao appears.’ The word ‘fuck’ in chinese is pronounced as ‘cao’ as well, but the intonation is slightly different from Cao Cao. FYI Cao Cao is a historical figure, often portrayed as a merciless tyrant, but also a great ruler.]


The word hoodlum had just surfaced in Song Shuhang’s mind, and in front of him a pack of hoodlums who were smoking appeared.


A total of seven of them, every single one of them had long hair, dyed in various colors. Ear-piercings, lip piercings, nose-rings were all there. In their mouths were cigarettes, all that was lacking was a label on their foreheads: I am having my rebellious phase in youth, I am a hoodlum.


The seven hoodlums’ target naturally wasn’t the well-built man that was Song Shuhang. Even hoodlums would rarely choose to provoke someone like Song Shuhang who looks like he would be good in a fight.

The hoodlums currently wore nefarious smiles, and surrounded one maiden. One of the hoodlums, who was about 172cm tall, forced the young lady to back up against the wall and he placed his hand on the wall, slightly above her shoulders.


“Beauty, are you lonely in this place? Do you wanna play with us?”


“Play for free, all kinds of pleasure.”


“It will feel very good, y’know?”


“Us big brothers will accompany you to play too.”


“Around the corner there’s a small but pretty good shop, it’s quite close. I’ll assure you that you’ll wanna play more after trying it once.”


All kinds of teasing, and all kinds of enticing.


Song Shuhang looked towards the young lady who had her back against the wall.


She was approximately 1.5m tall, short hair, a pretty face even without any makeup. Because of her petite figure, she looked like she was just a highschooler. Perhaps her actual age was somewhat older.


A cute and pretty lady, alone in a small alley. It would be weird if these hoodlums weren’t attracted. Which is why ladies shouldn’t wander into desolate alleys on their own.


At this time, the young lady had her eyebrows crinkled, and revealed clear disgust on her face.


On her dainty face, even if it was an expression of disgust, it still looked very cute.


“Yo, you look cute even when you’re angry, will you please let big brother show you both pain and pleasure?” The golden-haired hoodlum showed off an authoritarian evil smile towards the young lady. One of his hands was leaning against the wall, while the other was about to touch her face.


Song Shuhang sighed, he truly could watch no longer.


He rubbed his fists, and took big strides forward.


Because he was just strengthened by Body Tempering Liquid, Song Shuhang had difficulty controlling his speed. Just by using a little force, he ended up scuttling over with a *Shuuu* sound.


The hoodlum who was in the middle of teasing the lady suddenly felt his eyes turn blurry. Immediately after, Song Shuhang who was about seven to eight meters away suddenly appeared at his side.


Song Shuhang opened his palm with his fingers all spread out, and his broad hand grabbed on to the back of the golden-haired hoodlum’s head.


The golden-haired hoodlum was approximately 172cm tall, and Song Shuhang was only slightly taller than him.


“Hey… listen, can’t you guys tell that this young lady doesn’t want to play with you guys?” Song Shuhang exerted some strength into his hand, and actually lifted the golden-haired hoodlum up by his head.


Wtf! Song Shuhang himself was shocked, he knew that after he underwent strengthening from the Body Tempering Liquid he became a lot stronger. But he had never thought that he could lift a human being that was over a hundred pounds so easily as if he was just lifting a twig.


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