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For avid fans of the site chat, you might’ve noticed that it’s gone missing.

I’ve been bouncing around the idea of taking it out for long while now, given its dubious usefulness since we’ve had a very active Discord server for months now. I’ve finally decided to take it out as it slows down site loading times/eats up data on mobile, and translators don’t check the chat that often, so questions/comments tend to hang out for quite a while with no answers. There’s also been runs of negativity/inappropriateness, which makes a great lasting impression on first time readers/the sites I’m discussing copyright authorizations with.

So in the future, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to come into our Discord! The entire staff is online there, and you’ll likely get an answer to your question so much faster there. In addition, the schedule for each novel is located the update section, as well as a separate page in the “About” section.

Finally, we also have a Twitter and Facebook page (top right in sidebar!), so please follow us on social media! We’ll be getting a much prettier logo/background soonish, as I’ve commissioned a professional to actually design something to get rid of the grayness in the background. See you in Discord/Twitter/FB!