Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

Hello everyone!

I’m very happy to be allowed my very own small corner to do weekly recommendation. From now on, you guys won’t need to search through all my posts to find the recommendations I wrote. The Rotten Recommendation┬áwill be posted on friday each week since I think it’s the best day for you to think about whether or not you will have time to check out the recommendation during the weekend. ­čśë Now, let’s officially inaugurate this section with a new weekly recommendation!

So, the recommendation for this week is a Chinese movie from 2015, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, which is based on a very popular tomb and supernatural novel called Ghost Blows Out the Light.

Some of you might find that title quite familiar from different kind of sources since the novel is a bestseller. For me, I heard about it from reading I’m Really a Superstar. I must say, the fact that Zhang Ye exploited that novel in the early chapters to gain fame made me really want to read it. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to read the novel since there was no english translations. Besides, I’m a slow chinese reader so laziness got the hang of me. Fortunately, I stumble upon a movie based on the novel.

It’s a good movie to watch on a saturday night. However, I was a bit disappointed from the lack of horror. I was expecting something more gore and horror, but the movie was more of an action movie similar to The Mummy. I know they could have made it more gore and horror since there were a few scenes that made me feel it could be creepier if they made the lightings less good and created an atmosphere for it. You will know what I mean when you get to the theater scene with Hu Bayi and Shirley.

Besides, they compressed too much of the story in two hours, creating some plot holes in the process and, unfortunately, caused┬ácharacter’s development to be weird at times. I think if they extend to another hour it would have been much better.

Even though I was sad the essence of the novel wasn’t completely keep, I still enjoy watching it since I told myself this is just based on the novel and not following it. You can check out the trailer below.

  • Sergio Villanueva Catacora

    the first thing that youtube show me after the trailer was a link to the full movie(no subs), and 1h 58min later i’m very pleased,i don’t know chinese so i only got 60% of the story, but still it was good, really, thanks for the recommendation

  • etvolare

    To be allowed?! *dies in shame* My bad for not thinking of this earlier, you totes are more than welcome to do something like this!! ­čśÇ Makes us more well rounded. ­čśÇ