Change in Great Demon King sponsored releases

Hello all,

I wanted to make this notice *after* I cleared the queue (and just FYI, timezones suck. I gave the chapter to Based Jessica too late to edit today so… the chapter will be released tomorrow!) as a gesture of goodwill that I hadn’t done a runner on the donation money. But another very generous donation from AmatsuFox has just rolled in, and I feel that I must put this word out before I combust.

Dearest readers who have been following the series on a day to day basis, you might have noticed the chapters getting steadily longer. That is because they have, by ONE THOUSAND CHARACTERS. (faints) I originally thought it was the author getting into the groove of things and really turning on the creative spigot for a few chapters. Ten chapters later, the chapters were still long. Twenty chapters later, they are getting even longer. I kept waiting and waiting to see if the author would go back to ~3K character length, but he isn’t! 4k VS 3K is roughly a 35% increase in chapter length, and it’s great that we’re getting so much more of the story, but it’s also wrecking havoc on my translation time.

I personally become much slower when a chapter goes beyond ~3.2k characters because mental fatigue really sets in, and it looks like a never-ending blur of words that I will never finish translating. This is also why I haven’t been able to clear the queue as quickly as I’d like, and for that I deeply apologize. Since it looks like this is the new standard length for GDK, making translation times clock in ~2.5 hours, I’d like to institute a one time raise of GDK sponsored chapters to $50 per chapter.

I hope y’all understand and I know that raises suck, but I truly did feel like crashing my head against the wall whenever I started translating the last couple of chapters. I’d also like to have the flexibility of giving Based Jessica a bonus as the poor guy actually had to edit for me after karaoke with friends this weekend. …at 2 am I think it was.

There is currently $140 in the queue with AmatsuFox’s generous donation, making for three full chapters. I am honoring them at the original price and throwing in a fourth to clear out the queue, also partially as an apology for keeping you guys waiting for so long. I will be adjusting the current amount in the queue so that it shows four chapters is queued up.

Thank you for your understanding. Please don’t hate me. Meep. *kowtows*