Change in Great Demon King sponsored releases

Hello all,

I wanted to make this notice *after* I cleared the queue (and just FYI, timezones suck. I gave the chapter to Based Jessica too late to edit today so… the chapter will be released tomorrow!) as a gesture of goodwill that I hadn’t done a runner on the donation money. But another very generous donation from AmatsuFox has just rolled in, and I feel that I must put this word out before I combust.

Dearest readers who have been following the series on a day to day basis, you might have noticed the chapters getting steadily longer. That is because they have, by ONE THOUSAND CHARACTERS. (faints) I originally thought it was the author getting into the groove of things and really turning on the creative spigot for a few chapters. Ten chapters later, the chapters were still long. Twenty chapters later, they are getting even longer. I kept waiting and waiting to see if the author would go back to ~3K character length, but he isn’t! 4k VS 3K is roughly a 35% increase in chapter length, and it’s great that we’re getting so much more of the story, but it’s also wrecking havoc on my translation time.

I personally become much slower when a chapter goes beyond ~3.2k characters because mental fatigue really sets in, and it looks like a never-ending blur of words that I will never finish translating. This is also why I haven’t been able to clear the queue as quickly as I’d like, and for that I deeply apologize. Since it looks like this is the new standard length for GDK, making translation times clock in ~2.5 hours, I’d like to institute a one time raise of GDK sponsored chapters to $50 per chapter.

I hope y’all understand and I know that raises suck, but I truly did feel like crashing my head against the wall whenever I started translating the last couple of chapters. I’d also like to have the flexibility of giving Based Jessica a bonus as the poor guy actually had to edit for me after karaoke with friends this weekend. …at 2 am I think it was.

There is currently $140 in the queue with AmatsuFox’s generous donation, making for three full chapters. I am honoring them at the original price and throwing in a fourth to clear out the queue, also partially as an apology for keeping you guys waiting for so long. I will be adjusting the current amount in the queue so that it shows four chapters is queued up.

Thank you for your understanding. Please don’t hate me. Meep. *kowtows*

  • InfernalJayed

    If the changes in chapter length are more or less permanent, then the price change is acceptable. since basically 3 chapters now = 4 chapters before.

  • Ainz-sama

    Etvolare, you do you!!!!

    Us unfilial readers are already graced with your wonderful translations of this novel. As such, you’ve earned the right to lay down your own laws.

    I’m just grateful you are producing the translations of this story for all of us poor people (like us college student) regardless of whether we donate or not. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to donate to novel translation sites. So I have no problem waiting for whenever you want to release the chapters.


    I’m gonna make u bring out that sledgehammer eventually 😉 lmao

  • Heh, didn’t notice that the chapters did get longer. 😛

    Raising the asked amount for sponsored chapters makes absolutely sense, and also think that keeping the old price with the already donated money is right – that is how it’s in the business world, after all.

    So, congratulations, you treated the situation perfectly. *thumbs up*

  • Fried bread n soy milk

    Agreed would rather have chapters done every two days rather than none due to translator burn out….. Keep up the great work please n don’t worry we can wait

  • onewiththebrick

    completely logical and acceptable. if you are doing more work you should get paid more. this novel is great so i hope you keep translating it and don’t overwork yourself too much, the healthier you are the more regular the translation will be and i think that will make us all happy 😀 i rather have 1 chapter every 2 days than 1 chapter a day for 2 weeks and then a break for a week, and i think most of the readers will agree with me on that point.