CEO Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Please undress me

This chapter is NSFW. Please do not read if you’re underage. Who am I kidding? If you’re here you’ll read it anyways.
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Many women have beautiful dreams of their prince charming. They dreamed about encountering a dangerous situation, then a handsome, dashing, and mighty noble prince falls from the sky. The prince defeats the evil villain, embraces them and gives them a deep kiss. Then swears an oath of eternal love.


An Xin was no exception. She was very rational at a young age, and understood the reasoning that the one riding the white horse might not be a prince, and that he might even be Tang Seng, but despite all that, she would still have a dream like that occasionally.

[TL: Tang Seng is a famous monk who plays a lead role in one of the four classic novels Journey to the West. His steed is the White Dragon Horse, the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea. Looks like an ordinary white horse in the TV adaptations though.]


This happened especially when she was in a situation with no other alternatives. For the few days that she spent back in the country, An Xin even wished that guy who wore his underwear on the outside called Superman was real, no matter how he would affect the world.


From the moment Yang Chen pulled her out of the bar by the hand, An Xin felt the abrupt feeling of happiness.


She practically had zero awareness as she followed Yang Chen to the car, and got into the front passenger seat. She was too lazy to even put on her seat belt, and immediately threw herself into Yang Chen’s embrace and indolently held onto him. She then passionately kissed his cheeks and neck.


Yang Chen felt helpless towards An Xin who suddenly became overflowing with passion. He held An Xin’s soft and flexible waist. His cupped right hand followed downwards to  kneaded that outstandingly beautiful butt. Then he smacked it twice as it emitted the sounds *Bam Bam*.


An Xin released a soft moan, and her face turned red in an instant as if water would drip out. In the dark car, the succubus-like beauty that wasn’t exhibited before appeared. She was beautiful enough to shake him to the core.


According to Yang Chen’s comprehension, this woman was actually very “stuffy(he basically means she hasn’t had the D for a long time).”


“You belong to me, and not the other way around. Obediently stay in your seat and buckle up, don’t delay what’s important.” Yang Chen ordered with a commanding tone.


An Xin was like an obedient little kitty, she reluctantly rubbed Yang Chen’s chest for a while, then properly sat down in her seat.


Due to her tantalizing movements and seductive expression, Yang Chen impatiently started his car and drove off with a loud roar.


It was nearly midnight, and there were very few cars to be found on the roads. Yang Chen drove to his destination,the closest five star hotel to Bar Street, Jade Clouds Hotel passing by many red lights..


The Jade Clouds Group was also one of the veteran enterprises that was famous in Zhong Hai, they had many branches under them, and a great reputation. At the very least, even someone who returned to this country recently like Yang Chen knew about Jade Cloud Hotel’s services and facilities being the best of the best amongst five-star hotels.


Actually, if this was just an ordinary one night stand, Yang Chen would be fine even with a motel, but this lady with him was obviously from a high-class family, the place chosen must fit her status.


After getting off the car, Yang Chen directly passed his keys to the hotel’s valet, and let the valet park his car. Yang Chen pulled An Xin by the hand, and quickly walked to the reception to ask for a room.


Seeing Yang Chen so enthusiastic, An Xin couldn’t help but let out a clear laugh, “There’s no need to be in such a rush, right? It’s not like I’m going to run away tonight.”


Yang Chen grabbed hold of An Xin’s tight waist, and kissed on her cheek, “You demoness, isn’t this fire caused by you?”


The hotel’s female receptionist saw how this pair of young rich-looking couple spoke such vulgar words, and even she felt a little awkward, so she quickly went through the procedures and prepared a large room with a double bed for Yang Chen.


The two took the elevator straight up to the 23rd floor, the moment they got out of the elevator, An Xin pushed Yang Chen against the wall. She once again stuck her entire body to Yang Chen’s, and wantonly kissed the man’s lips.




With a vague groan, Yang Chen opened his jaws and replied passionately. The two’s tongues tangled with one another, mixing their saliva, like vines twined around each other. They held each other tightly while moving to their room’s door.


Yang Chen didn’t even take a look at the lock as the room card in his hand accurately stuck into the narrow slot, the lock’s light turned green, and was immediately opened.


At this time, An Xin finally had difficulty breathing due to her mouth being clogged, her thin cherry lips was already slightly swollen, but that just made her seem more enchanting.


An Xin panted delicately while her vision turned blurry, “You nearly suffocated me by kissing.”


“The more stifling part comes later.” Yang Chen swung a back kick to close the door, and naughtily moved his hands to knead An Xin’s sexy butt, “Do I have the pleasure of inviting Miss An Xin into the bath with me?”


“Please undress me, Mr. Yang……”


Yang Chen’s hands moved so quickly that An Xin was a little dazed, after a short period of time, the two were already in the bathtub that was big enough to fit four people, enjoying the warm water.


Yang Chen’s hands were covered in shower gel as he slid it on An Xin’s jade-like skin. He didn’t let a single inch of skin go. Her slightly flushed skin emitted a sexy charm under the bathroom’s gentle lights.


“You’re such a thoughtful man, you’re more meticulous than me when I shower.” When Yang Chen’s hands caressed some private parts, An Xin couldn’t help but to slightly tremble as she spoke.


Yang Chen evilly smiled, “As a qualified mate, Miss An Xin should provide me the same level of service.”


An Xin tenderly bit on Yang Chen’s shoulder, amorously glanced at him, then her exquisite little hand suddenly grabbed onto Yang Chen’s valiant part under the water.


Yang Chen felt An Xin’s hand tremble for a moment, while her pretty face looked slightly uncomfortable, but that look disappeared in a blink of an eye.


“Your asset is very robust.” An Xin began to gently service Yang Chen.


It had been a long time since he was serviced like this by a woman, even though he had Rose for the deed, in this aspect Rose was more conservative and too shy to do some things. At this moment, a beauty he just met looked at him with such a seductive charm, and offered him her tender hands. Yang Chen felt blood rushing to his head.


He lifted An Xin’s body from the water, grabbed a large towel, and quickly wiped their bodies. He didn’t care about An Xin’s dripping wet hair and stepped out of the bathroom.


In a rather wild manner he threw An Xin into the middle of the bed, her snow-white skin that had just been through a bath was dazzling. This beauty that didn’t have a single piece of clothing on smiled at him, she didn’t seem to be bothered by this boorish treatment at all.


With heavy breaths, Yang Chen pounced onto the soft, swan-like body, shared a passionate, nearly nipping kiss with her for a while, then directly stabbed his spear that was ready a long time ago into her.


Yang Chen was surprised to find that the beauty’s deep valley wasn’t like how he imagined it would be, soft and moist like a noblewoman, it was instead tight like a narrow road. After pushing in slightly, he felt a layer of weak obstruction.


Yang Chen’s mind sobered up over this, and he asked in shock, “You’re a virgin?”


An Xin’s pretty face was covered in sweat, she seemed to be forcibly enduring the pain from her lower body, yet at this moment she revealed a wide smile, “So what if that’s the case?”


As she said that, the woman took the initiative to stick her butt forward!


Watching her break that layer of obstruction herself, Yang Chen felt as if his soul nearly flew out of his body.


Right after An Xin’s brave move, she was in so much pain that she softly wailed, her eyebrows knit together with a painful expression on her face. It was a sight that was incredibly pitiful.


“Are you alright……” Yang Chen felt a burst of bitterness in his heart, he truly didn’t have that much experience in handling with virgins. He originally wanted to just find a pretty one night stand, but why was it that his two visits to that bar resulted in a virgin both times!?


God dammit! I’m not going to that shitty bar in the future!! Yang Chen hatefully thought.


It seemed as if An Xin saw through Yang Chen’s hesitation as she pulled Yang Chen towards her from his back, she spoke in a disatisfied manner, “If you’re a man then start moving without a care, what I want is a brave knight, not a cowardly fleeing soldier! As a virgin I’m not even afraid, what are you afraid of!?”


“You will regret this!” With his pride of being a man provoked, Yang Chen who was forcibly enduring the pleasure unleashed it all, without caring about how this beauty had just torn her hymen, he wreaked havoc in her.


A little red came out of her.


In the end, the two who were soaked in sweat coiled around each other, with all that passion released, they slept in each other’s embrace.


Early morning the next day, Yang Chen got up a bit dazed, while An Xin was already neatly dressed, she must’ve gotten up quite some time ago. As before, she wore a blue dress, looking elegant and bright. However, she looked more beautiful than last night, probably because of the bath that was good for her skin. She sat on the white sofa beside the bed, holding a glass of Bordeaux red wine that came with the room, she filled two glasses.


“Let’s toast for the night of fun we shared.” An Xin passed the glass to Yang Chen.


This woman looked upright and proper, as if she was a totally different person from the wild person last night, a typical ‘beautiful enough to show off, while good in the bed’.


Yang Chen received it with a smile. They gently clinked their glasses, and emptied it.


“Thank you, Mr. Yang.” An Xin suddenly showed a serious expression, and said in a slightly pained manner, “Yesterday’s affair may bring you quite a bit of trouble, but I think you should have received a decent amount of satisfaction from my body as well.”


These words sounded a little odd to Yang Chen, and he asked, “What do you mean? What trouble?”


An Xin apologetically smiled, “You’ll find out very soon.”


Right at this time, a *thump thump thump* knocking sound came from the door.


“Open the door!”


Yang Chen was stunned. Is this a play or something? He quickly thought of putting on his clothes, as he was still completely naked.


But the people coming evidently had more power than Yang Chen thought, as they didn’t even wait for Yang Chen to open the door. The door was opened from the outside, and several policemen with grave expressions charged in.


The few policemen piercing gaze swept over Yang Chen and An Xin, then the leading policeman brought out their search warrant.


“Police here to sweep pornography! Nobody is allowed to move!”


*Ka Cha* *Ka Cha…*


Following closely behind the police were several reporters with cameras, they rapidly tapped their shutter button.


Yang Chen had a blank expression as he sat on the bed topless, he didn’t have the time to care about whether he put on his underwear or not, he turned totally silly.


*Ka Cha!*


They flashed in his face, and this scene was frozen in time.

Please be sure to be reading this on !!! Think about it! It’s for you and for me and the entire human race. There are, people pirating, if you care enough about the translators… if you don’t, then okay, ain’t nuthin I can do bout that..

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