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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 126-1: Awkward Problem
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As a honorable breakfast-buying staff, Yang Chen felt that it was very impolite for the ladies not to get into formation and welcome him. He was even more curious as to what the ladies were discussing. Therefore, after putting down the breakfast he had brought, he moved towards Liu Mingyu’s desk to join them.


The sharp-eyed Zhao Hongyan noticed Yang Chen walking over, so she waved, beckoning him, “Yang Chen, come over here and congratulate Mingyu-jie, let us hear some auspicious words.”


“What am I congratulating her for?” Yang Chen happily asked.


“Mingyu-jie has been promoted to be our Public Relations Department’s Head. How’s that, amazing, right?” A pretty girl said with glee.


Yang Chen was rather taken aback, and looked at Liu Mingyu who was surrounded by the ladies. She seemed to have a helpless and bashful expression, but her pair of beautiful eyes still exuded the joy inside her heart.


“This is indeed worth congratulating.” Yang Chen said as he pointed at the bags of breakfast he had bought, “Luckily, I had foresight and bought two tea eggs for breakfast as well, yep… as a congratulatory gift specifically prepared for Department Head Liu.”


The ladies all coquettishly protested Yang Chen’s shamelessness. What kind of congratulatory gift is this? What’d a girl need two eggs for?


Liu Mingyu wasn’t used to such superstar-like treatment. After getting up to thank her fellow sisters, she implored everybody to return to their seats, so as to not hold up working hours.


Yang Chen curiously asked, “Mingyu-jie, since you’ve become the Department Head, what’s going to happen to Department Head Mo? Is she getting fired?”


Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at him, “What drivel are you spouting, Department Head Mo has obviously been promoted to an even higher post.”


“What position?”


“It seems to be because the Finance Department’s Department Head Ma had resigned, citing his age as the reason. Department Head Mo has now directly taken up the position as the head of the Finance Department. Furthermore, because of her exceptional performance during the CEO’s period of hospitalization, the board of directors unanimously approved Department Head Mo to hold the position of Vice-CEO concurrently. The one and only Vice-CEO in the whole of Yu Lei International, y’know? The overseas branches only have a director as their peak position!” It was unknown as to when did Zhang Cai acquire a red bean bun from the bags of breakfasts, she spoke while gnawing on the bun.


Department Head Ma took the initiative to resign citing age as the reason!? Yang Chen felt cheery, how could it be that that old fellow resigned for that reason? Yang Chen gave Liu Mingyu, who was beside him, a profound look, and sure enough, the latter’s pretty face slightly blushed and she looked away.


But this is fine as well, it wouldn’t be awkward if they were to bump into each other in the company in the future.


Unexpectedly, within the period of slightly more than a month that Yang Chen had been here, both Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni had been promoted. Mo Qianni was now directly holding two high posts. This made Yang Chen feel like he had the potential to be a bringer of good luck.


It was at this moment, that Mo Qianni, who donned a silver-gray suit, had walked in. She looked particularly well-dressed today, her head of beautiful hair was neatly combed without a single hair out of place into the shape of a bun. She had her contact lenses off, and instead had a pair of ordinary yet elegant gold-rimmed eyeglasses on. On her tender snow-white neck hung a resplendent platinum necklace chain. Her black stockings coupled with her silver-gray colored high-heeled shoes caused her jade-like legs to seem extraordinarily delicate and enticing. While still being confident and enchanting, she now exuded a more feminine impression.


All of the ladies in the Public Relations Department quietened down as they watched Mo Qianni enter the office with looks of reverence and well-wishes. It was apparent that at an age prior to thirty, she had the ability to climb up to the second highest seat of a listed company. In the hearts of these young ladies, Mo Qianni had an incredibly enviable halo on her.


Mo Qianni swept her gaze over everyone. When her gaze landed on Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu, it paused for a moment, and she displayed a rarely seen warm and gentle smile, “Mingyu, you’ve received the promotion notice by now, right?”


Touched, Liu Mingyu nodded, “Thank you, Department Head.”


“You need not thank me, everybody knows of your track record. All I did was make a customary recommendation to the board of directors. In addition, from this day on, you’re also someone of the Department Head-level, and you have entered the higher echelons of the company. You need not act so prudent.” Mo Qianni gently smiled, and some of the other ladies also showed amiable smiles.


Liu Mingyu nodded, with rather moist eyes she said, “In the two to three years I’ve been in the company, many people have been skeptical of me and backstabbed me, but you, Department Head Mo, have always believed in me and never brought any of this up. I’m truly grateful. I know that you’ve done a lot for us, but just chose not to mention it.”


A number of the ladies also nodded in approval to those words. It seemed that they had also been looked after by Mo Qianni. In this business world that is filled by strong undercurrents, these ladies were helpless in many ways. A superior who was willing to protect their rights was one worthy of their support and respect.


Mo Qianni didn’t accept this praise as she smiled and said, “That’s no big deal, our Yu Lei International is a company headed by women, if we don’t help each other, it wouldn’t be possible for us to be what we are today. These are the teachings of the previous CEO, I hope that all of you will remember them too.”


The PR ladies nodded, they restrained their usual appearance of fun and laughter, and listened earnestly.


Mo Qianni looked at everyone with a satisfied expression, then said to Liu Mingyu, “Mingyu, I’m going to pack up my things in the office. An hour later, come over to my office. I’ll hand over my work to you. You should pack up your current desk as well. In the afternoon, the CEO will personally look for you for a chat, don’t be too nervous about it, it’s just for her to get to know you.”


After delegating several matters, Mo Qianni was about to enter her office. At this time, a rather young lady in the office asked with reddened eyes, “Department Head Mo, will you still return and visit us?”


Mo Qianni came to a halt, and stared blankly where she was, unable to get a word out.


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      i don’t know what you have been reading but she hasn’t done anything for their relationship. she is 99% of the time cold and distant. she was in the hospital 95% of their relationship, and even there she was ice cold most of the time. he brought her flowers, her favorite food, books, clothes and visited her often and it didn’t really change anything. all the good impression was immediately wiped away because of a small thing he said or did after she got out and she went back to thinking him trash and treating him coldly. please list the parts where she tried to make their relationship work or improve it or actively tried to be a good wife and not an ice queen.

      • SeraphiMaelstrom

        You have to see it from her perspective too. She only knows him as some street vendor who wasted all his talent due to his laziness. What do you think she would think? She who worked hard her entire life to get where she is. She is trying her best to guide her husband to a more prosperous life even just for himself. And she even uncharacteristically waited for him before eating. She doesn’t know anything. And he wouldn’t even bother telling her anything. Flowers, food, books, clothes, he can bring all of those but she already has all of those. She may feel grateful to him for bringing her these or even saving her from her father, but her panties wouldn’t fall for it unless she is drunk. She may feel indebted but she won’t feel falling in love. And he wants his wife to soften up to him just because he did all these when he himself is not trying to make an effort on areas where she actually cares? Maybe if he was a proper man in her eyes, then she would soften up. “Oh why does he have to understand his wife, why can’t the wife understand him? EQUALITY!” Well how can she understand him if he doesn’t tell her anything and just does what he wants?

        Okay I’m just ranting over how I hate how he is acting and still thinks he should get some feeling of warmth from her. In my view, the way she tries to worry about his future aspect and her uncharacteristically waiting for him before eating, even if it is just small, is way more than what Yang Chen has given her, relationship-wise. I believe there is some more that I forgot or I deem minuscule and they piled up in my subconscious thought regarding the story that ultimately made me hate this dude.

        Makes me think that the title shouldn’t be “My Wife is a beautiful CEO.” Instead it should be “I am a god and women’s panties should drop when I save them because they are all damsels who needs saving from their fathers.” Or even better, “My Mistress is a hot Gang Boss.”

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          what i meant by books and food was the time she was in the hospital. she didn’t have anything to do, so he brought he books and magazines. he noticed she like dumplings (i think it was dumplings) so he bought them when he came to visit. he also bought her flowers when.

          yang chen has no obligation to try and make the marriage work considering he never wanted it in the first place. the very fact that he cares about her and tries to be sweet to her says enough about him. he even worked at her company even though he doesn’t want to.

          he doesn’t try to get into every girls panties. he hasn’t tried to get into the teachers panties when he easily could. he saved his wifes friend multiple times and helped her out, but hasn’t made a move on her. he doesn’t screw every girl that catches his eye. the only times he has is with rose and when he purposely wanted a one night stand.

          i don’t know why but you really don’t seem to like him and seem to want to make him the problem. don’t put the wife one a pedestal like she is some loving and caring wife who is trying to make the relationship work when she clearly isn’t anything like that.

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            I know about the hospital and all. And I am saying, if that is enough to make her fall, she would’ve long been married to someone.

            Yang Chen indeed doesn’t have an obligation, therefore he should just don’t give a f*** whenever the wife is angry at him. He has the skills not to give any f***s. So he should just don’t bother with what his wife says and wait till the contract expires. Then change the title to “My new wife is a sexy gang boss”

            She wants him to change to her standards. He wants her to change to a proper wife. Both want the other to change. But both won’t even bother to hear each other. At least for the guy, he knows most of the situation of his wife. The wife? She is totally blind. Even if she start digging, she won’t get any. The thing she does is the best she can. She had a shitty life. Yang Chen certainly must have a way shittier life than her. But does the wife knows? No she doesn’t. So in her mind, why should she change for someone who has all the talent but isn’t even trying? If she had known Yang Chen’s past, maybe, just maybe she might change for him for it all to work out.

            Also this part

            “She had been restraining all that anger in her since the afternoon, this fellow didn’t put in effort at work, played games during office hours, and now he even went out to find people to play games!

            Fine, he didn’t explain that matter with Mo Qianni to me, didn’t express even a little bit of his opinion, and I endured it! But that wasn’t the end, he played games outside till it was so late before coming home, yet didn’t know to call home beforehand, causing me and Wang Ma to blindly wait for him. Then when he returned, he didn’t even explain himself and began to rake in the food!”

            I don’t know about you, but what kind of woman would actually think positive about a husband like that?

            Lastly, Lin Rouxi is not your usual loving and caring wife, she might never be with how she grew up, maybe with some major development she will, but for now, she isn’t even close. She does however, in her own twisted way, somehow starting to care for Yang Chen. And Yang Chen, in his own way, cares for Lin Rouxi. But none of these are getting through each other.

            My point here is, I don’t think Lin Rouxi deserves a changed Yang Chen, but at the same time, Yang Chen doesn’t deserve a warm and loving Rouxi so he should stop wondering why she is so cold.

            • Spookie Boogie

              fine i agree, but you made pretty much everything out to be his fault in your first post, like ruoxi is doing everything to make the marriage work and be a caring wife, which she isn’t. thats the part that struck a cord with me. they are both to blame, not just one. honestly, i can understand why he wouldn’t tell her. who can tell someone, “hey im a god, i have an entire kingdom that worships me, and i’ve killed countless people and monsters (supernatural stuff like vampires show up later so im sure there are more monsters than just those)”. she also didn’t take the initiative to tell him about herself, it was others who told him.

              he clearly couldn’t just ignore her when she tried to kill herself. it clearly showed a flash back of a similar event taking place in his past. it played on his trauma and forced him. if it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have cared at all. that’s how trauma works, it makes you do irrational s**t. her clan rule was that they marry the person they lost their virginity to. even though she said she doesn’t follow her clan rules, she clearly does. him not marrying her would have been breaking the clan rules. no one knew that she had lost her virginity, she could have ignored it, found a proper man and played it off easily but she didn’t. she followed the clan rules even though she hates them.

              even before she was hospitalized she never made an effort and just came and left when she wanted, so why would he assume that would change when she got out? especially when her attitude hadn’t changed at all. she uncharacteristically decides to wait for dinner and gets mad when he doesn’t show up on time or explain, like he was supposed to know that they were waiting? he always came home late or not all. as for not telling why, well they both have a habit of not explaining things, so i can understand that.

              as i recall, he has never said he wanted a proper wife, or for her to change. it is always her or her friends, saying that he needs to have ambition and drive, to try and be successful. that being a vendor is pathetic and worthless. he has never tried to change her into a proper wife. he does have a underworld boss as a mistress, after all. i find it funny that a ruthless underworld boss is more loving and caring than a woman who simply has daddy issues. after the crap rose went through, i would expect her to be the cold, untrusting one, not ruoxi,

              anyway, we both agree that they need to actually talk it out. with her being an ice queen who doesn’t show any emotion, and him hiding his past (for good reason), it will be a long time before anything changes. i heard things don’t change for a long time (several hundred chapters), so it’ll be a long ride.

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