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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 113: Those are all transient


For the first time in Hannya’s life, she felt that the antidote was way more important than the poison. Her poison which was three times more toxic than usual. She felt like dying the moment it entered her body.


This was someone who had been used to having a strong body, so after her body was suddenly afflicted with paralysis, all the strength in her body dissipated while the medicine she took was like a cup of water thrown at a huge fire.


“You’ve learnt our ninja arts?” Hannya strenuously asked, almost in a groaning manner.


Yang Chen was engrossed in admiring the kunoichi’s well-developed body, because she was weak and limp all over, all of her taut muscles relaxed themselves which caused the ample female body of hers to possess a drunk look. After hearing Hannya’s question, he shook his head and said, “Your ninja arts are all secretly inherited from different sects. Although I have my ways to secretly learn them, I have no interest in doing so.”


“Then why are you able to see through my ninja arts……” Hannya asked, feeling unresigned.


Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Miss Hannya, there’s an ancient saying in Huaxia, ‘In all martial arts under the heavens, there’s no strength that can’t be matched, there’s only speed that can’t be matched’. Your samurais of ancient Japan acquired their martial arts from Huaxia, leading to the development your own Japanese martial arts and ninja arts, then became  immeasurably complacent, and self-proclaimed to have surpassed all others. The fact is this isn’t the case, the martial arts you guys have still can’t escape the range of that sentence.”


“In this world, the truly powerful people can only compare in two things; speed, and strength; techniques, those are all transient.”


Hannya began to think, she seemed to understand some of it. When she looked at Yang Chen again, she carried a hint of respect for him, “Your Majesty Pluto, you’re a powerful person worth respecting, it’s a pity that you have to stand on opposite sides from our Yamata Sect.”


“No no.” Yang Chen vetoed and said, “It’s not I who wants to go against you guys, it’s you guys who came to bring me trouble. I’ve said this before, I came back to this piece of land for retirement. Even the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade has let me off, what’s your Yamata Sect causing a ruckus for?”


Hannya unflinchingly retorted, “Please believe me, Your Majesty Pluto, with your wisdom, there’s no way that’s what you think, please don’t lie to yourself. The reason why the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade hadn’t made a move against you is because they haven’t found the right chance. There’s no organization or country which would tolerate the God’s Stone falling into the hands of others…… even if it’s you. They would dare provoke the prestige of a God, and it’s just a matter of time before they make their move.”


Yang Chen forced a smile and said, “From the way you put it, it’s like you’re tearing apart my false happiness, forcing a headache upon me……”


“By that you mean that you admit to the fact that the God’s Stone is your hands!?” Hannya spotted a gap and stuck in a needle as she asked.


Yang Chen shook his head, “How should I put it, what I mean is, they are all like you guys, mistakenly assuming that I have this God’s Stone thing, I honestly don’t have it.”






Yang Chen yelled, “Miss Hannya, you’re already poisoned, what are you saying so much for? Although I know that the poison inside you would be cured slowly by the antidote you took, but before that happens, I still need you to trade for my superior Mo Qianni……”


Hannya revealed helplessness, the plan had failed again, making her feel like a failure. In the eyes of this young genius ninja, this man was like a wall which she couldn’t see the peak of. No matter how, there was no way to go over this wall, even if she forcibly smashed into it, it would be the same as smashing into an immeasurably hard steel plate.


Seeing Hannya remain silent, Yang Chen said, “What, do I have to personally find your two comrades?”


Hannya was shocked, and suddenly raised her head, “You know it’s two people?”


“Looks like you didn’t hear what I said earlier carefully, Mr. Tanuki’s stealth skills are indeed very powerful, but like I said earlier, I can’t find him in a short moment, but some time has already passed. Furthermore, when you were wounded by me earlier, one of them exposed their aura……” Said Yang Chen with a nefarious smile.


Hannya opened her red lips, yet couldn’t speak a word. This man’s strength is truly ridiculous!


“Is this the power of the Gods……” Hannya asked in a manner like she was muttering to herself.


Yang Chen put both hands on his waist, then looked at the surroundings like he was looking for a friend, “I’m not so sure about that, I don’t really meet them much after all.”


Hannya nodded. Seemingly recovered a little strength, she raised her hand and made a weird hand gesture, similar to an ancient seal release.


At practically the same time, two figures who wore black ninja clothing appeared from thin air, and stood behind Yang Chen.


Yang Chen turned around, and sized up the two with a smile. One of them was exceptionally well-built, with a look like a fierce tiger in his eyes, there were even several knife scars at the corners of his eyes. The other man had a much skinnier figure, but the lines of his taut muscles was enough to judge that he definitely possessed great explosive strength. Perhaps it’s because of a certain ninja art, but despite standing under the sunlight, he seemed to emanate a black fog all over his body.


“Tengu, Tanuki?”


The skinny Tanuki cruelly laughed, and spoke in Mandarin with a strong Japanese accent, “As expected of Pluto who stands at the top of the pyramid, the pride of our assassination world. From the official start of my career, you’re the first person who could see through my tracks.”


Yang Chen modestly smiled, “You’re too polite. However, your Mandarin is really lacking in comparison with Miss Hannya.”


“That’s because I only need to kill, and don’t need to talk.” A sinister light flashed in Tanuki’s eyes, “Please provide us guidance, how did Your Majesty Pluto notice us?”


“Actually, if it weren’t for this friend beside you suddenly releasing his killing intent, I would really have a difficult time looking for you.” Yang Chen honestly said.


“Tengu, you ruined the plan, how disappointing.” Tanuki unhappily said.


The tall Tengu coldly swept Tanuki a glance, “You’re trash, don’t look for excuses.”


“What did you say!?” Tanuki’s voice went up an octave.


“I said you’re trash!”


“Enough!!!” Hannya who was lying on the ground hatefully scolded, “What are you guys arguing about!? You’re both trash!”


This time, both of them stopped speaking, and disappeared from where they were. When they appeared again, they were by Hannya’s side. Tengu propped Hannya up, with an arm around her waist.


Hannya frowned, she glanced at Tengu, then said to Yang Chen, “Your Majesty Pluto, we won’t give up. We lost today, but next time we won’t give you the chance to exchange hostages.”


“Aren’t you guys making your move?” Yang Chen curiously asked.


“Hehe, to make a move after losing the best opportunity is one of the biggest taboos for ninjas, not to mention that we are completely uncertain of victory.” Tanuki spoke with a duck-like voice, “If Your Majesty Pluto wants to see your beautiful superior safe, please keep a distance of two hundred meters from us.”


Yang Chen rubbed his nose, and said, “Actually a hundred meters is enough, you guys need not be so nervous, I do admire you ninjas’ shunpo quite a bit, it’s indeed quick.”


“It’s a deal.”


Once they said that, the two carried the immobilized Hannya with them, and vanished on the spot.


Yang Chen looked towards the rooftop, softly chanting, “Hundred, hundred-fifty, two hundred……”


Once he counted two hundred, a thin voice sounded in Yang Chen’s ears. Only then did Yang Chen relax his taut muscles, and reveal a slight smile.


He didn’t chase, not because he couldn’t chase them, it was only a matter of time before he caught up to them, but unless there was no other choice, Yang Chen didn’t plan to completely become hostile. After all, the opposite party didn’t really get anything out of him, moreover, there were other things he had to deal with.


He turned around to leave the third floor of the car park. Yang Chen planned to go to the second floor to look for Mo Qianni’s red Audi, because Tanuki told him that this pitiful woman was now lying down inside her car without a single piece of clothing……




At the same time, Hannya and co who had leaped behind the advertisement signboard on a tall building stopped.


Hannya recovered some strength, and glared at Tengu who held onto her waist without letting go. She spoke in Japanese, “Let go.”


Tengu’s expression turned wooden, and exerted more strength into the arm he used to hold Hannya’s soft waist with, and even moved his hand towards Hannya’s outstanding butt, and grabbed hold of Hannya’s soft flesh.


With a wretched look, Tanuki watched from a side in silence.


“Tengu, when I recover, I will make you feel like you’d want to die rather than live.” Hannya angrily flushed.


“Why? Hannya, why aren’t you willing to be my woman?” Tengu became agitated, but his tone remained low.


Hannya coldly said, “On what basis do I have to be your woman?”


“I’m the group’s strongest man, you can only belong to me!” Tengu resolutely said.


“Hmph, don’t forget, there’s still the chief.” Hannya weakly sneered, looking as bewitching as before.


An ominous glint appeared in Tengu’s eyes, “The chief is already old, the women he looks for are basically there to dance for him and drink with him. The chief has already lost the pride and honor of a man! If I were him, I would have retired and gotten lost a long time ago!”


“Shut up!” Hannya body slightly trembled, “You’re not allowed to insult my father!”


“He’s just your godfather, and he’s yours, not mine……” Tengu pulled down his mask, his face that looked like it was sculpted with a knife thwarted a little, “Hannya, you should wake up, he has never thought of you as his daughter. In his eyes, you’re just a female beast he’s rearing! He deserves death, he’s greedy for your beauty, and wants to dominate his goddaughter, that rotten old fogey wants to own you! Yet he simply doesn’t have that capability, hmph! He deserves it!”




Hannya mustered up all of her strength and gave Tengu a slap.


“I said, you’re not allowed to insult my father.” Hannya became misty-eyed, as she staunchly said.


Tengu covered his face which was hit, his chest heaved, and followed up with a loud laughter, “Hahahaha! You hit me! Hannya, you dare hit me!!?”


“You asked for it.” Hannya coldly glared at him.


“You will regret it. Once I push that old fogey off his post, and become the next chief, I will have you be my slave! You’ll be naked everyday following my every order!” Tengu licked his lips in a crazed manner.


Hannya looked at this crazy man with disdain, and ridiculed, “Wait till the day you can do that before speaking.”


“I will, as long as I obtain the God’s Stone from the fellow, I can also become a God! When that happens, an aged Chinin would be nothing to worry about!” Tengu said with firm belief.


A fierce light flashed in Hannya’s eyes, “You’re not allowed to act recklessly, you’re very clear as to how strong Pluto is!”


“You have no qualifications to order me, I will let you understand that I’m stronger than that old fogey, stronger by a hundred folds!!!”


In the corner, Tanuki who maintained his silence as he watched revealed a strangely demonic smile……


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