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My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 110: Praising my wife


The air in Zhonghai had become a lot more cooler in the autumn, it was like the autumn winds had swept the heat away along with the leaves. This gave Yang Chen the urge to stay under the blanket on this early morning.


During half of the year that I came back to this country, the words ‘stay under the blanket’ somehow got onto my mind, this is something I’ve never thought of in the last twenty years of my life. I have degraded, rotted.


To be able to breathe in the moist air of the morning under the hazy sunlight, to be able to toss and turn in the bed, and to be able to smell the fragrance of food being prepared downstairs, yep… such an simple life……


*Knock knock knock*


The door was knocked, and Wang Ma’s familiar voice was heard from the outside, “Young Master, please come down for breakfast, it wouldn’t be good if Miss got angry while waiting in the hospital.”


This was the day Lin Ruoxi would be coming home, which was why Wang Ma came specially to wake Yang Chen up.


Yang Chen put on his short sleeved shirt, and Adidas sports shorts. As he didn’t need to worry about possibly falling sick Yang Chen never cared about how cold the weather was, he just wore whatever felt comfortable.


After washing up, he ran down the stairs to enjoy his sumptuous breakfast. Afterwards, he left the house under Wang Ma’s urging and drove towards the hospital.


When he passed by the flower shop, Yang Chen hesitated, he thought about the saying ‘listen to the words of the elderly, and you won’t lose out’, so he got off the car and into the flower shop to browse.


The boss was a mature beauty, seeing Yang Chen enter, she happily came up to ask what he wanted.


Yang Chen remembered Wang Ma say something about carnations, but only after asking did he find out that there were different types of carnations! There were white, red, yellow, purple and even green ones!


What do you think, is there even a need for flowers to grow in so many ways? Yang Chen gloomily thought.


“Young man, the different colors of carnations represent different things, let me explain them to you before you buy some.” The lady boss passionately said.


How could Yang Chen have the patience for that? He confidently waved his hand and said, “There’s no need, just give me one of each color, that will save me a lot of trouble!”


The lady boss’ forehead were filled with black lines. It was the first time she met someone who bought flowers like this. A flower of every color, did he think that the language of flowers was like a child randomly drawing? Randomly painting the colors, without even knowing what’s what.


But the customer’s demands was an order, the lady boss happily wrapped a bouquet of multi-colored carnations, then passed it to Yang Chen.


Due to mixing so many different types of carnations into a single bundle, the price was a lot harder to calculate. Yang Chen just placed down a few red notes, as he was too lazy to count the price with the lady boss, then quickly left the flower shop.


When the lady boss counted it all, she realized that the amount paid was insufficient by a hundred, but when she raised her head, she realized that Yang Chen had already driven off, and she nearly fainted from the anger.


When he arrived at the hospital it was right at the appointed time. When Yang Chen took a step into Lin Ruoxi’s sickroom, two familiar figures which he hadn’t seen for a while appeared in front of him.


“Mr. Yang, it’s been a while.” Xu Zhihong wore a modest and polite smile as usual, in his hands was a bouquet of white orchids, bright and lovely.


Beside Xu Zhihong was Hairy Ball with that happy yet itching for a fight face, he was actually scratching his ass at that moment, it was unknown if he was bitten by a mosquito there or had something that shouldn’t have grown there.


Lin Ruoxi who wore a casual white blouse with a blue floral design quietly sat on the bed, by her side was a small luggage bag that she had finished packing. While writing some kind of form with her head lowered, she paid no heed to Yang Chen who just entered, it seemed like it was something that needed to be filled up before leaving the hospital.


Yang Chen looked at Xu Zhihong, this fellow was more proactive than him, the husband. It seems like he really likes Lin Ruoxi huh. Yang Chen answered in a bored manner, “For a busy man like Boss Xu to send my wife flowers, you’re truly giving me face.”


Xu Zhihong’s smiling face stiffened. What the hell do you mean giving you face!? I(Laozi) am sending Lin Ruoxi flowers, what does it have to do with you!?


“Mr. Yang is truly polite.” Xu Zhihong saw the varicolored carnations in Yang Chen’s hand, so he resisted laughter and put on an act as he said, “I wonder what this bouquet of flowers Mr. Yang brought is? This Xu has never seen such a way of sending flowers.”


Lin Ruoxi secretly looked up at this time, upon seeing the bouquet with assorted carnations, she creased her brows. She too was very curious as to what kind of flowers Yang Chen would send her, but after seeing a pile of good carnations being piled together like a bouquet of wild flowers, she honestly didn’t know what to say about Yang Chen.


Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind as he smiled and answered, “Is there a meaning? I wonder what meaning Boss Xu’s flowers represent?”


Xu Zhihong proudly said, “Beautiful and noble, these are the things I admire about Ruoxi, the orchids are just my way of expressing them.”


“Thank you for praising my wife.” Yang Chen dragged on at the word ‘my’, provoking a pair of creased brows from Xu Zhihong, then said, “The reason why there are so many colors in this bouquet of mine is mainly because I truly don’t know how to praise my baby Ruoxi, she’s beautiful, kind, noble, confident, sexy, lovely, virtuous, dignified, compassionate, serious, charitable…… a good wife and loving mother, model worker, a candidate for Huaxia’s woman of the year…… geez, don’t you think all of these flowers represent my family’s Ruoxi? Therefore I could only buy them all.


Who cares what the facts were, I bought so many flowers and used so many descriptions, there are definitely some that would fit! Yang Chen happily thought.


Being praised by Yang Chen with such sappy words, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but slightly blush. What the hell is Huaxia’s woman of the year!? It’s fine if this man has a thick skin and doesn’t know how to buy flowers, why unleash so many sappy words?


Xu Zhirong was speechless, if he knew this would happen, he would’ve bought an orchid of every color as well, but he probably wouldn’t be able to blurt out such nauseating words, so he could only force a smile and say, “Mr. Yang is indeed versatile and multi-talented.”


“Thank you for your praise, Boss Xu even spotted this tiny merit of mine! Actually I’ve always been very low-key. If there’s nothing else, Boss Xu, so as to not hold up your precious time, you may put down the flowers and go.” Yang Chen wore a polite face, then made an inviting gesture with a smile.


Xu Zhihong’s face turned pale and black. He was nearly unable to hold back his anger!


Very well! He took my decorous talking as the truth, and even shamelessly accepted it! Then he even straightforwardly told me to put down the flowers and get lost! He did all of that without saying a single dirty word, and was all smiles. There’s nowhere I could vent my anger on at all!


Hairy Ball who stood behind Xu Zhihong looked at his master with pity. To chase after a married woman, and even torment himself like this, was it even worth it?


“Then…… Ruoxi, I’ll leave the flowers here, congratulations on being discharged, I’ll be leaving now.”


Xu Zhihong felt that if he continued to stay, he’d be just like a volcanic eruption. However, while a volcano erupts with lava, he would erupt with blood pouring out from the throat.


When the Xu Family’s young master and servant left, Lin Ruoxi indifferently looked up and said, “Don’t be so rude to Boss Xu, he didn’t do anything special.”


“This is called having done nothing special!?” Yang Chen spoke loudly, “He came here with flowers quicker than your husband, isn’t this courting death!?”


With that said, Yang Chen walked over to the bedside cabinet, picked up the orchids Xu Zhihong bought, and directly tossed them into the trash bin. He then walked up to Lin Ruoxi in a satisfied manner, and presented the flowers to the woman, “Congratulations on being discharged, my beloved.”


His way of saying ‘my beloved’ sounded a little awkward, but having been brought up educated with etiquette, Lin Ruoxi still received the flowers and said “Thank you.”


Yang Chen laughed out loud and said, “You need not thank me, I know that you’re already touched to the point where your heart is in utter chaos, but please do not tear up, I’m afraid of women crying in front of me the most.”


Lin Ruoxi softly sighed. This man is still this improper, his roguish character has returned. Why would I cry for no reason!?


After dealing with all of the formalities and leaving the hospital, Yang Chen drove Lin Ruoxi home for the first time. Although the two of them had ridden on the same car before, it was always Lin Ruoxi who picked Yang Chen up in her expensive Bentley.


Lin Ruoxi who sat on the passenger seat looked at the BMW M3’s new interior, and promptly pointed out, “Yang Chen, the car you’re driving is mine, as a man, don’t you feel a little ashamed?”


Yang Chen shook his head, “I’m not ashamed. Boss Lin has many cars, it’d be a waste for you to leave them there. What I’m doing is helping you put an end to wastage, it’s my honor!”


“I’m being serious.” Lin Ruoxi creased her brows and said, “You’re a man, don’t you think you ought to work hard to obtain a good car and house based on your own efforts? For you to drive a woman’s car, aren’t you afraid of getting laughed at by others?”


Lin Ruoxi patiently tried to persuade him, she just hoped for Yang Chen to feel a little shame, and use that as the drive to work harder.


Yang Chen pondered over it, then nodded with a serious face and said, “Darling Ruoxi, now that you mention it I do feel that this isn’t right. One of these days I’ll use a small knife to cut out the BMW logo, it wouldn’t be considered a BMW then, and won’t be this conspicuous, what do you think?”


Lin Ruoxi truly felt like forcefully turning that steering wheel to cause the car to collide with the guardrail on the expressway to kill off this rogue!


Lin Ruoxi felt her heart frost over from the disappointment after looking at Yang Chen’s flippant face. With an apathetic expression, she refused to say anything more.


Yang Chen knew that his wife was sulking over his lack of ambition, so he concentrated on driving, and feigned ignorance.


The journey home ended in silence. Wang Ma was already waiting at the door, when she saw the two getting off the car, she immediately went up to help Lin Ruoxi with her luggage. She had the two enter, then went to prepare lunch.


Lin Ruoxi didn’t care about Yang Chen once she entered the house, she gave her secretary, Wu Yue, a call as she went upstairs to deal with the company’s matters, then worked until it was lunch time before coming down.


Wang Ma was worried about Lin Ruoxi, and told her not to work so hard right after returning home, but the latter seemed to be immune to such persuasion. She listened to what was said, but still continued to work.


Wang Ma’s cooking was exquisite, the table was filled with dishes to welcome Lin Ruoxi home, it was a lot more sumptuous than usual. The food came in various colors, and emitted a dazzling aroma, this made Yang Chen swallow his saliva just from looking.


“Wang Ma, when you have time you should teach me how to cook, I like these dishes.” Yang Chen said with a look of anticipation.


Being praised is something that makes people happy. Wang Ma had a wide smile as she replied, “It’s good as long as Young Master likes it, I can teach you whenever you’re free, an old woman like me is always free.”


Lin Ruoxi watched this scene unfold, then thought about earlier where she tried to persuade Yang Chen to put in effort at work, she didn’t expect that this man wasn’t just unwilling to work, he even wanted to learn how to cook like a woman. She couldn’t help but look at him in an even more displeased manner, as the feeling of coldness and disappointment in her heart intensified.


Although Wang Ma prepared a number of tasty dishes, Lin Ruoxi was in a depressed mood, so she simply ate a little, and suddenly said that she wanted to go out.


Wang Ma used her leg to poke at Yang Chen under the table with a hinting gaze. Yang Chen understood what she meant, and asked Ruoxi with a smile, “Where to? If you’re going to the office, how about I send you, I’m free during the weekend anyways.”


Lin Ruoxi coldly glanced at Yang Chen, and expressionlessly said, “There’s no need, I’m not going to the office. I’ll be fine driving out myself, you may continue eating with Wang Ma.


With that said, Lin Ruoxi picked up the car key she placed on the table beforehand, and walked out the door without looking back.


Not going to the office? Yang Chen was puzzled, there once was a time where in the middle of the night she said that she wanted to go out for no rhyme nor reason. Although he was curious, Yang Chen didn’t senselessly tail her, he had to respect her privacy after all.


Thinking of Lin Ruoxi’s gaze as she left, he felt like their relationship had returned to when they first met, that cold contractual relationship without any feelings. He originally thought that things became better over the past few days, and even thought of getting along with each other when coming home today, but in this situation, Yang Chen felt helpless and felt that this was laughable.


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