Calling all tech guys!

Some of you might’ve noticed the site went down again for a few minutes just now. I couldn’t keep the site up, and had to temporarily upgrade to the next level up for the server to keep the site running. Unfortunately, this doubles server costs and I don’t think it’s the right fix to the situation. Thankfully Kidyeon was still awake at this time to deal with my hysterics, but it occurred to me that he won’t always be!

Therefore, calling all tech guys or gals who happen to like reading any of my novels! Please be versed in Digital Ocean, SQL, Python and well, whatever else one should know for WordPress hosting (therefore previous experience please!). I can barely login to console, I truly know not of what I talk about. An immediate question I’d like to solve is optimization. The site shouldn’t be going down that much, but goodness knows why it is. T_T

And most of all, preferably, preferably awake in a non US time zone. Heaven forbid the next time the site goes down and Kidyeon’s asleep. He’d probably wake up to five thousand messages from me. >< As opposed to the five hundred panic filled ones when he’s awake.

“Omg. The site’s down.”

“Omg. Restarting droplet and SQL didn’t work.”

“Omg. What do I do?”

“Omg. The site’s still down.”


“Kidyeon. Calling Kidyeon. Kidyeon. T_T”


Something like that lol.