Calling all tech guys!

Some of you might’ve noticed the site went down again for a few minutes just now. I couldn’t keep the site up, and had to temporarily upgrade to the next level up for the server to keep the site running. Unfortunately, this doubles server costs and I don’t think it’s the right fix to the situation. Thankfully Kidyeon was still awake at this time to deal with my hysterics, but it occurred to me that he won’t always be!

Therefore, calling all tech guys or gals who happen to like reading any of my novels! Please be versed in Digital Ocean, SQL, Python and well, whatever else one should know for WordPress hosting (therefore previous experience please!). I can barely login to console, I truly know not of what I talk about. An immediate question I’d like to solve is optimization. The site shouldn’t be going down that much, but goodness knows why it is. T_T

And most of all, preferably, preferably awake in a non US time zone. Heaven forbid the next time the site goes down and Kidyeon’s asleep. He’d probably wake up to five thousand messages from me. >< As opposed to the five hundred panic filled ones when he’s awake.

“Omg. The site’s down.”

“Omg. Restarting droplet and SQL didn’t work.”

“Omg. What do I do?”

“Omg. The site’s still down.”


“Kidyeon. Calling Kidyeon. Kidyeon. T_T”


Something like that lol.

  • Nate

    There’s typically a couple of things that I’d look at for your site:
    1. Are you caching? This means saving the pre-generated web pages to disk so that WP isn’t always hitting your database on every request. For this I’d recommend that you install the “WP Super Cache” plugin.
    2. Do you have CloudFlare configured? I’d recommend that you set this up as well (typically some DNS configuration is needed).
    3. How wedded are you to the default WP comments? If you’re OK with it, I’d recommend that you move over to something like Disqus. This will further lighten the load on your database/bandwidth.
    4. Do you have a handle on your page views? If not, set up a Google Analytics account. I’d recommend that you use something like the “Google Analytics Dashboard” plugin. This way you can get an overall idea of your average pageviews, when you see peak load, etc.

    I’m a data architect and software developer – typically using Python/JS/PostgreSQL as my stack. I’m based out of the US working on PST.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  • Igor


    If you could drop me an email with statistics I.e. daily hits, peak times, number of comments, logged in users I could provide a concrete suggestion on what would be your best option. Either dedicated ( like previously suggested. IMHO I doubt it) or just reconfiguration.

    I had reconfigured droplets on DO and downgraded them by 2-3 times whilst increasing performance for WordPress. Usually by introducing aggressive caching if that makes sense.

    I am software engineer doing dev ops on the side, GMT/BST based.

    P.S. cause you are running WordPress I would not be surprised if you were subject to one of the WP bruteforce attacks. Web firewall usually solves it. I.e. cloudflare pro has WAF that coveres 95% of cases, or get me of someone to configure self hosted solution (takes like half an hour) and solves 70%-80% of cases.


  • Tzunayoshi

    Lol… Well a mirror is an exact replica of your site somewhere else so even if your main site is down you can still view content of its mirror image.. The only downside is that you can’t use it to see any check for zits… Lol…
    Now all that’s left is to make etvolare into a geek… :Evil Grin:….

  • Tzunayoshi

    Never really posted anything or said anything here before nor have I donated which makes me feel kinda bad since I have been following GDK and SOTR since they started.
    I am a tech guy (to use your words) and it seems like I can finally give something back so let me say a few words and hope it will be of help.
    1. You have a load issue. I can imagithethe number of people trying to access thntcontent here every say from all sorts of devices while loading ads and content. Using DigitalOcean droplets would only cost you more as you go. You might want to look into getting a dedicated server. Take a look at you can get a very nice setup for just $25/month. On which I would use CentOS Web Panel which is free and open source plus easy to use instead of Cpanel. I don’t think 16gb of Ram and 2tb of space will run out even with your load and content.
    2. Using mirrors and CDN. Don’t know if you have already considered this or not but if you have not then you should. It’s harder for your site to go down when it’s from multiple locations.
    3. Viewing your error logs. Not really heard you folks mention what the cause of the downtime was just that it happened and everyone panics.. If you like I can take a detailed look at your error logs and see if I can pinpoint the reoccurring problem..

    With that small bit of insight I really hope I can finally contribute some small portion to a great site.
    Meanwhile if you want a reference to if I know what I’m taking about all I can give is this

    • etvolare

      Hiya Tzunayoshi!

      Thank you so much for answering the call and being so helpful! I’m dropping you an email about five seconds after my reply because
      1. is like a beam of enlightenment parting the clouds,
      2. The only mirror I know is the one in my bathroom,
      3. I have error logs? Lol. XD *meeps in corner*.

      In Kidyeon’s defense, the only person panicking when this happens is me. He’s usually trying to fix the problem where I bombard him every five seconds. “It’s up!” “…I hit refresh. It died.” “It’s dead.” “It’s still dead. Whyyyyyy.”

      • natsu

        ……well i never thought i would ever in my life meet someone who is that ignorant in technology and while i did crack on the mirror part i got one question ARE YOU FOR REAL ON THAT ONE!!!

        • etvolare

          Lol, I’m glad you recognize a joke when you see one?

          Come come, let me quiz you on Chinese and financial concepts. 😀 I wish everyone was born hardwired with knowledge about Linux and Apache and Python. The internet would be full of beautiful, stables sites then.

          • VLS

            Indeed, it would be nice to have lots of stable sites. With all the hacking, etc., I don’t see that as possible though. When I was young, my family owned and operated a computer business. If you gave me an old computer, monitor, printer or keyboard, I could lecture on how to take apart and fix every little component. The software was much simpler back then. I loved DOS prompt. However, now that we have left that business I am also ‘behind the times’ in many ways. I know what a mirror is as well as the others, but am not familiar with using them. These days I could teach people about how to build houses; from foundation to framing, plumbing, wiring, roofing, etc. Sadly, I don’t have the time to spend on technology at the moment.