BPC Glossary

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Beware of spoilers
Characters names and nicknames

纪云舒 – Ji Yunshu (the main character, Ji Shuhan’s third daughter) [C.1]

纪先生 – Teacher Ji (professional name for Ji Yunshu when she works) [C.1]

周家小姐 – Zhou family’s young miss (the deceased daughter of Lord Zhou) [C.1]

凝儿 – Ning’er (Lord Zhou’s deceased daughter) [C.2]

周老爷 – Lord Zhou (the head of the Zhou family) [C.1]

周夫人 – Madame Zhou (Lord Zhou’s main wife) [C.1]

鸾儿 – Luan’er (Ji Yunshu’s maidservant) [C.2]

老夫人 – Old Madame (Ji Yunshu’s paternal grandma) [C.2]

张嬷嬷 – Wet Nurse Zhang (Ji Yunshu’s wet nurse, deceased) [C.2]

纪书翰 – Ji Shuhan (Ji Yunshu’s father) [C.4]

景容 – Jing Rong (A prince) [C.5]

容王 – Prince Rong (Jing Rong) [C.9]

琅泊 – Lang Po (Jing Rong’s bodyguard) [C.5]

纪幕青 – Ji Muqing (Ji Shuhan’s eldest daughter) [C.6]

纪婉欣 – Ji Wanxin (Ji Shuhan’s second daughter) [C.6]

纪灵芝 – Ji Lingzhi (Ji Shuhan’s fourth daughter) [C.6]

水儿 – Shui’er (Ji Muqing’s maidservant) [C.7]

洛儿 – Luo’er (Ji Muqing’s maidservant) [C.7]

刘清平 – Liu Qingping (Jinjiang’s county magistrate) [C.4 appears, named in C.9]

翘心 – Qiaoxing (Miss Zhou’s maidservant) [C.13 appears, named in C.14]

阿井 – Ahjing (An old housekeeper in Zhou Mansion) [C.14]

素云 – Suyun (Miss Zhou’s maidservant) [C.17]

林端 – Lin Duan (Suyun’s lover) [C.25]

卫伯父 – Uncle Wei (Yunshu’s future in-laws) [C.28]

卫伯母 – Aunt Wei (Yunshu’s future in-laws) [C.28]

奕儿 – Yi’er (Wei family’s mentally deficient son’s nickname and Yunshu’s fiancé) [C.28]

卫奕 – Wei Yi (Yunshu’s fiancé) [C.28]

纪元职 – Ji Yuanzhi (Yunshu’s third brother) [C.28]

宝, 玉 – Bao and Yu (two maidservants in the Ji mansion) [C.31]

福伯- Fu Bo, the keeper of memorial hall)[C.31]

井叔 – Uncle Jing (alternate name for Ahjing, the housekeeper) [C.36]

李大婶 – Great Aunt Li (someone who makes shoes on Beixie street) [c.35]

阿米 – Ami (Wei Yi’s dog) [C.40]

祁桢帝 – Qi Zhen Emperor (the current Emperor of the Great Lin’s empire, Jing Rong’s father)[C.48]



北梁 – Beiliang country (country where story started) [C.1]

锦江 – Jinjiang city (city where the story started) [C.1]

周府 – Zhou Mansion (Zhou family’s Mansion in Jinjiang city) [C.1]

西厢院子 – West Side courtyard (The courtyard where Ji Yunshu lives) [C.2]

东郊村 – East suburbs (a suburb east of Jinjiang city) [C.3]

容王府 – Rong Estate (Jing Rong’s residence) [C.11]

东苑 – East Park (a courtyard name in Zhou Mansion) [C.17]

内厅 – reception hall [C.17]

大临王朝 – Great Lin Dynasty  [C.18]

南疆 – Nanjiang Kingdom (Southern part of Dalin dynasty) [C.18]

广福楼 – Abundant Fortune House (an expensive restaurant in Jinjiang City)

墨宝斋 – Treasured Calligraphy House (a calligraphy store) [C.34]

北斜街 – Beixie Street (A street in Jinjiang City) [C.35]

广渠院 – Grand Canal Manor (Place Jing Rong is living temporarily) [C.48]


Special terms (main plot related)

御国公 – Imperial Duke [C.27]

临京案 – The Case of Lin Capital (a book), but could be shortened to Lin Capital Case [C.47]


Miscellaneous terms

衙门 – yamen (a governmental building)

差 – yamen runner (there’s many way to called a yamen runner : 衙役, 差役, etc.)

模拟人像重建师 – forensic anthropologist

县太爷 – County Magistrate / Magistrate

老爷 – Lord (for noble character) or Master (if not an official or part of nobility. I.e. rich merchants)

大人 – it’s term uses for a person of superior status or in a high position (even if status is lower). To make it easy, we use “Lord” also or “Milord” or any title deemed adequate for the context.

公子 – Young Master (it implied the noble birth of the person, although we could switch to “Gentleman” depending on context.)

义庄 – memorial hall (a place in the village for official affairs or public funeral hall)

亲王 – qinwang (A first-ranked prince – a.k.a direct child of current emperor)

惊堂木 – gavel

亥时 – hour of the boar (9-11pm)

酉时 – hour of the rooster (5-7pm)

巳时 – hour of the snake (9-11am)

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