BPC Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – A Meaningless Farce

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Ji Yunshu’s countenance was polite, but her expression was faintly suffused with a cold air. “Luan’er is not sensible. There’s no need for Big Sister to listen to her and get angry.” She turned to reprimand her maidservant. “You’re still not hurrying to admitting your error?”

Luan’er lowered her head and spoke in a awkward and unwilling voice, “This servant knows her wrongs.”

Ji Muqing narrowed her eyes to slits, then snorted at Ji Yunshu. “You went to such lengths to protect a mere maidservant?”

“Maidservants are also people, not to mention Luan’er had accompanied me for many years. In regards to my face, please forgive her.”

“Like I care.” Ji Muqing’s long eyebrows rose. Why would she want to give face to Ji Yunshu?

She turned her head and glared with her foxy-like charming phoenix eyes while roaring lowly, “What are you all waiting for? You still haven’t grabbed her and thrown her in the firewood shed? You want this Miss to do the job herself or what?”

Shui’er and Luo’er didn’t dare to dally. They practically pounced on Luan’er and restrained her.

“Big sister, Luan’er is still my servant. I should be the one to punish her.” Ji Yunshu exclaimed.

“She is also one of the Ji mansion’s servants, and unthoughtful behavior will be met with punishment. These are the rules, and they cannot be messed with.” She waved her hand, “Take her away.”

In an instant, Ji Yunshu’s fair fingers grabbed Shui’er’s arm and applied some force with her thumb. Shui’er felt her feet turn soft and immediately became unsteady. Then, her body directly fell toward Ji Muqing.


Ji Muqing was pressed down by Shui’er and screamed out from the pain, “Ouch! This is hurting me to death! You damned servant, are you tired of living?!”

Shui’er and Luo’er were frightened by Muqing’s outburst and hurriedly helped her up. Muqing’s luxurious clothes were now stained by dirt and mud. Her hair ornaments were all crooked. Her appearance was a mess, and she truly cut a sorry figure.


Ji Muqing raised her hand and gave Shui’er a resounding slap while fiercely glaring at her. “Damned servant! How dare you bump into me!”

“This servant knows her wrongs. I wasn’t steady on my feet. Eldest Miss, I beg you to spare me!” Shui’er kneeled on the ground in fear and continuously kowtowed to Muqing.

Ji Muqing, who regarded beauty as her life, couldn’t display a more miserable appearance than right now. How appalling was this situation for her?

She made a orchid fingers[1] hand gesture, but her powdered face was distorted from anger. At this moment, she had no mind to pay any heed to Luan’er. She stamped both feet and with an angry roar returned to her room to wash and change her clothes.

Thus, this absolutely meaningless farce came to an end. Ji Yunshu pulled Luan’er and hurried back to their courtyard, before Ji Muqing changed her mind and came for them again.

Once they entered the courtyard, Luan’er asked, “What’s wrong with Shui’er earlier? For no reason, she threw herself on the eldest miss.”

Ji Yunshu chuckled while pouring a cup of tea for herself. Her demeanor meant that it would be a long talk. “You may know that human bones are divided into nine parts, and a typical bone is composed of seven structural parts.[2] The hands and the legs are two different parts connected to the body. The muscles and tendons of the hand are separated into two sections. In between, a particular bone can be found. There’s no pain if you slightly pressed it, except your feet would lose strength. Earlier, I located it on Shui’er and pressed on it which allowed us to escape from the situation.”

Luan’er became shocked when she heard this, “Miss, you’re awesome!”

“Everything is encompassed within the frame of a skeleton, from one’s appearance to the size of one’s organs. All is dictated by the dimension of the skeleton, even the degree of putrefaction of those thousand-year-old corpses and their time of deaths are closely related to their skeletons. Furthermore, a person’s cranial bones is the most important part of the human body, as it protects the brain…”

“Miss, stop explaining!” Luan’er immediately interrupted her words. Her complexion was unsightly as she swallowed back the nausea while her back felt cold.

Seeing her maidservant’s cowardly appearance, Ji Yunshu became happy. Before she died on the operation table, she was practically living in the archeology shack and had the bones of those deceased ancients as her sole companions. If she was as cowardly as Luan’er, she would have long lost her job!

‘Let’s stop talking about it then!’

She had kneeled all night and was indeed tired. She might as well lie on her bed, snuggle in her quilt, and snore away.

[1] It’s a type of hand gesture done by people to show off their grace and elegant poise. It’s like lifting your pinky when drinking tea. Click here for the visual of the hand gesture.

[2] In the raws, the author mentioned about 14 parts and 7 structures which I couldn’t confirm the 14 parts since Western biology books roughly divided the bones into 9 sections instead of 14. I can’t read Chinese medicine books to confirm, thus the translations for that part is localized.

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