BPC Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – The Top-notch Primate

Note: This could be sum as “a big clown”

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Nights in January had icy winds blowing with the possibility of rain showers. Contrary to the cold wind, several lanterns hung under the corner of the roof radiating warmth and light.

Quickly afterwards, Luan’er stealthily arrived to deliver a blanket and a small furnace.

“Master clearly knew that Miss’ health is not good, but he still punished you to kneel all night. Isn’t this wanting your life?!” Luan’er started to cry tearfully.

“Why are you such a crybaby?”

Ji Yunshu held the small furnace. Gradually, her body warmed.

Luan’er wiped her tears. “Miss, because you’re like this, neither fighting nor arguing, that people keep bullying you.”

“Who said that?”

“Luan’er is not blind. I can see it, like last time, Eldest Miss pulled out your beloved Pu tree and planted it in her courtyard. How about the other day, Fourth Miss cut all your winter clothes into pieces? What’s more, Second Young Master broke Master’s colored glass lamp but framed you for it. But did you say anything? Miss, your heart is benevolent. However, no one tried to look into the matter or appreciate your kindness. You are simply stubbing your toes while moving a stone. The one who will be hurt in the end is only you.”

Luan’er clenched her fist in anger.

“This girl… How many times did I say don’t blabber too much; the walls have ears.”

Despite Ji Yunshu reprimanding Luan’er, she knew within her heart that Luan’er’s only looking out for her well-being.

Luan’er lowered her head feeling wronged!

Ever since she occupied this body, Ji Yunshu’s temper became more or less similar to the original, simple and elegant Ji Yunshu: both were flexible and soft, but steady. Besides, she was also tired of fighting and scheming, mutual deception, and outwitting others. Thus, as long as the situation was bearable, she would absolutely not quarrel with people.

Perhaps because of the contradictory nature within humans, the more she was obedient, the more the other misses and young masters loved to find trouble with her every three days for trivial matters and every once in awhile for major trouble. They were as punctual as her menstruations!

Early morning.

Ji Yunshu was done with her punishment; thus, Luan’er helped her get up. She intended to return to her courtyard to rest, but she barely left the west side room when she ran into Ji Muqing.

Ji Muqing wore an outer garment made of snow-white brocade with purple patterns paired with gold embroidered shoes. Her hair was decorated with gold and silver hairpins. A top-grade white water pearl hung around her neck, while a silver bracelet highlighted her wrist. She was adorned from head to toe with bright jewelry and precious pearls, with every item being priceless.

Right behind her trailed two overbearing maidservants named Shui’er and Luo’er. The Ji family’s Eldest Miss, Ji Muqing, always had that kind of bearing.

“What? Did you go fiddle with those unclean things again?” Her tone was dripping with sarcasm, and the corner of her mouth was pulled into a condescending smile.

Ji Yunshu narrowed her eyes. She had no plans to pay attention to her half-sister. She continued to advance with the intention to leave. However, Ji Muqing grabbed her wrist and discreetly applied excessive strength on it.

“How rude! Are you mute?”

Ji Yunshu replied in a neutral tone, “Yesterday, little sister’s hands touched corpses, and I have yet the time to wash them. Big sister doesn’t mind?”

“WHAT?” Ji Muqing released Ji Yunshu’s wrist in a burst of fear. Then she used a handkerchief and fiercely wiped her hand while her mouth was cursing, “Unlucky, unlucky! So early in the morning and I’m contaminated by such wretched luck.”

Upon seeing this, Luan’er interjected, “Eldest Miss, yesterday, Third Miss had kneeled as punishment, please don’t make things difficult…”


Ji Muqing raised her hand and slapped Luan’er. “A lowly maidservant has what qualifications to speak to me.” As the words fell, Muqing glared at Ji Yunshu. “Indeed, such master will raise that kind of dog. Servants, take this cheap maidservant and throw her in the firewood shed. Teach her a good lesson for me.”

This was clearly Ji Muqing venting her anger on Luan’er! After all, Ji Yunshu was Ji Muqing’s nominal little sister. She could verbally abuse her, but she must not hit her. As for Luan’er, she was merely a maidservant who could be injured or beaten to death without consequence. For a few taels of silver, there was a dime a dozen to pick from!

Shui’er and Luo’er, who were behind Muqing, complied to her orders. They approached Luan’er to drag her away.

Usually when Ji Yunshu gets mistreated, she would let it go, but venting anger on Luan’er? That was out of question. Yunshu shielded Luan’er. She raised her brows and stared at Ji Muqing. That look caused Ji Muqing’s entire body to quiver.

“Big sister, getting angry early in the morning will be bad for your body. It would be better to just forgo it. Later, I will teach Luan’er.”

“This little servant always likes to interrupt people. If it is spread outside, people will think that all our maidservants are vulgar. It won’t do if I don’t properly discipline her today.”

The unspoken implication could be summarized as Ji Yunshu being “vulgar”.

That woman, Ji Muqing, was really a top-notch primate!

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