BPC Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – The Case of Lin Capital

Note: I made important changes for some terms in the novel.
Dalin Dynasty -> Great Lin Dynasty (It’s using the same idea as Great Ming Dynasty)
An Overlook of the Capital’s Cases -> The Case of Lin Capital (By changing the above term, I realized that I mistranslated the book’s name)

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‘He’s gone crazy! Crazy! Definitely crazy!’ silently screamed Ji Yunshu.

Who has ever heard of a “man” taking care of another man?

Ji Yunshu widened her eyes as she twisted her wrist, her expression showing her hesitation. “Prince, this one is clumsy. And even providing for my daily needs is a problem. Must your Highness make things difficult for me?”

“You feel that I am troubling you?” His eyebrows raised.

“Yes, your Highness.”

A slight pause later, he threw down a simple statement. “Then I guess I am.” Saying so, he released her.

Her wrist having obtained freedom, Ji Yunshu immediately retreated a couple of steps. She hid both of her hands in her sleeves.

Yet she didn’t expect that Jing Rong would walk over from the other side of the table toward her. As he closed in on her, Ji Yunshu tensed up. She immediately raised her sleeves and hid her hands behind her back. That small action in Jing Rong’s eyes was rather adorable!

He halted around 25cm away from her. The corner of his lip curled upwards. “The thing I like to do the most is trouble others, while I am most interested in threatening others. Teacher Ji, of the two, which would you pick?”

‘Fuck you. Do I even have a choice? Are you blaming me for your injury?’ thought Ji Yunshu.

While Jing Rong entertained other thought. ‘Are you blaming me for you not being able to provide for yourself?’

Ji Yunshu’s face alternated between green and white as she backed away. Those eyes that were like two pools of starry ink were filled with dissatisfaction as she glared at him.

“Prince Rong, you shouldn’t bully people like this.”

“Oh, I forgot to mention something. I absolutely love bullying others.” Pride emanated from between his brows.

Ji Yunshu stayed silent. “…” She couldn’t even be bothered to count how many black lines had appeared on her forehead by now.1Her lips trembled; there was nothing she could say!

Jing Rong was very satisfied with her reaction. His eyes were filled with a teasing light as he narrowed them slightly. His feet didn’t move, yet his body started to draw closer to Ji Yunshu.

“Be it that I’m troubling you or threatening you or maybe bullying you. My injury is under your responsibility. If my arm failed to recover later on, don’t even think about escaping because you’ll have to replace my hand for the rest of your life.”

Ugh! Ji Yunshu had to admit. His tone which made people want to beat him up actually made her feel all tingly from her ears all the way  to her chest just by listening to it. Her heart pounded intensely, which couldn’t help but make her feel scared!

‘What’s wrong with me?’

Rather abruptly, she shifted her gaze from his by lowering it. Her embarrassed look was completely caught by Jing Rong. He was very happy! And very smug about it too!

Curling those icy thin lips of his, his long fingers stretched out from within his sleeves towards Ji Yunshu’s hat, as if his hand itched to pull out the pin holding it up and letting her hair unfurled into a cascade.

Ji Yunshu’s head was lowered so she didn’t know about his intention!

Those fingertips drew closer. Yet at the last moment, Jing Rong’s gaze just so happened to catch a glimpse of a book left on the table.

It was the book The Case of Lin Capital!

His hand paused. His gaze changed from its original flirtatiousness to a strange glint as his expression froze.

He circled around Ji Yunshu and walked over, picking up the book. As he held the book in his hand, he asked her, “You’ve read it?”

Ji Yunshu had already turned around to look at him and upon hearing his question, answered, “I’ve flipped through a few pages.”

“Then do you know what The Case of Lin Capital is about?”

“It’s mainly about the case involving the Imperial Duke’s household.”

“Do you know about the contents?”

“I’ve just started reading so, I’m unaware of the details.”

A question, an answer; the conversation flowed without a hitch!

Jing Rong’s expression became solemn as he emitted a faint “Hmm” while passing the book to Ji Yunshu

“In that case, I am giving you three days time to get familiarized with the contents of this book. Two days later, I will be waiting for you at Grand Canal Manor in the west side of the city.”

This was the first time Ji Yunshu had seen such a serious expression on Jing Rong’s face. His gaze contained mystery and a hint of anxiety, causing others to feel anxious too!

She reached out to receive the book and asked in a soft voice. “Why?”

Jing Rong maintained his solemness. “After you have familiarized yourself with the contents, I will tell you.”

Yet Ji Yunshu seemed as if she was born this clever. With suspicion in her heart, she asked, “Does it have anything to do with… the case of those 72 corpses Your Highness mentioned?”

His expression crumpled slightly! He had to admit, Ji Yunshu was too smart! At the same time this proved that he didn’t find the wrong person!


“This matter is of grave importance. I cannot tell you everything right now, but the one thing I can, is that the reason I have left the capital for half a year is for this matter.”

Ever since the founding of the empire of the Great Lin, whenever imperial princes received their titles, no land would be bestowed to them. The place that they lived in was usually a mansion in the capital. One reason for this was so that their father would be able to better keep an eye on them. Another reason was to stop them from raising their own private forces and rebelling.

Thus, for an Imperial Prince to leave the capital was a large matter. This was because it raised the risk of said Prince raising his own troops in rebellion or defecting to another country and using those troops to seize power!

Emperors were always prone to suspicion and paranoia. This was the one shared illness by all monarchs since time immemorial.

Because of this, the current Emperor of the Great Lin dynasty, Qi Zhen Emperor, issued a decree declaring that any Imperial Princes that left the capital had to report their whereabouts every three days. The moment there was any delay, it would immediately be assumed that they had the intention to rebel!

And those five burnt bodies just so happened to be the people Jing Rong had sent to report to the capital. Yet he hadn’t expected that they would be assassinated halfway!

For Jing Rong to have left the capital for half a year no less, really caused many people to feel surprised. It could be inferred from this how major this “Lin Capital Case” was!

Ji Yunshu nodded her head and didn’t continue to question him any further. “Yes, this humble one will closely analyze the contents in this book.”

Her obedience made Jing Rong pleased.

Dropping his stern countenance, he smiled warmly. “Then I shouldn’t bother you any further. Have a good look, and we’ll meet two days later at dawn. Don’t be late.” Having said so, he left with a flick of his sleeves!

The study quietened down in an instant. Ji Yunshu clutched the heavy book to her chest. The patterns on the book’s cover were like ripples on the surface of water, the ups and downs seemingly reflecting the emotions fluctuating within her heart! She gently placed the book down. ‘Better finish up on the report, so I can go home and start on this book!’

Roughly in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea later, the report was finalized. It was laid out on the desk, the words on it delicate and orderly. This was the calligraphy skill she had honed over the greater half of a year since transmigrating here. It took her quite a bit of effort!

She didn’t wait for the magistrate to come in to collect it, instead simply carrying the book as she left the yamen.

On the way back she was quite distracted. It was because of Suyun. A perfectly fine woman, yet for the sake of her lover, she didn’t fear dying! 

Ji Yunshu didn’t understand that kind of love. At least as of right now, she hasn’t met that someone who she would be willing to sacrifice her life to protect.

She remained distracted by her train of thought until it got disrupted after reaching the Ji Mansion.

Upon opening the door to her courtyard, she could hear the sounds of objects being smashed!

Four or five servants were holding onto sticks and using them to smash the flower pots in her courtyard. The ground was littered with shards of pottery and upturned dirt. Torn and tattered pieces of vegetation were scattered everywhere.

“Please stop smashing, Third Young Master. I’m begging you please don’t smash those. These were all carefully cultivated by the Young Miss. Please Third Young Master, don’t smash those!” Luan’er’s choking sobs as her pleads made their way to Ji Yunshu’s ears.

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