BPC Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – The Handkerchief Delivery

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The night was bitterly cold, and despite the fact that the snow had stopped falling, the frigid wind still whistled. The cold was biting and seeped into the body, causing one’s entire body to feel a burning pain!

Wei Yi was covered in a thick and light blue outer garment. His neck was wrapped with a gray scarf. He was in a daze, seriously pondering over something as he walked in a circle, leaving traces of his numerous steps in the snow. Sometimes, he would stay still while letting out white puffs of breath, lost in thought. It was an extremely cute sight! And at other times, he would cast frequent side glances at the Ji Mansion’s entrance.

He must have waited for at least two hours as his fair skin had turned red from the biting cold.

From a distance, Ji Yunshu saw him hiding behind the stone lion near the entrance. His head kept peeking out from his hiding place.

‘What is that cute little fool doing here?’ Could it be that he was itching to find Ji Yunshu for another scare session?

Since she was curious about the reason he came, Ji Yunshu approached him.

“Wei Yi, why are you here?”

Wei Yi got scared when a voice suddenly popped up behind him. It scared him to the point that he almost jumped up!

He turned around and saw an unfamiliar “man”.

“You scared me.” He muttered in a small voice. His innocent face kept changing expressions, and his hands were on his chest.

His appearance made Ji Yunshu want to laugh. “Who scared you? If you didn’t feel guilty as a thief, how can you be scared?”

He shook his head in panic and hastily denied it. “I’m not. I’m not. I am not a thief. I really am not a thief. My teacher said that I can’t steal things from other people. It’s no good. Mama also said that we must act with honesty and sincerity. Others’ things are their things. My things are my things. A-and… My dad also said…”

“Stop!” Ji Yunshu raised her hand to interrupt him.

If she let him continue, perhaps he won’t even finish before the following morning.

“Let me ask you. Why are you not at home on such a cold day but run off here?” Ji Yunshu wore a stern expression.

Wei Yi withdrew his gaze, pursed his lips, and held his head while lowering it.

If Ji Yunshu didn’t guess incorrectly that little fool was acting shy! This only further fanned the flames of her curiosity. She came close to him and inquired with a teasing tone, “Wei Yi, tell me the truth. You’re not here for no reason, right? And you’re acting so sneaky.”


“Tell me. I promise I will not tell anyone.”

After a long while, Wei Yi finally spilled the beans. “I’m waiting for Big Sister.”

‘Big Sister? Young man, you’re the only son in your family. You don’t have a big sister. At best, you can have your mom give you a little sister or a little brother. Wait! Can it be…’

“Wei Yi, your father has another wife? So, are you waiting for your half-sister?”

“He doesn’t.” Wei Yi raised his head and looked at Ji Yunshu. Suddenly, he frowned and exclaimed, “Big Brother, you really look like Big Sister!”

“Ah!” Immediately, Ji Yunshu understood everything.

‘Foolish guy, you were waiting for me?’

Not waiting for Ji Yunshu to come back to her senses, Wei Yi took out a small box from his sleeve and looked at her with eyes full of hope. “Big Brother, do you know Big Sister? I came to give back the handkerchief she put in my hand last time. Look! it was dirty, but I washed it.” When he was done talking, he opened the little box, revealing a white handkerchief neatly folded with several flower petals sprinkled on it.

‘How lovely! Hey, smelly guy, where did you learn that kind of flirting technique?!’

The corner of Ji Yunshu’s mouth stretched unnaturally. Her hand rigidly stretched toward the box and slowly closed it. Her hand stayed on the cover.

“Wei Yi, this handkerchief… your big sister doesn’t want it. She also doesn’t like the flowers. She’s allergic to pollen.” Ji Yunshu wrinkled her nose as she told the lie.

“But it’s Big Sister’s handkerchief. I must give it back to her. Ami said that girls like flowers.” Wei Yi appeared aggrieved.

“Who is Ami?”

“It’s the small dog I raised,” replied Wei Yi innocently.


Ji Yunshu held unto her stomach and spat out imaginary blood.

‘I’m dying…’ She couldn’t understand that fool’s thought process. No matter how much brain capacity she had, it might not be enough to understand him.

“Forget it. Stay here then.”

She waved at him, turned around, and walked away.

She barely took several steps before she stopped and looked back. Her eyes met with Wei Yi’s apparent dejected expression. He still held onto some hope, touching people’s soft spot.

At this moment, snow started to fall again. The snowflakes were denser compared to earlier. As they swirled down from the sky and fell onto his body, the world turned into a silent haze. Unexpectedly, this sight could touch people’s heartstrings, causing them to feel a bit pain for him.

Like the snowflakes on his shoulders, her heart melted along with it.

Through the curtain of falling snow, Ji Yunshu shouted at Wei Yi, “Come with me. I’ll go find Big Sister for you.”

When he heard it, Wei Yi’s face slowly blossomed like a flower 1 He hurriedly followed behind Ji Yunshu.

She lead him into a warm room inside West Side courtyard.

It was the first time she brought a man into her house. Fortunately, Wei Yi was different from other people!

Wei Yi stood in the middle of the reception hall. Then, he turned around several times, observing the decoration inside the room, feeling like everything was quite novel.

“Big Brother! Your house is really nice, and it smells good!”

“Hurry and sit down. Acting like this when going to other people’s houses is very impolite.”

“Oh!.” He shut his mouth and obediently sat down. His eyes no longer looked around in excitement.

At this time, Luan’er came in with a bucket of coal. When she saw a man sitting in the reception hall, she was extremely scared, but then she saw her young miss beside him, so she didn’t scream.

In small strides, she went next to her miss and whispered, “Miss, who is he?”

“Wei Yi.”

“The Wei family’s idiot?” Luan’er gaped.

Ji Yunshu flicked Luan’er’s forehead. “Don’t be rude. Look after him properly. I’m going to go change my clothes.”

Luan’er rubbed her painful forehead while nodding.

Ji Yunshu put her sandalwood box on the table and left to change her clothes. It only took her a moment to do so since she was quite used to switching between clothes of the other gender.

When she came out, Wei Yi downed a hot cup of tea like he was drinking water.

‘Won’t his mouth burn? Maybe he was freezing from standing outside.’

During that time, Wei Yi noticed Ji Yunshu’s arrival. He put down the cup of tea. He stood up in one motion and gave her an extremely radiant smile.

“Big Sister, you came?!” He exclaimed.

Hmmm… I came.”

‘In fact, I was always there!’

Wei Yi looked behind her and scratched his head. “Where’s Big Brother?”

Ji Yunshu sat down next to him and poured herself a cup of tea while carelessly replying to him. “Your big brother left.”

“Oh!” Wei Yi obediently sat down. Then, he openly stared at Ji Yunshu while his body coiled back. He took the initiative to speak. “Big Sister, do you know why I came here?”

“I know. You came to deliver the handkerchief.”

After she spoke, Wei Yi was amazed. He still hadn’t said anything, so how did big sister know?

‘Foolish child, your big brother told her!’

Grenn’s Rants Corner

Wei Yi reminds me of a puppy.

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  1. In fact, the real comparison in the raws was he slowly started to smile like a sloth… Suddenly, I have this image in my head, click here. Totally killing the mood. Comedy relief I guess.