BPC Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Sour Face

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That night, Ji Yunshu did not sleep. She stood under the eaves, watching the water dripping from the tiles and turning into ice. The icicles were sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid.

When Jing Rong pushed open his door and appeared, he happened to see her dressed in a white gown made of hemp. Her bun was untied and her hair had unfurled to her waist. Her eyes like black ink were intently watching the icicles. The light reflection of the snow shone upon her, highlighting her delicate figure as she stood there. As the snow fell, the cold wind came as its companion, making her sleeves flap. A few strands of hair repeatedly wandered around her fine face, ruffled by the wind.

It was a beautiful scene hard to come by!

It suddenly dawned on Jing Rong as his soul was stirred. His thin lips faintly hooked up as he walked towards Ji Yunshu. He gazed at the sky filled with snow. Then, he outstretched his hand and several snowflakes fell into his palm.

“Teacher, did you watch the snow fall the whole night?”

Ji Yunshu remained silent.

“Did you get frostbite? Are you mute?” Jing Rong asked.

She shook her head, then withdrew her gaze from the roof. She shot a quick glance at him and replied with a rhetorical question, “I wonder if Prince Rong slept well on Zhou Mansion’s padauk bed?”

“I didn’t sleep well.”

“Oh? On the contrary, I believe you had a very good night of sleep.”

Hearing her words, Jing Rong’s interest became stronger. He raised his long eyebrow and asked, “Then, do enlighten me. How can you prove that this prince slept well on this cold winter night?”

Ji Yunshu calmly sized him up before speaking with confidence. “This humble one remembers there was a jade pendant tied on your Highness’ waist yesterday night. If I’m not wrong, it was hung 2.5cm below the waist, but right now, that isn’t so. In fact, it’s hung around 7.5cm lower. What’s more, your Highness’ clothes are tidy. Not to mention, you’re meticulously well-dressed. These few points are enough to reveal that your mental state is clear-headed and that you slept well. Besides, the regions around your cheek bones are raised, leading to the contours of your eyes to be slightly swollen. This is a sign that could mostly be seen in people who could peacefully enter a deep sleep.”

After she was done assessing everything one by one, she asked, “I don’t know if my analysis was correct?”

Jing Rong was shocked. He had met countless people with extraordinary talent while traveling far and wide, but this young scholar was one of the most intelligent people he had met.

He could not help but sigh and shake his head. “This is truly unfortunate.”

“Why is your Highness saying that?”

“Such a tiny and insignificant city like Jinjiang might not be able to contain Teacher.”

Jing Rong stopped speaking, but a mysterious smile hung on his face.

Ji Yunshu observed him, but she dismissed something and did not inquire further.

At this moment, a maidservant had braved the snowy weather and ran into the reception hall. When she arrived in front of them, she said, “Teacher Ji, Madame sent this servant here to inquire if you have found the murderer?”

Your own daughter was killed by someone, as a mother, being anxious about it was quite normal.

Ji Yunshu was resolute. “I will trouble you to invite Lord Zhou and Madame Zhou to the mourning hall.”

“Right now?”

“Correct. I want to invite them right now. In addition, summon everyone else in the mansion.”

The maidservant displayed a bewildered expression, but she wrapped her arms around herself and faced the whistling cold wind to go inform everyone.

Jing Rong knitted his eyebrows. “Isn’t better if we eat breakfast before going?”

Ji Yunshu coldly burned him with her glare. Then, she spoke to him in a mocking tone, “If your Highness properly ate last night supper, you would be unlikely to care about this morning’s breakfast.”

Who told you not to eat yesterday, serves you right!’

Without waiting for Jing Rong to refute her, she started moving towards the mourning hall.

This was the first time Jing Rong was rendered speechless by someone. His bright and stern eyes were intently staring at Ji Yunshu’s straight back. His expression was cool without anger.

In the end, he still followed behind while feeling vexed!

Thus, a man with a sour face thought about punishing Ji Yunshu.


The mourning hall.

Top to bottom, more than 20 people in the mansion were already present.

Lord Zhou expression was grave. His face was slightly drooping, and his forehead was wrinkled.

Madame Zhou who was beside him no longer wailed nor wept endlessly. Her complexion was also much better. However, her eyes continued to redden every time she looked at the coffin containing her daughter.

“Teacher Ji, the proper time to bury my daughter has passed. If we don’t bury her today, I worry that my daughter’s body will…” Lord Zhou didn’t finish his words as a sigh replaced what was left unsaid.

A corpse left alone for a few days will begin to exude a putrid smell. What’s more, Miss Zhou’s corpse smashed into the ground leaving most parts broken and her flesh burst open. Even if it was still January, the corpse’s stench was quite overpowering.

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