BPC Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Bearing? Bear?

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The housekeeper lead them to East Park, where he would arrange a place for their stay. He brought them to a big pavilion, and inside, on the left and on the right, there were two rooms and between the two rooms, there was a reception hall.

‘Doesn’t it look like the layout of a tavern flat?’ Ji Yunshu could not possibly be happy. She turned to the housekeeper and asked, “Don’t you have another room?”

The old housekeeper’s waist was hunched. He was wearing mourning clothes and a matching mourning hat on his head. His head was constantly lowered and it was absolutely not possible to see his appearance.

With reverent and respectful manners, the old housekeeper replied, “Teacher, in East Park, these rooms are the most clean. You are our precious guests so I cannot allow the any neglect as per milord’s commands.”


Jing Rong interrupted, “Teacher Ji, it’s only for one night. There’s no need to trouble yourself so much. This place is not that bad: calm and peaceful. Our sleep won’t be disturbed at night.” As soon as his words fell, he turned to the old housekeeper and continued, “This place no longer needs you. Hurry up and go.”

“Yes. Then, I wish you a good rest. I’ll send the servants to attend both of you.”

The housekeeper kept his head lowered as he retreated from the East Park courtyard.

What Ji Yunshu loathed the most was those types of lords like Jing Rong. She was unable to refrain herself from saying, “This isn’t the Rong Estate. When your highness ordered the Zhou family’s servants, it seemed as if you were at your residence.”

‘That little guy, his speech is really amusing!’ Jing Rong laughed. Both his hands were clasped behind his back. His gown fluttered with each of his steps as he proceeded into his room. Before he entered, he did not forget to suddenly throw a few sentences. “Wash your hands before going inside. This prince doesn’t want to smell that corpse scent.”

Ji Yunshu didn’t retort. If she had any rotten luck, she would have spread it to that two-faced cheap prince!

She washed her hands in the water basin outside before entering the room. Inside, she saw Jing Rong sitting in the reception hall, studying her as she entered.

“Did you wash them properly?”

Ji Yunshu remained silent. She refrained herself from pouncing on him and beating him to a pulp. Instead, she spread her hands in front of him.

Jing Rong narrowed his eyes as he looked at her palms that were still wet. Under the light, they sparkled and were translucent.

After a moment, he pinched her exquisite wrist. His mouth hooked into a pondering smile. “They say that men’s hands are rough, wild and powerful. But why are Teacher’s hands so soft and tender? Are you maybe using cream?”

When her wrist was suddenly grabbed, Ji Yunshu instinctively clenched her hand into a fist and twisted her wrist to free herself.

“May I ask Prince to let go of my hand?”

“I’m not letting go.”

“It hurts.”


“My hand.”

“I still won’t let go.”

He was absolutely intending to tease her. It could be seen from the nefarious smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He pulled on her wrist with one hand, causing Ji Yunshu to fall toward him. As she fell, he took the opportunity to grab her slender shoulder with his other hand. Then, he started to methodically evaluate her. “What a small frame. Is it possible that you didn’t get to eat when you were young? Nevertheless, did you have such a bad temper since young? It is because you got beaten by people?”

He talked too much like a modern time comedian!

Ji Yunshu’s body was very close to him. They were merely separated by a fist distance. She was a head shorter than him, so when she looked straight, her line of sight fell directly on his chest. The warmth heat of a man’s body could be felt at the tip of her nose, causing her heart to tighten from the shock. She quivered and used her strength to push him away.

“Your Highness, don’t be so over the line. This humble one is bearing with you.”

‘Bearing? A Bear?’

Jing Rong reckoned that such word doesn’t exist. His smile was full of despise. “With a body like that, you think you’re a bear? From what I see, you look more like a cat with its claws out, all bluff but no power.”1


Ji Yunshu was so angry that she nearly stomped her feet but ended up gritting her teeth. Unfortunately, she was unable to do anything to him.

Now, she finally understood that philosophical quote from ancient times: I like the way you look when you hate me but can’t bear to push me away!

Jing Rong saw her sullen expression from enduring him. He made an arrogant “I won” expression.

Right at that moment, several maidservants came in while carrying food, breaking the gunpowder-like atmosphere.

The leader of the group stepped forward and greeted them. “Milord has instructed us to bring you your supper. If the food is not to your taste, we will redo them again.”

There was fish and meat and each of the dish on the table were more sumptuous than the Ji family’s food.

Ji Yunshu suddenly became gloomy. She asked the maidservant, “Girl, your miss only had Qiaoxin as her maidservant?”

“No. There’s also Suyun.”

“Oh? Then, where is she?”

The maidservant shook her head. “Several days ago, Suyun returned home because of an emergency. I believe that she will be back tonight. Teacher, do you have any other commands?”

“No. You can go take a rest. I don’t need to be served.” Ji Yunshu waved her hand.

The several maidservants bowed and left.

Ji Yunshu’s expression sank further. She was in the middle of her pondering when she moved her eyes and saw Jing Rong looking at her with a strange expression.

“Your Highness, not only do you have the habit of grabbing people’s wrist, do you also have a fondness of staring at other people like this?” Ji Yunshu’s tone denoted her bad mood.

Jing Rong’s frivolous appearance vanished. In a solemn voice, he asked her, “Did you find something?”

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  1. This part is a very “Chinese” pun/joke that doesn’t make sense in English. What’s more It’s a double layer joke! Let me explain.

    小的可不是受。= (accurate translation) This humble one is suffering(受/shou).

    受?兽?= (accurate TL) Suffering? Beast? (Both characters have the same pronunciation)

    就你这种还想称兽?= (accurate TL) With a body like that, you think you’re a beast(兽/shou)?

    你就是一只长着尖爪的猫 = you look more like a cat with its claws out

    To sum it, first layer of the joke, Jing Rong didn’t understand the “shou” which means suffering and thought Yunshu was describing herself as a beast if she was anger. So, he was jeering at her and saying she was more of a cat than a beast.

    The second layer of joke is probably the author’s joke and a BL joke at that. The current situation is two men in very close proximity, the 受 which Yunshu used could also means bottom in BL, and beast is…well.. You know. 😉 And finally, you got the cat reference. Let’s stop the explanations here.