[Updated x4] Bad ads? Come at me!

Come one, come all and give me the URLs of the bad ads that are plaguing you. Before you do that though, I request that you clear your cache. We got hit with a nasty little trio of redirecting ads last week and they’ve perpetuated with endless cookies since. I’m this close to pausing one of my ad sponsors over this and they’ve blocked all the URLs that I’ve collected from you guys, so please hit ctrl + f5 or ctrl + r and make sure you’ve cleared the bad cookies from those ads.

Reminder: how ads work is that once a bad ad sinks its teeth in you, it follows you around to different websites. I apologize for the annoyance and greatly thank everyone who’s been feeding me URLs. Reply below and up vote those you’ve encountered as well! I’m always experimenting with ads to try to get an optimal mix of ads that may actually be useful for you guys and can result in higher pay for the translators on this site. Happy translators = happy readers. 🙂

I do need URLs in order do anything about them though, so just screaming in the comments of other novels about how badly I run this site does absolutely nothing. In fact, the use of profanity will increase the likelihood that another bad ad shows. The contact form is up in the menu, my email is [email protected], so it’s very easy to get in touch with me.

And really guys, why is anyone badmouthing the translator of another novel on volaretranslations? They have absolutely no control over the ads and it’s really bad form to be yelling at someone else after they’ve spent three hours to bring you their latest chapter. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again, bring your ire about bad ads to me, etvolare. I also happen to only translate SOTR, GDK, and Lazurite. I don’t do any of the other novels on the site, so please love your translators and give credit where it’s due! 🙂

[Update] Guys, I’ve paused the ad sponsor who I think may be the source of the troubles. Please let me know if you’re still having redirects in a few hours.

[Update x2] Hi everyone, that sponsor has been paused and their tags should be filtering out of the system, if not already all gone by now. Please chime in if the issue’s gotten better or worse for you!

[Update x3] The paused sponsor’s tags should have filtered mostly out of the system, and I’ve give the URLs to my other sponsors to preemptively block as well. I see the number of complaints coming through to my email go down, are things looking up? 🙂

[Update x4] I think the majority of the remaining complaints I see are from Chrome on Android, please try refreshing your cache? Anyone else still seeing them? Weigh in please!