Apartment from Hell Chapter 10 + the future

Hello all, you might have seen Lemon’s hiatus notice by now, we wish her the greatest of luck with the future, and fear not, we’ll still see her around volaretranslations. *cough. Big surprise coming soon!*

As for the future of Apartment from Hell, this is where the reason why I’ve only accepted Chinese novels onto volaretranslations. In my incredible amounts of nonexistent free time *chuckle* I will put out AH chapters when I can. I took a look at the language and it’s quite modern and simple, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to put some chapters out for everyone.

But in the meantime, we have a small stockpile thanks to LemonPEEL, and these chapters will be going out. If you’d like to help translate Apartment from Hell, we are recruiting!

So here’s chapter 10 thanks to LemonPEEL and edited by Premonition!