ACA Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Our First Little Assassin Buddy!


“Why can’t I be here?” Jia Qizhe chuckled, “Since we’re leaving tonight, I decided to have a last look at the scenery…”

Gu Qingyu stood beside Jia Qizhe and watched the emerald ripples on the crystal clear water, “If we can leave, then that’s for the best…”


“You?” Jia Qizhe randomly asked out of the blue.

Gu Qingyu stiffly nodded, “Juuuust… A liiiiittle bit…”

“Can you guarantee that to cure that person’s master?” He asked again.

“… No.” Gu Qingyu replied, “I don’t trust my medical skills, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve if he were to be suffering from some mental disorder.

“Mental disorder?” Jia Qizhe stared at Gu Qingyu in mock surprise, “You can cure mental disorders?”

“Kind of.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, “I was still a famous psychiatrist back in the modern times!”

She stayed and chatted with Jia Qizhe for a while, before returning to her room.


Nighttime descended.

Gu Qingyu put on a black nightsuit. She utilized her nimble cat form and sneaked out together with Xiao Qi towards the crooked tree.

Because Xiao Qi also knew a thing or two about magic, so no one picked up their tracks.

After avoiding a group of guards through much difficulty, they reached their agreed point of rendezvous. Jia Qizhe and Qi Yichen seemed to have already arrived a while ago.

“This is?” Qi Yichen looked at Xiao Qi.

“Ohh! My friend, she will be joining us on this journey! Qi Yichen… Is it ok?” Gu Qingyu looked at Qi Yichen with a nervous look. After all, he had to agree to it first.

Qi Yichen nodded, “Of course she can, since she’s your friend…”


Since Xiao Qi went together with them, the master-servant relationship between Gu Qingyu and Xiao Qi no longer existed. Everyone was equal. That was why Gu Qingyu told Qi Yichen that Xiao Qi was her friend—Because, it was also the truth.

Xiao Qi looked gratefully at Gu Qingyu.

Qi Yichen gently smiled, “Come on then.”

“… Mm.” Gu Qingyu nodded.

Everyone jumped up on the wall.


This exact moment, Gu Manor’s Second Miss entered Gu Qingyu’s room. Because Gu Qingyu wanted to pull a fast one on them, she left a burning candle-light in her room.

The second miss climbed through the windows, and took out a dagger from her sleeve. She lunged towards the bed and stabbed.

However, she soon found that it was empty. She was taken aback, and lifted the bed sheets, and then cautiously put back the dagger into her sleeve. After all that, she pretended to panic and ran out, “Help! Little sister is missing!”

Gu Qingyu softly sighed as she witnessed everything from the wall, “Thank goodness that we are leaving tonight…Otherwise, I’m afraid that I would’ve been lying there covered in blood, oblivious to everything…”


Qi Yichen gave Gu Qingyu a rather concerned look, he thought that Gu Qingyu would feel bad after seeing such sight, however the reality was completely opposite to his belief——

“Finally, let’s leave!” Gu Qingyu let out a long breath and jumped down, “Hurry up, hurry up~”

“…” Qi Yichen silently jumped down as well, Xiao Qi and Jia Qizhe followed suit.


Before long, the stepping sounds of incoming guards could be heard from the other side of the wall.


“Where’s Third Miss?”

“I don’t know! Spread around and search!”

“We’re doomed if we can’t find her!”


Gu Qingyu sympathized with these people and hesitated a bit, but continued on in the end.


They arrived at an inn, outside the city.


“Excuse us,” Gu Qingyu and the others entered the inn, looking all worn out. As they sat down, she imitated those people in historical dramas, “Four…no wait, two rooms!”

She switched to two rooms because she felt that it was better to save money whenever possible, even though she did bring a bit of funds from home, “…Mm, and some food too.”

“Coming!” The inn waiter seemed very enthusiastic, and quickly served up a bowl of hot steamed buns and a couple of side dishes, “Beloved customers, please enjoy! Your rooms have been prepared as well!”

“Thank you.” said Jia Qizhe in a dull tone.

Everyone ate and drank until they were full and satisfied.


“I thought that we could save some money if I shared a room with Xiao Qi, while you share one with Qi Yichen!” Gu Qingyu awkwardly scratched her head.

Jia Qizhe and Qi Yichen nodded, and didn’t comment any further.

Everyone returned to their rooms.


Gu Qingyu blew out the light, and laid on the bed with Xiao Qi.

She stared at the dark surroundings, after a long while, she couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Qi, are you asleep?”

“Not yet, Miss…” Her crisp voice was very pleasant to the ears.

“From now on, stop calling me ‘Miss’, just call me Xiao Yu.” Gu Qingyu laughed, “We are friends!” She thought for a moment, and asked, “Xiao Qi, can you tell me your full name?”

“Xiao… Xiao Yu, my family name is Xun, my full name is Xun Qi.”

“Mmhm, it’s so pretty!” Gu Qingyu was very happy, Xiao Qi was her first friend here…

“Mm…” Xiao Qi faintly smiled.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed by the windows, moving towards the next door.

Since Gu Qingyu was staring outside through the windows, along with her enchanted night vision, it caught her attention and she immediately sat up and put on her clothes and shoes.


“Xiao Yu, what’s going on?” Xiao Qi looked at Gu Qingyu.

“Someone went to Jia Qizhe’s room!” Gu Qingyu put on her shoes, and pulled Xiao Qi with her. They placed their ears next to the wall, trying to listen to what was happening there.

Xiao Qi was unable to hear anything as the soundproofing in the inn was really good. However, Gu Qingyu was a cat demon and had very keen senses, so she was able to faintly hear… the sound of fighting!!

Gu Qingyu told Xiao Qi, “You stay here, I’ll go and help our neighbors!”

“What’s happening?” Xiao Qi asked, as she couldn’t hear anything.

“Just wait for me.” Gu Qingyu immediately went to Jia Qizhe’s room as soon she finished her sentence. She kicked in the door without giving it a second-thought, “QIZHE, YICHEN, I’M HERE TO SA-…” -ve yoooooooou…


She choked on the saliva off her last word, and saw a black-clothed person lying on the floor…

Am I stupid? Why did I even rush here! How could I even forget for a second that there were two experts here?!


Qi Yichen gave Gu Qingyu a look and gave her a faint smile, “You arrived… just a tiiiiiny bit too late.”

“…” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes, and felt like a complete clown, “What’s going on? Someone tried to kill you?”

Jia Qizhe was about to say something, but in this instant, the black-clothed person rose and leaped towards Gu Qingyu with a dagger in his hand!!


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