ACA Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Medical Skills?


“What? Me?” As soon as she heard him, Gu Qingyu’s silly and cute character revealed itself, “Why would you be lookin’ for me~?”

“Up until now, the two of us have been living together in seclusion. My master taught me magic and martial arts, as well as poetry. You could say that he’s like a father to me,” said Qi Yichen. Gu Qingyu couldn’t help but get distracted by his gentle and refined smile.

“So?*” Gu Qingyu quickly regained her composure, “So? Why are you telling me this?” Seclusion? Gu Qingyu subconsciously thought of Mo Bai.

[*: She said this in English. Them ancient Chinese people have no clue what in the world she’s saying! (´・ω・`)]


“A few days ago, my master contracted a serious illness. He told me that the only one who could cure him was the prodigy as known as Gu Qingyu in the capital city.” Qi Yichen laughed sweetly, “I hope that Miss Gu can accept this sudden request of mine.”


Prodigy? Cure? Even if I were classified as a doctor back then, I was after all just a psychiatrist! Although, I do know one or another thing about medical techniques……


“Ummm…” Gu Qingyu was at a loss for words, she paused, and decided to just ramble on, “Ah! It just takes a look to know that you’re a scholar! Then I suppose that an intelligent and handsome man like you must’ve heard this saying before? The world is so big that nothing should come as a surprise!, what if you happened to have found someone with the exact same name and gender as the one you were looking for?”

Qi Yichen firmly shook his head, “No, I have already made inquiries earlier, there’s only one girl that’s named Gu Qingyu around here.”

“…” Wow, you’ve even found out about this! Looks like you’re determined to take me with you!

“Forgive me, Young Master. If Qingyu were to leave, the family will certainly be worried!” Gu Qingyu returned his smile, “Let’s see how you’ll reply now!”

However, Qi Yichen’s smiling expression deepened, “Let me just be frank with you. Since young, I’ve learned magic from master, as well as a small amount in the art of divination, so I know a thing or two regarding divination. Just now, I took some time to calculate to myself, and found out that Miss Gu actually doesn’t want to stay at the Gu Manor. You’re also in the process of searching for someone to help you escape. Am I right?”


……Is he even a scholar?! How can he just be a scholar!!!


At that precise moment, Gu Qingyu had her worldview shaken, crumbled to the ground, “Even a simple scholar can be so awesome!”


“Okay, you win. But I’ll still refuse…” Gu Qingyu waved her hand dismissively, but started to have second thoughts. Eh, wait! What if that bastard Jia Qizhe backs out again? Or what if I miscalculated the outcome of the competition? “… but, I’ll still refuse to not go with you!” Her outlook and attitude took a 180 degree turn in a flash.

Qi Yichen smiled, “I give my thanks to you, Miss.”


“Hey,” Just at this moment, a chilly voice sounded from behind them, “You don’t need me anymore?”

“Jia Qizhe?” Gu Qingyu turned her head, “Hmph! What should I do if you suddenly change your mind again?!”

Jia Qizhe chuckled, he leaned in closer to her ear and whispered, “Then, what if you can’t save his master?”

“Uhhh… ” Gu Qingyu blanked out for a moment, “He’s right! Young Master Qi had gone through all these hardships in order to find me, what will happen if I’m unable to cure his master…”, “Young Master Qi, I’m not an expert in the arts of healing, what are we supposed to do if I’m unable to save your master?”

Qi Yichen simply let out a faint sigh, “Don’t worry. My master said that as long as you agreed to come, everything would be fine.”

“So be it!” Gu Qingyu laughed, and looked at Jia Qizhe, “Hey, are you coming with us?”


The tables have turned! In the past, it was always Gu Qingyu begging Jia Qizhe to take her away, but now it was her turn to ask him if he’d like to go with them…


“Sure.” Jia Qizhe shrugged, “Sounds fun.”

“Fun?” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes at him, “Do you think we’re going out on an adventure or something?”

“Is that not the case for you?” Jia Qizhe flipped back the question.


….Bullseye. I’ll admit, he got me good!


“…” Gu Qingyu walked over towards the audience stands, “They’re going to announce the final scores now! Let’s go and watch together.”

The trio sat beside each other amongst the audience.


A boy walked up on stage… it was the boy that refuted her earlier!

He was one of the judges?

Gu Qingyu was started in surprise.

“We hereby announce the winners of the competition. First place, Gu Qingyu. The perfect combination of a beautiful voice and a wonderful melody, Gu Manor’s Third Miss is truly in a class of her own. Second place, Zhao Jin’er.1 Skillfully displayed her pipa techniques, smooth and delightful tunes…”

As they continued to announce the rankings, Gu Qingyu was so excited that she wanted to just jump up, “Oh yeah!”

Qi Yichen praised, “As expected of Miss Gu.”

Gu Qingyu felt really awkward being called “Miss” here and “Miss” there, “You don’t have to address me as Miss, just call me Qingyu!”

“… Qingyu.” Qi Yichen called out, “Then, you should just call me by my name as well.”


The competitions came to an end. Gu Qingyu didn’t really want any of the prize awards, and simply left first.


Gu Qingyu told Qi Yichen before she left, “I’ll go home first and pack up my things, so let’s move out tonight! Wait for me around that crooked tree in our courtyard!”

Qi Yichen nodded his head, “Thank you, Mi—Qingyu.”

“Mm!” Gu Qingyu gestured towards Jia Qizhe, “Let’s go!”

“…” Jia Qizhe didn’t say anything and quietly followed Gu Qingyu.

Qi Yichen’s gaze locked on Gu Qingyu’s departing back, a faint smile touched the corners of his mouth.


Back at Gu Manor.

Gu Qingyu’s mother came up and welcomed her, “Well done, Yu’er! I watched your performance!”

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Thanks, Mother.”


Frankly speaking, her current mother treated her quite well… So she felt a bit reluctant to leave her…


After returning to her room, Xiao Qi entered, “Miss, how was it?”

“Great!” Gu Qingyu told every single little detail to Xiao Qi, starting with meeting Qi Yichen to winning the competition, “Let’s leave together tonight!”

Xiao Qi nodded, ”Oki!”

“… Xiao Qi, are you really willing to follow me?” asked Gu Qingyu, out of the blue. Although she wanted Xiao Qi to go with her, she had never asked for her opinion once.

“Miss, wherever you go, Xiao Qi will follow!” Xiao Qi strongly nodded.

Gu Qingyu grinned, “Thanks, Xiao Qi. Let’s pack our stuff!”

Xiao Qi nodded and left.


Gu Qingyu let out a heavy sigh, “Finally… able… to… leave!”

She decided to take a breather after packing up her things, and to have a last glance at the scenery around here.

Jia Qizhe was unexpectedly also at the pavilion when she arrived.


“Eh, why are you here?” asked Gu Qingyu in a surprised manner.


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  1. Zhao Jin’er – 赵瑾儿