ACA Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Stupid Bird


After she finished changing back to her male disguise, Gu Qingyu used a headband to bind her hair. She glanced at the wooden hairpin. At last, she let out a sigh and put it away in her sleeve.


She saw Jia Qizhe still standing outside her door as she walked out.

“Are you not going down?” She gave him a look of disdain.

“Yeah, sure.” Jia Qizhe seemed very pleased with Gu Qingyu’s obedient behavior and walked down the stairs with a smile hanging on his lips.

Gu Qingyu gave him another look of searing disdain, then followed him down.


The dining table was all set, with food and drinks. Everyone sat around, only the two of them were missing.

Qi Wan could guess what had happened when he spotted Jia Qizhe’s delighted smile and Gu Qingyu’s gloomy look, he just stayed silent without saying anything.

Boss is important, but life is even more valuable!

Gu Qingyu would definitely spit out blood in anger if she knew what he thought about.

With Xue Zang joining in today, together with Qi Yichen and Qi Wan, the dining table was unusually lively today. She never expected Xue Zang to be such a chatty guy.

Gu Qingyu noticed that Murong Zuoyu hadn’t said a word this whole time, but also didn’t dare to look at her.

Was it really because he didn’t dare?

Gu Qingyu sank into her thoughts.


It was night.

Gu Qingyu heard a rustling sound outside the window just as she laid down on the bed.

If you didn’t listen carefully, you might not even hear the sound. But since she was a cat demon, her sense of hearing was especially sensitive during the night.

Following Venerable Flames, her power had also greatly risen. She quietly built up some energy around her hands to form a sharp blade.

She sensed a wave of incense smell filling up the air. Her heart tightened in her chest, “Damn it! I never expected them to have this move! I miscalculated big time!

Gu Qingyu immediately held her breath, and noticed that her power was depleting drop by drop, the light around her hand started to gradually fade away.


Someone opened the window and jumped in.

Gu Qingyu did her utmost to pop her eyes open, and saw the figure’s face— Wasn’t she, the pink dressed girl who sent her clothes last time?!

She planned to harm her? Wasn’t she Qi Wan’s person?

“You didn’t faint? I really underestimated you.” The pink dressed girl laughed softly. When the moonlight shone down on the dagger in her hand, it gave off a terrifying silvery light, “Gu. Qing. Yu.”

She knew about her true identity?!

Gu Qingyu feigned a gentle chuckle, however, she thought that with all the experts nearby, surely someone will sense that something was wrong as long as she sustained for a while. She could only try to stall for time, “Yooh~ Am I really that famous?”

“Gu Qingyu. You can stop waiting for reinforcement.” The girl laughed enchantingly, but sounded very sinisterly at the same time, “I have already covered this whole area with my energy…”

Energy? What’s that?

Venerable Flames floated by her side and thought aloud, “Hmm, this person’s inner energy is indeed really formidable. It’ll be difficult for people to detect…”

Are you still my master?!

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes.

The pink dressed girl thought she was disdainful of her, so she moved forwards slowly, “You know, it wasn’t my intention to do this personally. But, the bunch of fools was too useless…”

Bunch of fools? Was she talking about the black clothed men?

“Are you not Qi Wan’s person” Gu Qingyu’s eyes deepened.

She paused, then laughed and said, “Of course not. I am my master’s~ Because those trash were simply hopeless, so my master sent me to kill you instead~” She softly covered her pink lips with her hand and laughed enchantingly, but Qu Qingyu had no time for this and only thought about how she could escape from this situation.

“Don’t even think of escaping. Do you know why I am telling you all these secrets? Because… dead men tell no tales~” She slowly lifted the dagger, “The Bloodlife Jade belongs to my master, so goodbye— For eternity, my dear!”

Without another word, she ruthlessly thrust forward with the dagger in her hand.


“Why? Is your ladyship not continuing? Or perhaps, could it be that you’re this weak?” said Gu Qingyu, smiling, as she looked at the person before her.

She was still lying in her bed, but the dagger was tightly clutched in her hand. The dagger cut her hand, and blood poured over.

The ends of her hair had turned into bright scarlet, her eyes changed into a blood-red color, and a cold smile plastered onto her face.

Fortunately, Venerable Flames was beside her at the critical moment. The rock finally displayed some usefulness!!

The girl became frightened, but she still composed herself and pressed down with the dagger.

Gu Qingyu clutched the dagger tightly, the corners of her mouth suddenly perked up. She smirked and suddenly rose up, she mercilessly cast the dagger away, straight into the wall, leaving behind a deep mark.

While she was approving of the power from Venerable Flames, she felt her body being unstable, as if there was some hidden force supporting her, and if this force were to dissipate, then she was afraid that her body wouldn’t be able to keep it up.

This could be… a side effect.

Gu Qingyu stared coldly at the girl. She used an unknown power to suppress the girl, making her unable to budge or talk.

Gu Qingyu suddenly laughed, “I just need to take a simple glance at you, my little stupid bird, to know that your master must be shitty!”

She understood “stupid bird”, but… what did “shitty” mean?

“You can’t understand my words? Does it sound very new and odd? To be able to comprehend these sort of advanced things, you’ll never in your life! So, let me explain to you! Shit, means excrement, your feces! Understand?” Gu Qingyu had a serious look on her face.

The girl was very quickly agitated and fumed with rage, but she still couldn’t move nor speak, only her face turned crimson red.

“Don’t you think that your master’s metaphor is very vivid? So much that you want to clap and cheer, but burning in anxiousness because you can’t find the appropriate words to describe my intelligence, so that’s why your face is all red? Or is it because that your master am too handsome, making you unable to conceal your heart?” Gu Qingyu raised her eyebrows.

This Gu Qingyu! She really took “shamelessness” to a whole new level!

“Gu Qingyu, you…” She forcibly bit the tip of her tongue and managed to squeeze out a few words, but quickly realized that she wasn’t able to convey much.

“Aiya~ No need to get so emotional! I understand, ho~” She smiled meaningfully, then a bright red light slowly converged around her hand.

The girl closed her eyes, “I am the incompetent one! Gu Qingyu, if you want to chop up or kill me, just do whatever you like!”

Just as Gu Qingyu raised the energy blade, she felt a fit of dizziness come over her.

The girl senses the energy fluctuation. She immediately opened her eyes and gathered energy around her hand and mercilessly thrust towards Gu Qingyu’s chest.

Gu Qingyu saw the bright and sharp edge coming towards her chest, but she was incapable of avoiding the attack, only felt in a daze.

The energy blade stabbed into her chest. Not deep, nor shallow, as if it was being suddenly halted, unable of moving forward.

Gu Qingyu felt the pain attacking, she opened her eyes and saw a figure in front of her. Blocking her front, dressed in a red robe, with the black hair hung loosely around the shoulders.

Xue Zang?— No, it’s Venerable Flames!

Venerable Flames look at the pink dressed girl with a closed and hard face. His pale hand grabbed her arm tightly, not letting her get in closer.

Suddenly, his hand let out a gleam of red light.

The girl howled with anguish, and got thrown out of the window like trash by Venerable Flames.

Shortly, a loud thump could be heard from below.

Venerable Flames turned around and looked at Gu Qingyu, “How is it? Let your excellency have a look at it.”

His tone was commanding, and put Gu Qingyu on the bed without an explanation.

His touch had a bodily feel to it… so real, so warm…

Gu Qingyu felt her strength being sucked dry in that instant.


“Yu’er!” Mo Bai abruptly pushed open the door and charged in.

“Now you’re here. Don’t you think it’s a bit late?” Venerable Flames’ lips curled up, he looked at him coolly, then his body started to slowly disintegrate, dispersing in the air.


Did he leave because he knew that the Divine Healer had come? Well, it wasn’t really “leaving”, was it? Just going back to her mental world.

“Gu Qingyu!” Jia Qizhe rushed in, his face distraught, but he quickly kept it in control.


“Qi Yichen and Qi Wan have already gone down… Damn it!” Jia Qizhe leaped out of the window promptly, “Mo Bai, make sure she’s fine! I’ll owe you a favor!”

“No need for you to say. I’ll still do it.” Mo Bai closed the window and took out a rolled up cloth from his sleeves. As he spread it open, the inside was filled with all kinds of needles.

Gu Qingyu:… Just kill me! Here and now! Just imagining those needles pricking into my body refreshes and clears my mind!

Mo Bai smiled when he spotted the struggles in Gu Qingyu’s eyes. He rubbed her forehead, “Don’t worry, believe in my medical skills. It won’t hurt.”

… Can I say I don’t believe you?

“It really won’t hurt.” Mo Bai gently picked up a needle.

Gu Qingyu finally couldn’t endure it anymore, and fainted away, only the whites of her eyes could be seen.


After having gone unconscious, Gu Qingyu successfully arrived in her mental world.

Venerable Flames bathed in the hot spring, with his eyes closed. He seemed to be really angry.

“Master…” Gu Qingyu called out to him, cautiously.

Venerable Flames snorted. He seemed to be ignoring her.

“Master?” Gu Qingyu tried again. She pitifully found out that the other party decided to continue to ignore her, so she leaned forward and sat on the edge, “Aiyo~ Master, don’t be so unhappy! You make it seem like I owe you thousands of gold…”

Her voice faded away, because she saw Venerable Flames glaring at her with his rage induced eyes.


She had never seen him being like this, but it gave her a feeling of familiarity…

“Gu Qingyu!” Venerable Flames yelled out in rage, “Do you know how dangerous it was today!”

“What about today?” Gu Qingyu thought about it some more, apart from getting stabbed, there hadn’t been much going on… 

“Do you not know that you can’t maintain the manifestation of power I bestowed you for a longer period of time! Using this power, will harm your own body! How could you still be in the mood to be cussing at that girl?! Your excellency thinks that you are the shitty one!”

He’s been scolding me non-stop since, seems like he’s been quite piled up…

“If it wasn’t because your excellency was willing to come into form, do you think you could see your excellency now?” He looked at her, the rage intensified.

She wanted to ask him about him that.

“Master, I…”


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