ACA Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Divine Healer Mo


The next day, Gu Qingyu rose up early in the morning.

She casually dressed herself in a violet chiffon skirt, and then quickly put up her hair before going out.

Of course, Gu Qingyu had long since prepared the excuse. If someone were to look for her, she had instructed Xiao Qi to just say that she had already left early in the morning to study the zither.


Gu Qingyu relied on her strong, flexible body to arrive at the foot of the mountain. She carefully tucked in her ears and tail, before entering a village at the foot of the mountain.

The people in the village seemed particularly welcoming, so Gu Qingyu carefully and gently made her way through and decided to ask an elderly man, “Gramps, are there any easy routes up the mountain?”

“Yes, there are, but they are a bit hard to find. If you don’t mind, this ol’ man can show you the way.” said the elderly man as he laughed.

Gu Qingyu felt that something was amiss, but she quite couldn’t put a finger on it. Although she had her doubts, she nevertheless accepted his offer, “I’ll have to trouble you then.”

“No trouble, no trouble.” The elderly man chuckled and started walking towards the mountain.


As Gu Qingyu followed him closely, she started to notice that something felt strange with the scenery behind them.


Something’s amiss!


What happened to the path behind us? We definitely stuck to the path!

She looked in front of her, and discovered that the elderly man had also mysteriously disappeared!!




Suddenly, she felt a hand grabbing onto her shoulders

“WAH!” Gu Qingyu jumped up, and turned her head back.

It was a man. He had a handsome face, rosy lips, pretty white teeth, sleek long black hair, and he dressed in simple azure clothing, akin to that of a fairy.


Gu Qingyu’s heart throbbed rapidly, “You nearly scared me to death!”

“Miss, are you alright?” The person asked in a soft manner, the corners of his mouth curled up to an attractive angle.

Gu Qingyu shook her head, “I’m fine.” She peeked curiously behind the man, “Huh? How come the road is showing up again??”

“Miss, this mountain is known as the Illusory Mountain. People who don’t know the way, are easily deceived by the evil spirits and pixies in the area, and can easily get lost. I came here in order to gather some herbs and happened to see you, so I thought I’d come and help. May I ask if you need assistance?”

“I need, yes!” Gu Qingyu clung to him as if he was her last glimmer of hope, “Let’s go, my friend!” She pondered for a moment before asking, “… Um, if it’s possible, could you help me look for an herb called Illusion Spirit Grass?”

He hesitated for a while, and stared at her hands that wrapped around his arm, but didn’t say anything in the end.

He asked curiously, “May I ask why Miss is looking for the Illusion Spirit Grass?”

“A friend of mine needs it!” Gu Qingyu blurted out without thinking.

“Illusion Spirit Grass is the sacred treasure of the mountain. They grow on high and steep cliffs, and are very difficult to retrieve.” He shook his head.

Gu Qingyu curled her lips, “Why do I feel like Jia Qizhe is messing with me! It’s clearly impossible for me to pick them! He just doesn’t want to take me with him!!”

The man faintly sighed after spotting Gu Qingyu’s gloomy expression, “I am also here for the Illusion Spirit Grass, and I know where they can be found. If you don’t mind, we could go together, but it’ll depend on our good fortune, whether we can find it or not.”

“Sure, yeah!” Gu Qingyu nodded and followed him.

Who cares! If I can’t find it, I’ll just randomly pluck up some weeds. It’s not like Jia Qizhe knows what an Illusion Spirit Grass looks like!


However, Gu Qingyu seemed to have forgotten about an extremely vital and important point, that is—someone like Jia Qizhe, who has traveled to the ends of the world. What hasn’t he seen?


As Gu Qingyu followed behind the man, she noticed that the trees behind them would close up every time they moved on.

“Uh…” Gu Qingyu finally opened her mouth, “May I ask for your name, mister?”

“Mister*1?” He seemed somewhat confused, but quickly replied, “My family name is Mo, first name Bai. I practice medicine and treating people, and live in seclusion on another mountain. The reason why I’m here today is because of the Illusion Spirit Grass.”

“Oh! So it’s Divine Healer Mo!” Gu Qingyu nodded as if she had a sudden realization, “My name is Gu Qingyu.”

“Gu Qingyu?” Mo Bai2  tilted his head, giving her a quizzical look, “That famously willful and stubborn young lady from Gu Manor?”

I’m really curious. Who was it that spread this kind of rumor that even someone who holes up all day in the mountain knows about it!

“Eeee… honestly… I’m…” Gu Qingyu had no idea how to explain, perhaps the ancient Gu Qingyu was truly willful and stubborn?

“Having met you today, I can say that you’re not like in the rumors.” Mo Bai laughed softly, and continued onward.

Gu Qingyu could finally let out a sigh of relief.

A moment later, they arrived at a cliff side.

Gu Qingyu suddenly had the urge to howl…

But, there was a cute guy next to her! Gu Qingyu managed to hold back, thanks to her determination.


“It’s here.” Mo Bai stopped at the edge of the cliff.

Gu Qingyu curiously peeked downwards, and sure enough, she caught the sight of a shining plant.

Perhaps it was due to the characteristics of a cat, but the current her, unexpectedly didn’t feel afraid of heights anymore.

“I’ll go down first. Wait for me here if it’s not dangerous.” Mo Bai took out a leaf.

Gu Qingyu nodded, and looked puzzled over the leaf in Mo Bai’s palm.

Mo Bai tossed the leaf and muttered to himself. The moment the leaf fell to the ground, it grew bigger!

When Mo Bai placed himself on it, the leaf actually started to descend…

He floated to the cliffside and effortlessly retrieved the herb.

This magic was too OP…

Gu Qingyu stared speechlessly at the floating leaf that brought Mo Bai back up again. She silently mocked herself, “I even believed that being a cat demon was sooooo amazing! Looks like being able to jump on roofs or leaping over walls’ were just child’s play for these godly people!!”


“The plant only contained a single stalk,” said Mo Bai remorsefully, “Miss Gu, I’m not sure if there might be any in that cave over there, but they are usually guarded by monsters. It’s too dangerous. However, I must return quickly, to save people… How about I help you another day?”

“That…” Gu Qingyu hesitated, “Tomorrow is the competition, and who knows what sort of traps my relatives will set up for me after the competition. Also, what if Jia Qizhe decided to leave during the time period…”

But, it wouldn’t be good fighting over it, since he did say that it was for saving others. Moreover, it was also gathered by him.

“Okay, thanks.” Gu Qingyu clenched her teeth. It was already more than enough for him to have brought her here, so she planned to enter that cave alone to have a look.

Mo Bai probed, “Miss Gu, the mountain roads are very dangerous. Would you like me to escort you back down?”

Gu Qingyu shook her head, “Thanks for the offer, Young Master Mo. But I can continue on my  own now.”

“But…” He looked like he wanted to add on, but was continuously pulled and pushed away by Gu Qingyu.


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  1. He doesn’t know what *Mister* means.
  2. Mo Bai – 墨白