ACA Chapter 39

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Chapter 39- Signing a Treaty


The more Qi Yichen listened, the more perplexed he became. Confusion filled his eyes.

Gu Qingyu rolled on the floor laughing as she listened. Jia Qizhe turned his head around and looked at her, smiling.

His look gave Gu Qingyu the chills, she looked at him rather strangely, but Jia Qizhe just left with a snort.


Bro, does your family know how moody you are…


Mo Bai gave Qi Wan a faint smile, “So, Brother Qi, seems like you’re quite knowledgeable regarding plants and herbs?”

Qi Wan touched his head, “Hurhur, you flatter me~”


Short while after.

Qi Yichen and the rest couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared in disbelief, “What kind of wings are those?”

Sigh, some people are really lacking in knowledge and experience!” Gu Qingyu let out a soft sigh like he did before. She flapped her light and graceful wings, and circled around on top of Jia Qizhe.

“I suddenly have the urge to swat some flies.” Jia Qizhe cast her a faint glance. Gu Qingyu stopped tactfully almost immediately.


Following, Jia Qizhe, Qi Yichen, Mo Bai and Murong Zuoyu lifted up the sky as well.

Xiao Qi and Qi Wan watched them helplessly, waiting on the ground.


Gu Qingyu swiftly flew down and lifted up Xiao Qi, and waved to Qi Wan, “See you~”

“Your sister!” Qi Wan rolled his eyes unhappily and said in a dispirited tone, “In any case, it was because I tried to save you that my wings got hurt!”

Mo Bai flapped his pure white wings and flew down to Qi Wan’s side. He held out his hand.

“Uhh… if it’s Brother Mo, then I rather just walk on feet…” Qi Wan was about to run away at once.

Before he could run away, Mo Bai grabbed onto his collar without waiting for an explanation and pulled him up to the sky.


“Aaaaaaaaaaah! Brother Zhu! Please, save meeeeee!” Qi Wan screamed like a dying pig.

Gu Qingyu nodded while smiling, “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Qi Wan, “…” Your sister!


Soon, they flew across together in the sky.

Qi Wan’s experiences during the flight could be turned into a movie called “Flying through the Canyon in Horror”— Teaching you how to survive in the most difficult and challenging situations!

Mo Bai would from time to time almost “accidentally” bump Qi Wan into the hillsides, and then he would let Qi Wan almost “slip” off his hands, making Qi Wan all more frightened than hurt— He might as well drop down dead!

Gu Qingyu watched the comedic and hilarious play, laughing and twisting. In her arms, Xiao Qi was also rather alarmed, feeling anxiety and fear for her life, “Husband, pay attention. You must never let go of your arms…”


At last, they passed through the ravine. Qi Wan laid straight down on the ground, lamenting over his short life, and fixing his messy hair.

Xiao was also rejoicing over how she managed to survive through the difficulties and hardships, and secretly swore to herself that no matter how hard life gets, she will continue to live on strongly…

The main offender, Mo Bai, was smiling, without the slightest idea of what he did of wrong.

The second offender, Gu Qingyu, had a great smile on her face, also completely void of any sense of crime or guilt.


It really made people want to just slap her in the face…


Gu Qingyu looked at Mo Bai, smiling brightly, “Brother Mo, I think we hit off very well together!”

Mo Bai laughed gently, he seemed to be in a really good mood, “I think so too.”


Roses, stained in blood. Colored glaze, looks like flowing water.

It is well known that the citizens of Bloodglaze City were both good and evil.

It is said that they kill their enemies without mercy.

It is said that they assist the people.

It is said that they were free without restraints.

It is said that they were neither righteous nor wicked.


Gu Qingyu stood in front of the Bloodglaze City’s city gate. She couldn’t help but sigh, “This is indeed the Bloodglaze City!”

“Brother Zhu, you really need to broaden your horizon.” Qi Yichen curled his lips, “The Garden of Peaches of Immortality, that is what’s called beautiful.”

“Well, they all have their own characteristics.” Gu Qingyu shook her head, “Let’s go in.”

A blue aura slowly converged around Jia Qizhe’s hand as he took the lead and entered the city, calm and collected.

Gu Qingyu walked next to him.

The rest followed behind.


Dark red was the predominant color in the city. You could find bright red, bewitching, delicate and beautiful flowers everywhere. They looked very alike those hurricane lilies she had seen in some pictures back in her old world.

As they walked through the city, the people looked at them strangely, and even more were just unfriendly.


“If we keep walking forwards, we’ll reach the city castle.” Jia Qizhe looked at Gu Qingyu as if he was waiting for her suggestion.

Gu Qingyu understood his look at once, “How about, we leave a couple in the city, while the rest go to the castle?”

Qi Yichen nodded in favor, “We can do that, but who’ll go?”

Everyone’s gaze gathered on Gu Qingyu again.

Gu Qingyu spoke with some embarrassment, “Uum… Since Jia Qizhe’s strength is very powerful…”


Excuse me, which one in this group isn’t powerful? Even Xiao Qi had a certain strength to her!


“Uum… Because Brother Jia…” Gu Qingyu timidly spoke again.

“It’s fine, let’s go.” Jia Qizhe cast her a look, and went straight ahead.


If you keep up this arrogant attitude, you’ll end up with no friends!


Gu Qingyu continued to talk to Qi Wan, “Why don’t you go and find a place to rest with the others first. Just make sure to leave us a sign and we’ll come find you!”

“Okay.” Qi Wan curled his lips, he seemed to be somewhat unwilling, “Be sure to come back as soon as possible. Just run away as quickly as you can when you have the spiritual bead.” He added the last sentence out of worry.

… Run away quickly? Do you really have such little faith in my strength?

Mo Bai walked to her front, smiling, “If you encountered any danger, use the Hundred Whirling Leaf.”

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Ok.”

As she turned back around, she discovered that Jia Qizhe’s figure was nowhere to be found.

Gu Qingyu stomped her foot and chased after him, gnashing her teeth, “Jia Qizhe!”


A huge palace stood straight in front of her eyes. Flowers similar to hurricane lilies twined around the palace. The top of the palace was covered in blazing red glazed roof tiles.


Gu Qingyu sighed once again, “Ah! As expected of Bloodglaze City!”

Jia Qizhe threw her a disdainful look, then walked up first.


Suddenly, the flowers around the castle started to move, and surrounded Jia Qizhe.

“Jia Qizhe!” Gu Qingyu cried out in alarm. The flowers quickly encircled her around her.

If it tightened a bit more, then she would be completely wrapped by these flowers. The flowers completely covered her line of sight.


What to do?


She heard a sudden banging sound from the outside, before she knew it, a thick and broad palm grabbed her hand.


“Hold tight.” Jia Qizhe’s voice sounded through. Gu Qingyu felt a blue light wrapping around her, and then her whole body got sucked out by an immense power.


She opened her eyes again and found herself floating in the air, lying in Jia Qizhe’s… arms?

Jia Qizhe laughed, she heard an extremely charming voice, “Why? Did you think that you would never see me again?”

Gu Qingyu was silent.

In fact, at that moment, she felt in her heart like she was going to lose something really important to her.


Jia Qizhe flapped his wings and descended to the ground. The drifting flower petals, fell down, one after another.

He appeared like a devil who just broke out of hell, yet like an angel descending from the heavens.


Gu Qingyu held onto him and jumped to the ground. She looked at the castle door, then walked up and pushed.



The ancient gate let out an earthy sound.


A sound came through, “Who dares to break in the Bloodglaze City? What nerve~”

The voice was filled with laughter, but it also sounded like it carried a murderous spirit.


Gu Qingyu gathered her courage and said very timidly, “Em… uhh… Your lordship, I presume you are the City Lord? I have come here this time in order to borrow your Blood Spirit Bead. If we can settle this peacefully, then please hand over the bead and we’ll make our way out immediately.”

“What if, this lord doesn’t agree?” The faint and vague voice sounded.


This lord? Wasn’t that exactly how Xue Zang addressed himself? And, if you listened carefully to this voice, why did it sound so similar to Xue Zang’s voice?


The corner of Gu Qingyu’s mouth raised, “Then, we’ll have to take it by force!”

The voice actually started to laugh softly, “Let me see you try!”

The doors behind them closed abruptly, and a strong, delicate fragrance spread out.

Jia Qizhe forcibly went forwards, the blue aura in his hands formed into a sword, “Stop breathing.”

Gu Qingyu listened to his words and held her breath, thinking about how she didn’t one single decent-looking weapon to her aid, feeling little sad.


She didn’t have it that easy either!


Jia Qizhe waved forth a couple strands of sword aura, wrapping around him and Gu Qingyu, then nodded towards her.

Gu Qingyu let out a breath at once, but instead she heard Jia Qizhe’s voice, his face changed expression, “Idiot! Who told you to breath?!”

“Didn’t you…” Gu Qingyu started feeling dizzy and began to stagger.

“I let you come over to me!” Jia Qizhe looked at her, wishing her to do something right for once. He swiftly moved over to her side and use his hand to twine around the drowsy her. He sent out his sword at once, “Ghostling!”

Ghostling, his blue sword.


Venerable Flames hovered in the air, and sighed as he watched over Gu Qingyu. The way he looked at her was like he was looking at a never seen before, from time immemorial, idiot.

“Save me please, Master…” Gu Qingyu helplessly used her inner thought to send a message.

She started to grow more and more muddled. Jia Qizhe was moving swiftly around while holding her, it seemed as if he was in a battle with someone.


Venerable Flames seemed somewhat hesitating, “This is the scent of the Bloodglazed Flower… It’ll be impossible for you to get rid of it with just your strength.”

“What should I do then?” Gu Qingyu was still completely unconscious, but her awareness was still clear.

Venerable Flames yawned, he looked extremely calm and not paying attention to her, as if someone was discussing the weather with him, “I have an idea, but it’ll depend on whether you’ll agree or not.”

Whether I’ll agree or not? What does he mean by that?

Venerable Flames continued, “Give me your body.”

… W-wait a minute, why did that come out so weird?

Gu Qingyu’s face darkened, “What do you mean?”

“Can you stop thinking about weird stuff?” Venerable Flames gave an ambiguous laugh.


“I’m running out of time! Master, just help me out!” Gu Qingyu’s attitude softened down.

Venerable Flames stopped teasing her and said seriously, “You could decide to sign a treaty with me.”

“Sign a treaty?” Gu Qingyu asked out of reflex.

“A contract between you and me. From now on, I will be able to use your body, but you shall also obtain my immense power.” Venerables Flames rolled his hair around his forefingers, looking extremely pretty and enchanting in his blazing red robe, “Think this through very carefully.”

“Sure, no problem.” Gu Qingyu agreed without the slightest hesitation, “Let’s sign first and go over the details later!”

Original Chapter Teaser

Qi Wan: *continues to ramble on about everything*
Qi Yichen:
*trying to take in all the information*
Jia Qizhe:
Gu Qingyu:
 *rolls on the floor laughing*
Qi Wan: 2О + nСО→ light / chlorophyll nO2+ (CH2O)n……
Qi Yichen:
*faints* (bubbles foaming out of his mouth)
Jia Qizhe: *smiles at Gu Qingyu* (I don’t understand anything either, so I’m just going to pretend to smile and walk away quietly…)

Gu Qingyu: *stops laughing* (Is he angry again?)

Mo Bai: *listens attentively* Interesting.

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