ACA Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Today’s Youngsters


Qi Wan started laughing, “Ahahaha, I was just asking… as long as you’re happy.”

“Mm, as long as we’re happy.” Gu Qingyu nodded and wolfed down her bun in two bites, “The others aren’t up yet?”

“Yeah.” Qi Wan smiled, “Please call me your hard-working little bee~”

“My pretty little bee.” Gu Qingyu rose up and stretched her arms out over her head lazily and arched her back, “I’m going out for a walk. You’re responsible for waking up the others.”

“Out for a walk?” Qi Wan curled his lips, “All right. See you in a bit.”


Gu Qingyu walked out with a smile. Shortly after, Qian Cheng showed up, with a timid expression on his face.


“Zhu Fan…” Qian Cheng spoke in a weak voice, his voice slightly hoarse. Probably from shouting too much last night. He looked indescribably pitiful and pathetic.

Gu Qingyu looked at him, “What?”

“Are… are you leaving today?” asked Qian Cheng, cautiously.

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Yes. Let us part from here on.”

“Yeah, let us part…” Qian Cheng seemed somewhat let down. He took out a tablet and passed it over to Gu Qingyu, “Uhm, I cannot express my guilt and regrets, but keep this as a keepsake.”

Gu Qingyu accepted the gift most naturally, “Thank you.”


It looked like a token of some sort. A pair of dragon and phoenix was beautifully carved on the surface. It took only a glance to know that it was something of extraordinary value. Gu Qingyu put it in her sleeve.

She searched through her clothings and took out a black headband that she had won from yesterday’s riddle games. The headband was covered in white patterns, “You can have this. I don’t really have anything of value on me, so accept it. One cannot put a price on friendship.”

She emphasized the last phrase, but it sounded odd…

Qian Cheng happily accepted the headband, “Ok! Until next time!” As soon as he finished, he was nowhere to be found, leaving Gu Qingyu alone at the bustling street in the early morning.


Next time?


“Brother Zhu, we saw everything~…” Out of a clear sky, a mysterious and enigmatic voice sounded behind her.

Gu Qingyu turned her head towards the voice and sighed helplessly, “What exactly did you see? Qi Yichen!”

Qi Yichen said in an almost faint tone, “You are opening your hearts to each other, exchanging love tokens and having a secret wedding! Don’t think that I didn’t see you!”


… I gotta hand it to him. To be able to turn a simple goodbye and gift exchange in this way.


Qi Wan cut in as well, “Brother Zhu~ I never imagined you to be this type of~ person~”

“That’s enough.” Gu Qingyu put her hand to her forehead, “There’s nothing between him and I. Let’s go.”

“Oh? Really~?” Qi Yichen slightly raised his pitch.


Suddenly, Gu Qingyu’s thoughts took a turn. She lifted her eyebrows and smiled, “No. Actually, he’s been secretly in love with me, thus the token exchange… Qi Yichen~” She reached out with her hands, and hooked his straight and angular chin softly with her index finger, “Since you’re quite handsome and good-looking, how about you give your body to me? Yeah?”


The passersby stopped and stared at them, pointing and nodding.

Sigh, the youngsters nowadays! Too overly energetic and full of vigor! Doing these kind of things in the middle of the street…


Qi Yichen’s heart raced and his breathing quickened, “Ahahaha, Brother Zhu. Let’s not joke about like this in the future…” His face turned red.

Gu Qingyu put down her hand and spoke very seriously, “Look at you, your face is bright red! And you dare say you’re not in love with me?”

“Brother Zhu! Truth to be told, I’ve been in love with you for a very long time!” Qi Wan immediately raised his hand and confessed adorably.

“Get lost.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes disdainfully, “Let’s hurry up and set off.”

Qi Wan asked hurtfully, “Am I not also handsome and chic?”


Yes. Qi Wan was undeniably a good-looking fella. The pair of striking peach blossom eyes. His long dark green hair was rolled up with white stripes mixed together. His green, long robe, fluttering in the air.

“Too bad.” Gu Qingyu embraced Xiao Qi, “I’m straight! Ehehehehe~”

Are you really straight though? Except for Murong Zuoyu, the rest seemed to have a trace of black fog coming out of their heads.

Xiao Qi was also indescribably embarrassed, “Uhh… husband…”

“My wife.” Gu Qingyu smiled and saw the bags on her back, “Is it heavy? Do you want me to take it?”

Xiao Qi shook her head: Hey! Since when did I become your “wife”!


Suddenly, a figure bumped into Qi Wan.


Qi Wan helped her up with his hands. The person’s face unveiled in that moment, it was a beautiful young lady.

“Miss, are you okay?” Qi Wan smiled like a ruffian.

The girl shook her head, “Many thanks, young master.”

Gu Qingyu felt her heart drop to the floor: This girl was her second sister!


What was she doing all the way out here?


Second Miss cast Gu Qingyu a deep look, then gave Qi Wan a slight bow, “Please forgive me for disturbing you.”


As she was about to leave, a certain someone walked in front of her.


Gu Qingyu smiled, “So? Are you just going to leave like that after hitting my brother?”

Second Miss’ eyes flashed with murderous intent, but it was quickly concealed behind a smile, “Young master, what are you talking about? I was just being careless…”

“Mm, I could understand if it was during the early morning at the downtown, but it’s already late morning. There are barely any people here, may I ask which stone was it that made you stumble?” Each phrase that came out of Gu Qingyu’s mouth was a gem, without a single error in her speech.

Qi Wan cast Gu Qingyu an odd look. As far as he could recall, Gu Qingyu was, had never been this overbearing and aggressive. Mm, seems like she had some history with this young lady?


The smile on the second miss’ face was very calm and collected, “But, even this young master didn’t say anything…” She turned towards Qi Wan.

In an instant, Qi Wan stepped on his feet and fell down on the ground, “Aah! My feet are killing me! Save me! This vicious woman is harming people!”


The people started to gather around them.


Second Miss was lost for words, her mouth twitched. She immediately changed into a pitiful and delicate face, small droplets of tears formed around the rims of her eyes, “Young master, please don’t make up false accusations.”

“False accusations?” Gu Qingyu smiled wryly, “You just hit my brother and he fell down on the ground immediately, you dare say you didn’t do anything to him? Do you want to take a trip to the local authorities with us?”

Qi Yichen hurriedly spoke, “Brother Zhu, calm down.” He paused, “Why are you even trying to argue with her? Hurry up and carry Brother Qi, just let this young lady go find a physician first. If he doesn’t get better, we could go to the local authorities then.”

The hidden meaning between his words was that this young lady had to take responsibility for Qi Wan no matter. It wouldn’t be too good if Qi Wan continued with this “act” and made the issue all too great. Everything depended on Gu Qingyu’s mood.


Gu Qingyu seemed to be absorbed in her private thoughts and nodded her head, not giving the second miss an inkling chance to speak, “Okay! Brother Jia, Brother Mo, let’s lift up Qi Wan!”

The second miss was obviously about to burst, “I am a woman of the Gu Manor!”

As soon as she said this, Qi Wan immediately figured everything out. Gu Qingyu had told him once that she was the third miss of Gu Manor. Everything fell into place and made sense. The plot of a romance novel, who had never seen those before…


Gu Qingyu couldn’t care less and snapped her fingers chicly, “Brother Murong, I’m counting on you!”

Murong Zuoyu looked slightly surprised, and nodded afterwards, “All right.”

Brother Murong? The second miss was stunned for a moment: Isn’t that the name of the Imperial Household?


She turned her head to look at Murong Zuoyu. She knelt down in horror as soon as she saw him, “Your servant greets Prince Yu!”


Now the people also noticed Murong Zuoyu and immediately kneeled down.

Murong Zuoyu gave them a slight nod and told the others, “Rise.”

He cast an icy glance at the second miss, who was also trying to get up, “Did this prince allow you to stand up?”


The second miss started to tremble and continued to kneel down.


Murong Zuoyu had a good reputation amongst the common people, so everyone started to lean towards and support Gu Qingyu’s side. Fingers pointed at the second miss, more and more people gathered and some started to self-presumably explain what just happened:


“Look at her! The Gu Manor’s Second Miss seemed to have harmed Prince Yu’s people! Her crimes are being uncovered right now…”


Gu Qingyu began to feel deeply moved: After all, Murong Zuoyu was the only one of all the people in the group who didn’t know her real gender, but he was always standing on her side blindly and wholly, without even a single question asked…


The second miss’ face was mottled red and white. She originally thought that she had created a flawless plan, but who knew that this person refused to let her leave!!


Gu Qingyu smiled faintly and looked at her, “Second Miss, tell me. What should we do about this?”

The second miss revealed a faint smile, but everyone could see clearly that this was a forced smile, “Then, let’s take this fellow young master to the physician first. If there’s any problem, I’ll just bear any responsibilities that come.”

“Bullshit!” Gu Qingyu sneered coldly, “You know what? Responsibilities? Do you even have the qualifications to take the responsibility? Taking your life wouldn’t be enough if anything unforeseen were to happen to Qi Wan!”


Qi Wan and some others turned their heads, startled. But Qi Wan’s heart was greatly moved by her words, he knew already that she was also transmigrated to this world, but when she said these words for him, he still felt very happy.


The second miss was shocked, her face was burning in absolute embarrassment and shame.


Gu Qingyu grinned inwardly. She just wanted to give her a lesson.


She bent down slowly and wrapped her arms around Qi Wan’s legs and shoulders to pick him up.

Qi Wan was surprised by her sudden action. He immediately started to cooperate with her and stopped with his fake pain acting, then entered a state of “unconsciousness”.


Mo Bai was rather unhappy with this act, his black pupils turned once again white. He slowly closed his eyes, repressing the anger. When he opened his eyes again, he was back to be as gentle as a jade. Like a relegated immortal, untainted by even a speck of dust.


Jia Qizhe slightly raised his eyebrows and sneered disdainfully with his nose.


Qi Yichen’s face darkened, he watched unhappily at this play.


Murong Zuoyu’s eyes darkened as well.


The second miss was also rather surprised.


Gu Qingyu smiled, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes, “Take care, Second Miss! After all, a human life is beyond value… but frankly speaking, in your eyes, it doesn’t account for much, right? A nuisance, no? Best to just get rid of them? I mean, it’s just a number. So, if you, one day, gets assassinated or something, it must be an accident as well?” She softly shrugged and walked away gracefully, brushing past the second miss.


The others followed behind her. As Murong Zuoyu was about to go past her, he coldly added, “Don’t be in such a haste to get up. Keep kneeling for another few hours.”

The second miss’ face darkened at once, but she didn’t dare to refute and could only feign humbleness, “Yes, Prince Yu.”


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