ACA Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – How Can You Treat Your Fiance Like This?


Poor Xiao Qi was having a mental breakdown!

Xiao Qi walked over, “Then… I’ll go and open it?”

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that?!” Gu Qingyu nearly wept!!

Xiao Qi, “…”


A gust of cool and refreshing wind blew through as Xiao Qi opened the windows. Gu Qingyu exhaled, “Ah! I am alive again!”

Xiao Qi, “…”

Gu Qingyu looked outside, “Mm, I’m gonna go out for a walk. Ha!”1

“A walk? Xiao Yu, it’s so late already…” said Xiao Qi, rather worried.

“It’s fine!” said Gu Qingyu, and jumped out of the windows gracefully…




Xiao Qi opened her eyes wide, looking down from the windows. She couldn’t see anything because it was too dark in the night, “Xiao Yu, this is the third floor…”


The third floor, ah…


Third floor, ah…


Floor, ah…




Let’s have another look at our pitiful MC again…




A woman’s shriek could be heard!




Next was the sound of a dropping object…




And a man in pain…


Whatever happened, please use your imagination…


Gu Qingyu rubbed her eyes and looked at the pitiful man who acted as her cushion, “Deary, are you fine?”

“I’m fine…” His eyes twinkled at her with a pair of peach blossom eyes.

Oh, it’s another heart throb?

Gu Qingyu rose up and extended her hand, “Can I help you up?”

“Thanks.” The man didn’t refuse and grabbed her hand.

Gu Qingyu could help but give him a couple more glances because of his violet-purple pupils, “Big bro, what’s your name?”

“My name is…… Qian Cheng.”

Thousand Cities?2

Uwu, for some reason, Gu Qingyu suddenly started to fantasize about a thousand cities lining up against each other.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Zhu Fan.” Gu Qingyu rapidly replied.

Ei, since when did she start getting so used to this name? Will there possibly come a day when a young lady called Gu Qingyu will be missing in this world, replaced with the alter gendered Zhu Fan??

That would be so sad!

“Nice to meet you too.” Qian Cheng smiled as he waved the fan in his hand.



Why do I get a feeling that this person is a very eccentric one… although I can’t deny that he was still quite the handsome fella…

His pair of violet colored eyes were slightly different from Murong Zuoyu’s deep purple eyes. Murong Zuoyu’s eyes seem to emit an innate cold, grim luster, and that of a monarch feel, while Qian Cheng’s carried a charming, dreamy feel and it was very enchanting.


“Brother Zhu, are you practicing magic this late in the night?” Qian Cheng appeared very social, he looked toward the skies curiously.

“Ee… Yeah…” Gu Qingyu stiffly nodded, “You?”

“I’m just taking a stroll!” Qian Cheng waved his fan again, “Are you practicing flying magic?”

“Uuh…Yes…” said Gu Qingyu, trying her best to sound natural.

“Mastered it yet?”

“Not quite there…” Why did he ask when he clearly knew the answer? How would she possibly fall off from the skies if she already learned how to fly?!

Qian Cheng laughed gracefully, “What about, I teach you?”

“Uh… sure!” Gu Qingyu contemplated, “It’s not like I know how to fly. Since the journey will be full of difficulties and dangers, it’s better to learn sooner than later. Lest I implicate the others by not knowing how to.”


Actually, what Gu Qingyu truly wanted the most was… to not be dangling around midair anymore!!

Tsk, the experience from last time had been “constantly on her mind” to this day!


Qian Cheng grabbed Gu Qingyu and softly leaped, a pair of violet wings swung out on his back.

“Waow! So cool!” Qian Cheng’s wings were in different shades and tints; deep purple on the top layer, violet in the middle, then light purple right below and lastly white in the lower layer—His wings was like a color gradient?

Uwu, she really wanted to have a pair too.

Qian Cheng grabbed Gu Qingyu’s arm and they flew up together.


Gu Qingyu looked down at the inn, which gradually became smaller and smaller, “Uwaaah!”

“Scared of heights?” Qian Cheng’s soft laughter could be heard above her.

“Ah, no no no,” Gu Qingyu immediately denied, “I’m only afraid that you’ll be so fat that your wings won’t be able to prop the both of us up. Nothing else!”

Qian Cheng, “…”

Why is it he the one that’s too fat? If his wings really couldn’t take it, wouldn’t she the one that was too heavy then??

As a first-class prankster, Qian Cheng actually felt a bit upset.

As they flew up high in the air, Qian Cheng smiled bewitching, “Are you ready?”


“Aye, aye, Captain!” Gu Qingyu subconsciously shouted out.


Ai? Did she have to shout out like an idiot??

Were they suddenly roleplaying Spongebob Squarepants or what?


“I can’t hear you!” Qian Cheng said eccentrically.


“AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN!” Gu Qingyu once again roared out subconsciously, she felt a kind of satisfying sensation after having yelled…

Recently, could it be that her body started to change as she has been playing the role of a guy for too long?!


“Then…” Qian Cheng suddenly let go of his grip and Gu Qingyu plunged straight down through the skies, “Oh my god! Qian Cheng, you shrewd bastard!”


IF ONLY, I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have responded so quickly!!

This scoundrel!!


He actually dared! To let go! Does he not know how much she disliked the feeling of flying straight down on a roller coaster?! Um… well, he wouldn’t know, obviously…

Wait a moment! Is this even the right time to think about this?!


“Focus your thoughts, imagine yourself flying upwards and soar!” Qian Cheng’s voice echoed by her ear.


Focus my thoughts, imagine myself flying and rise…


Focus my thoughts…


Imagine myself flying and rise…


“Aaaaaaaaah! I can’t do it!” Gu Qingyu had a mental breakdown, “Who can possibly focus in this situation? And you want me to imagine myself flying? Goodness, why don’t you just kill me right now!!”


As she fell, the ground loomed, closer and closer. And that bastard Qian Cheng could be found nowhere. Could it be that he didn’t care about her life at all?


What now?!


I don’t want to die after having transmigrated here for less than a month! Even it passes a month, I still don’t want to die yet!!


Gu Qingyu refused to give in, she shut her eyes and summoned her cat form. She wanted to try to give it a jump.

The chances were very low, after all, her speed wasn’t that fast yet.

She could only try her best now.




A person softly caught Gu Qingyu while her mind was still wandering around, and felt herself rising up again.


Qian Cheng?


Gu Qingyu opened her eyes wide. In front of her was a disastrous and annoying face, a pair of light green eyes, “So? Aren’t you starting to get emotional after seeing this master? Am I not like Prince Charming? Prince Qi Wan? Hahaha!!”

“70k?” Gu Qingyu stared, flabbergasted, at the pair of flapping dark green wings. Her cerebrum started to automatically filtrate all the meaningless “spam”, “Even you know how to fly?”

“Hey, what do you mean by “even you”!!” Qi Wan burst out. His wings flapped and his face showed a very proud expression, “This master has always been this amazing!”

“Oh…” Gu Qingyu nodded while lost in thoughts, then revealed a very “warm” smile, “Could you let me down first?” She was currently held by Qi Wan like a princess in the sky.

“Sure, but before that, you should probably tuck in your ears and tail.” said Qi Wan smilingly.

Uwu, almost forgot about this.


Gu Qingyu felt her way through the dark, while fuming in anger. Her face was as dark as coal.

What is this? That bastard Qian Cheng actually left me behind! Thank goodness 70k came in time, otherwise the outcome would’ve been disastrous!

70k saw her in her cat form though! Although this wasn’t a big issue, she still preferred to not have too many people knowing about her real identity!!

Qi Wan tagged behind Qu Qing and cried out bitterly, “Boss! I really didn’t see anything! Please cool your temper!”

Gu Qingyu snorted and continued walking by herself. She lightly kicked on the ground and leaped up on the roof.

She couldn’t fly, but she still had the abilities of a cat demon. Leaping on roofs, vaulting over walls, flexibility, night vision and what not, was naturally nothing difficult.

Qi Wan followed her and leaped up as well.


“I say, my great aunt. Are you still angry?” said Qi Wan with a bitter face.

Gu Qingyu shook her head, “Nope. Got alcohol?”

“I do.” Qi Wan waved his hand, and two jars of alcohol and a dish with Beggar’s Chicken appeared in an instant.

“Thanks.” Gu Qingyu took the jar and gulped down the alcohol.

Qi Wan followed suit and gulped down a couple of mouthful, “Don’t mention it.”

Gu Qingyu started to cough violently.

“You ok?” Qi Wan put down the jar at once, “If you can’t drink, then stop copying those people of ancient times, drowning your sorrows with alcohol!”

“People of ancient times?” Gu Qingyu’s mouth had a sweet, yet not smiling expression, “I am exactly doing that!”

Cough, cough, cough…” Qi Wan choked on the wine.


As the jar of wine quickly emptied, Gu Qingyu started to feel tipsy.

She swayed back and forth, trying to stand up.

“Hey, big sis, what are you trying to do?” Qi Wan looked at her eye expression, she seemed to be in a daze, “Could it be that…” you are not in your right mind

Gu Qingyu giggled at him before he could finish, and gave a little hiccup, “70k, I want to sing. Will you accompany me?”

“Oh, sure.” Qi Wan stood up as well, “Which song?”3

Gu Qingyu took a few deep breaths, then suddenly sang out loudly, “Mountain Top, just come and follow me. Nothing stands in the way of future!~”


Qi Wan blanked out for a moment. He stared at Gu Qingyu in disbelief, then sang out the next part, “Day and night, just the love between you and me. Nothing stands in the way of future!~”


Mountain Top, just come and follow me. Nothing stands in the way of future!” Gu Qingyu sang on top of her voice once again.


Qi Wan shouted again, excitedly, “Day and Night, just the love between you and me. Nothing stands in the way of future!”


Unaware of their surroundings, Qian Cheng had come back to apologize, but was almost scared to death by the duo! He had an unfathomably shocked gaze and stared at these two idiots…

Quite a few of the guests in the inn got woken up by the noise, and one after another ran out…


Mountain Top, just come and follow me. Nothing stands in the way of future!~”


Day and Night, just the love between you and me. Nothing stands in the way of future!”


Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai and everyone, stood there, downstairs, with their faces filled with shock…

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  1. The sound of Petie and Xun falling down on ground
  2. 千城Qian Cheng . lit. Thousand Cities
  3. Song Title – High歌, Solo-Original Version— Duo Version-Qi Wan and Qu Qingyu