ACA Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Illusory Spirit Grass


“Ideal homeland?” Xiao Qi looked at Gu Qingyu puzzled, feeling some kind of strangeness to the word.

Gu Qingyu scratched her head, “Heh, slip of the tongue… But that’s not the important part! Xiao Qi, will you help me or not?”

Xiao Qi nodded hesitantly, “… Mm, ok! Miss, as long you’re happy, Xiao Qi will always help you!”

“Xiao Qi is the best~” Gu Qingyu hugged Xiao Qi like a spoiled child. Shortly after, she started elaborating on the plan for Xiao Qi, “First, we go like this… then like that… and like so…”





Gu Qingyu lightly cracked open Jia Qizhe’s door.

Jia Qizhe was leaning against the door, dressed in a blue robe. His gaze lightly brushed past Gu Qingyu, “May I help you with anything tonight, Miss Gu?”

“Hero Jia!” Gu Qingyu looked at Jia Qizhe in a ‘very sincere’ manner, “Shit, your skills really are the best!”

“Okay, and?” Jia Qizhe looked at Gu Qingyu with a smiling-but-not-smiling expression..

Gu Qingyu said with twinkling eyes, “For the sake of assisting you this time, help me escape!”

“Escape? Where do you even plan to go?” Jia Qizhe helplessly shook his head, “You said you assisted me? I could’ve done it alone anyways, and wasn’t it you who wanted to tag along in the first place? I’ve heard that the legitimate daughter of Gu Manor is very willful and selfish, and I can say that the reputation is well deserved.”

“You!” Gu Qingyu held in the anger and managed to squeeze out a smile, “Hero Jia~ Let’s talk about this nicely~ As long as you can get me out, I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Oh? Anything?” He narrowed his eyes.

Gu Qingyu nodded wholeheartedly.

“I’ve traveled around the world on my own, with only my sword as my partner. There is yet to be anything that I desire.” He playfully raised his eyebrows, “On second thought, I do have something I’m missing actually…”

“Oh! What is it! Tell me!” Gu Qingyu asked, full of anticipation.

Jia Qizhe gestured to Gu Qingyu to move closer. She excitedly leaned in closer to him. Jia Qizhe quietly whispered a few words into her ear.

Gu Qingyu nodded while listening, “Oh! So, you’ll take me with you if I can help you with that thing?”

Jia Qizhe nodded.

“Oh yeah! Hero Jia, just you wait! I will bring back and present that thing for you!” She cheered and bounced away.

Jia Qizhe quickly reverted back to his usual cold look, but a faint smile could be seen at the corners of his mouth.

What he had just requested for was: Illusory Spirit Grass.

The Illusory Spirit Grass is a type of Plant with Spirituality, capable of creating hallucinations. It was extremely difficult for an average person to find it, let alone obtaining it.

He really didn’t want to have this young miss of Gu Manor following him around, but regardless of what he wanted, he couldn’t just flat out refuse her, because she actually did help him out in the morning.

Since he came up with this kind of requirement, it should act more or less like a refusal……



Gu Qingyu, feeling pleased with herself, hummed and strutted towards the dining room.

Everyone had already sat down, but they had not begun eating yet.

“Father, forgive me for being late.” Gu Qingyu bowed.

“Yu’er, come and sit down.” The man pointed towards a seat, and Gu Qingyu seated herself.

As there didn’t seem to be any movements from any family members after the tense and anxiety ridden mealtime, Gu Qingyu finally let out a breath.

But, before she finished letting out her breath…

“Yu’er, the day after tomorrow is the annual Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition, you should prepare yourself.” Gu Qingyu’s mother gave her a loving look.

Gu Qingyu nearly choked to death, “Performing Arts and Craftsmanship?”

“That’s right! You wouldn’t go no matter what before, but this time you must participate, otherwise how could you qualify as a Lady of Gu Manor!” An aunt acted as if she said it out of ‘kindness’.

What’s up with her being so happy at someone else’s misery! Why don’t you participate!

Gu Qingyu really wanted to just shout at her, but she restrained herself and coolly said, “Hmm, yeah, otherwise it would be a waste to have the Legitimate Daughter of Gu Manor as a title.”

She was reminding that auntie, anyhow, that she would always be a legitimate daughter.

The woman was momentarily stunned, she’d never thought that there would come a day when Gu Qingyu would begin to retort, especially to the point of rendering her speechless…

After concluding the meal, Gu Qingyu decided to practice some moves on top of her roof, and give her cat abilities a test drive.

She arrived under the edges of the roof and lightly kicked on the ground…

Her body actually began to float, gracefully like a feather, on top of the roof.

She felt something foreign on her rear end and the top of her head…

Gu Qingyu subconsciously touched those two spots… It was a pair of fluffy ears and a really long tail!

Could these be the special features of a cat?

Gu Qingyu felt amazed and became very hopeful, “With such great flexibility and mobility abilities, I shouldn’t have any issues finding that Illusion Spirit Grass, right?”

She had asked Xiao Qi before. Not too far away from the city existed a mountain where uncommon herbs grew aplenty.

Gu Qingyu casually exercised for a while before jumping down again, returning to her room to retire early.

After all, she had to get up early in the morning to go pick some herbs…


Gu Qingyu didn’t even notice the shadow that was secretly watching over her.

Once she went back in, a man dressed in a blue robe came out of the shadows, with a faint smile touching his lips.


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