ACA Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – You Who Haven’t The Strength To Truss Up A Chicken


Jia Qizhe? Almost forgot about him!

What was up with him last night? Looks like… I’ll have to find some time to have a proper talk with him.

But… “Hitting it off”? I really can’t with this idiot!


“Ehem, let’s start packing our things when everybody is finished eating. We’re gonna go meet up with a friend.” Gu Qingyu said, as she slowly munched on her steamed bun.

Qi Yichen blinked curiously at her, “A friend? Also Brother Zhu, did you go out alone last night? You who haven’t even the strength to truss up a chicken?”

“No, I was with Mo Bai.”



Jia Qizhe, he is oddly taciturn today.

What exactly happened to him last night?

Indeed, it was imperative to find some time to ask him properly about it one of these days.


“Oh, and also,” Gu Qingyu gulped down some water. She suddenly started to cough because she took too much of a mouthful, “Cough cough cough!

“Brother Zhu, drink slower.” Mo Bai lightly hit Gu Qingyu’s back, “Swallow first, then speak.”

Gu Qingyu batted him an eye, then with great difficulty, swallowed her water, letting it go down her throat, “Murong Zuoyu has a new name now, call him Leng Xuanyu from now on.”

“Oh…” Qi Yichen nodded thoughtfully, “So, both Brother Leng and Brother Zhu changed their names…”

“Brother Zhu did what?” Murong Zuoyu stood, alert.

“Qi Yichen!” Gu Qingyu shot Qi Yichen a resentful glare, who tactfully shut his mouth.

Murong Zuoyu’s cold face looked slightly pained, “Brother Zhu, you don’t trust in me?”

“It’s not that, Brother Leng, It’s just something I have trouble talking about…”

“No harm, I’ll wait for you to tell me when you’re ready.” Murong Zuoyu waved it off.

“Let’s move out.” Jia Qizhe stood up, “Since we have a schedule, let’s not waste time.”

“Ok!” Everyone nodded.


Everybody neatly packed their own belongings and then headed to the streets.

Without a doubt, they had become the “center of attention.”

“Ah! The guy in blue is sooo handsome!” One of the aunties clasped her hands to her chest, she was definitely talking about Jia Qizhe.

“Yeah, the one in white is also very handsome! He looks so very very gentle, and very strong as well!”

“The purple one also…”

Gu Qingyu thought they were talking about her, and subconsciously turned her head around smiling, only to find that they were actually talking about Murong Zuoyu…


It took them a while, but they finally arrived at the place they had agreed to before. Gu Qingyu spotted Qi Wan from far away.

“70k!” Gu Qingyu casually approached, “Did we make you wait?” Not knowing why, Gu Qingyu felt really comfortable and close with “70k1”.

“I just arrived as well.” Qi Wan gave a faint smile. He began gossiping behind Gu Qingyu’s back, “All of them are your friends?” Right at that moment, he caught sight of Mo Bai and began to shudder.

Yesterday… was too staggering…

“Yupp!” Gu Qingyu calmly shrugged, then she turned around and said, “This is Qi Wan, you can call him 70k, our newest friend…”

“Hai!” Qi Wan tactfully greeted him.

“What kind of friend?” Jia Qizhe crossed his arms, being sassy.

“A good friend!” Qi Wan shrugged and looked at Gu Qingyu helplessly, “It looks like your friend has some hostility towards me.”

“Brother Zhu, how could you just randomly invite someone to our party~” said Qi Yichen without waiting for Gu Qingyu’s reply. He didn’t look too happy.

When Baby Qi isn’t happy, the consequences could be catastrophic!

“Uh…” Just as Gu Qingyu was about to explain, she was interrupted.

“Xiao… Xiao Fan probably has his reasons….” Xiao Qi had a hard time calling her “Xiao Fan,” but nevertheless, she made an effort to correct herself. At least it was better than “Brother Zhu”.

It was evident that Xiao Qi was on Gu Qingyu’s side.

“Eh… Hehe, don’t be like that~ We’re going to be friends in the future after all~” said Qi Wan. Jia Qizhe looked like he was about to “burst”, Gu Qingyu immediately rushed up to hold him back.

Jia Qizhe stood very close to Qi Wan. Qi Wan hid his face in his arms. “Haha, staaph it~ you’re making me shy~”

The corners of Jia Qizhe’s lips curled upward.

“Ha! Ha-ha!” Gu Qingyu forced out a laugh, and faced Jia Qizhe, “70k might be a… little shy! Yeah, right, shy! Ha-ha!” She forced out another laugh.

However, the smile didn’t improve the situation at all, but rather, made the atmosphere even more awkward.

“…” Jia Qizhe raised his eyebrows, his armed remained crossed and said in an arrogant tone, “Shy? In what world is this considered shy?”

“Okay okay, let’s get on with the journey!” Qi Yichen popped in.

“Tsk.” Jia Qizhe disdainfully looked at Qi Wan and walked away.

“70k, don’t mind him~” Gu Qingyu patted Qi Wan on the shoulders.

Qi Wan shrugged, “It’s fine! If I can’t take this trifling insult, then my name isn’t 70k!.”

“Huh? What else could you be called?” Gu Qingyu asked curiously.

“One cent.”

“… Puahaha!” Gu Qingyu thought about it for a second, and then burst out in a fit of laughter.

Qi Wan rolled his eyes, “Big sis, your reaction time is a little too slow.”

“Big Sis?” The quick Murong Zuoyu immediately reacted.

Gu Qingyu glared at Qi Wan, who quickly corrected himself. “Cough cough, Dajie*2 is… is his nickname…”

“How could he know your nickname?” Jia Qizhe subtlely smiled.


This bastard TOTALLY did that on purpose!

“Uh… We… Actually… Uh…” Gu Qingyu mulled it over before deciding to make something up real quick… “We’ve actually known each other looong loong ago!”

Qi Yichen blinked curiously, “Eh? Is it true…?”

Ai, I even thought at first that Qi Yichen would be an introvert, and that scholars were all who acted above mere mortals matter. Who knew…

Gu Qingyu’s current view of Qi Yichen totally crumbled her first impression of him from the past and the image of a scholar!!

Gu Qingyu curled her lips, “What else?”

“Actually, I feel like…” said Qi Yichen innocently.

“Qi Yichen, you disgrace!”

“I’m not!”

“Shut up!”



At last, Gu Qingyu’s patience wore out and sent out a fist, Qi Yichen bawled out and shut his mouth.

“Jeeez, you really had to force this kind-hearted and beautiful soul to make a move. I can’t with you.” Gu Qingyu fiercely spoke.

“Kind-hearted and beautiful?” Qi Wan covered his belly, laughing so hard that he couldn’t stand straight. He pointed at Gu Qingyu, wanting to confirm once more, “Kind-hearted and beautiful?”

“Yes.” Gu Qingyu shamelessly boasted, “With a kind and beautiful young man like me, even with ladies lined up begging, I wouldn’t even go! Right, Xiao Qi?”

She shot what she believes to be a charming glance at Xiao Qi, making Xiao all terrified, almost fainting.

“See, my charms are definitely out of this world!” Gu Qingyu ignorantly concluded with a sentence and walked away on her own, leaving behind the crowd rolling their eyes.

“Oh right!”Gu Qingyu suddenly stopped in her tracks, “Where are we even going?”


A sound of everyone collapsing on the ground could be heard.


They walked through a wide and expansive forest. Suddenly, shadows flashed by, and a several figures showed up, “Hand over the Bloodlife Jade and we’ll spare your lives!”

“Sigh…” Gu Qingyu gazed towards the skies quietly,” Buddies, it’s already your seventh try, don’t you ever get tired?”

Yeah. Since the beginning of their journey, the black clothed men had been constantly emerging trying to steal the Bloodlife Jade. But how could they deal with the overwhelming experts at her side…

Gu Qingyu patted Qi Wan helplessly, “Goodness, didn’t they say that with 70k, the whereabout about the Bloodlife Jade would perish?”

“They’ve been following us for quite a while. If it weren’t for Qi Wan, there wouldn’t be just these few.” Jia Qizhe finally spoke, his hands emitted an azure light, and a treasured sword took form.

“…” Gu Qingyu curled her mouth, then finally turned around quietly, “Alright, you can start.”

As her words fell, she could hear Jia Qizhe reply faintly, “It’s done.”

“Huh? So fast?” Gu Qingyu turned around, and discovered the black clothed men lying on the ground, with a cut on their necks. Jia Qizhe slowly wiped clean his sword, a blue azure energy was whirling around the sword.

“…” Gu Qingyu continued walking forwards in silence.


Their final destination was Bloodglaze City. Venerable Flames told her earlier that if they were able to find the Eight-colored Glass Beads, they would be able to release him.


“Why should I release you?” Gu Qingyu felt a bit muddled.

Venerable Flame’s eyes filled with mystery and incitement, “As long as you help your master to get out, I’ll tell you the purpose of why you’re here.”

“Nah, not worth it…”

“Plus taking you back.”

“Even if you say so, it’s still…”

“And your friends as well.”


“On top of that, I’ll even throw in a couple of those so-called mansions in your world.”


Gu Qingyu was incomparably delighted, “This time I’ve hit jackpot!”

Venerable Flames, “…”


Thus, the situation escalated to the current state…


“I’m curious, Brother Zhu, why do you want to suddenly go to Bloodglaze City?” Qi Yichen asked blankly.

“Uuuh…” Gu Qingyu laughed dryly, “Hehe, Qi Yichen, do you know about the Eight-colored Glass Beads?”

“I do.” The tender Mo Bai started to talk, “Eight-colored Glass Beads, as the name implies, eight in total. Scattered around in the world. Legends says, if one can gather all of them, they’ll attain a powerful magical power.”

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu asked curiously, “Then when we fuse them, what kind of energy can it release?”

“You can’t describe it in words.” Murong Zuoyu followed up.

“Oh…” No wonder Venerable Flames also said something like this…

“Brother Zhu, you still haven’t told me why you need the Eight-colored Glass Beads.” Qi Yichen looked at her with sparkling eyes.

“Stop asking me so much!” Gu Qingyu glared at him, then thought that she should tell them if she still considered them as her friends, “If we gather the spiritual Eight-colored Glass Beads, then we’ll be able to release the full might of Bloodlife Jade.”

“I’ve heard about this before.” Mo Bai asked thoughtfully, “But, Brother Zhu, why would you want to unseal the powers of Bloodlife Jade?”

“To become more powerful of course! And also…” Gu Qingyu’s eyes gleamed, “When the time comes, I’ll bring you all to a wonderful place.”

“Huh?” Qo Wan asked curiously, “Where?”

Gu Qingyu smiled mysteriously at Qi Wan, “Home.”

“You found a way?” Qi Wan immediately got excited.

“Yupp, assemble the Eight-colored Glass Beads.” Gu Qingyu nodded, then turned towards Jia Qizhe, “Gather the Eight-colored Glass Beads, and I’ll bring you to my true home.”

“Ok, I believe in you.” Jia Qizhe gave her a faint smile.


So beautiful…


Gu Qingyu also smiled and nodded, “Mm!”


On the road, Jia Qizhe and Mo Bai walked in front. Qi Yichen and Murong Zuoyu walked in the middle. Xiao Qi followed behind, and Gu Qingyu and Qi Wan walked together in the back, a bit further away from everyone.

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  1. Instead of saying “Seventy thousand” every time, I shortened it to 70k. 七万>祁烷
  2. 大杰Dajie, 大姐Dajie – Big sis