ACA Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – His Lordship


Mmph…” Gu Qingyu knitted her brows and ruthlessly bit the hand that was pressed against her face, “Chomp!”

The man swiftly withdrew his hand and crouched down, “Ow!! Are you a dog?!”

The energy that bound her quickly vanished.

She activated [Cat Eyes], allowing her to have a clearer view of her surroundings.


He was actually the guy she’d met back at the entrance to the Imperial Palace!

The question remains, why was he in her room?

And to think that his strength was this powerful!!

If she remembered correctly, his name was—


“Xue Zang?”

“Oh, you actually remembered this lord.” The man smiled slightly. His smile was indescribably devilish and enchanting.

“…” It’s definitely committing suicide if I try to go against him, and why hasn’t Murong Zuoyu arrived yet? He should’ve heard me by now? Could it be that-… that he was already done in by Xue Zang?

Damn! Xue Zang must’ve continued trailing me! This isn’t good— if none of our experts detected his presence, then what does that mean? Obviously, Xue Zang’s magical prowess is unfathomable!

What should I do… Whatever, who cares about Murong Zuoyu! Saving my own skin comes first!

“Err… How could I ever forget his Lordship,“ Gu Qingyu coughed a few times, “Your heavenly temperament left a deep impression on me, and your striking beauty and free spirit is quite unforgettable!”

“Little brat, I haven’t seen you for a couple of days and you’ve already become such a sweet smooth talker.” Xue Zang let out a chuckle, his laughter was extremely alluring.

Gu Qingyu laughed along with him, “Can’t deny it, my life comes first after all…” I am just telling the truth after all.

“Oh? Your life? Am I that scary?” Xue Zang curled his lips and raised his eyebrows. It was definitely not a good look.

Shit! I accidentally switched between inner thoughts and words!!

“Eh…” Her tongue refused to move!“I-… I…”

“Enough, this lord pardons you.” The red robed man turned, his robe swaying gracefully with him.


Pardon? He made it sound like she committed some heinous crime!!

What Gu Qingyu didn’t know was that if it had been anybody else but her, the outcome would’ve been even worse than getting their bodies drawn and quartered by five horses.


“But why would you come to my room?” She subconsciously blurted out her inner doubts, at the same time, the door was kicked open.

“Brother Zhu, are you alright?” Murong Zuoyu’s cool voice could be heard, his tone was filled with genuine concern.




Gu Qingyu subconsciously looked towards Xue Zang, only to find that he had already disappeared. Thank goodness…

Gu Qingyu let out a sigh of relief.

But… how did he manage to get out? Even the windows were tightly shut!


“I hereby summon you, [Fire]” Murong Zuoyu’s calm and callous voice sounded out. A ball of fire formed in his hand, “Brother Zhu, are you fine?”

“I… I’m… I’m fine.” Gu Qingyu quickly calmed herself down professionally, after all, she was a psychiatrist1, “Someone barged into my room just now…”

“That person’s magic power is incredible,” Murong Zuoyu walked up to Gu Qingyu, “He put me under an enchantment. It took some time to break through, so I couldn’t arrive in time. Sorry…”

Sorry? Murong Zuoyu, my dear arrogant and proud child, this ought to be your first time apologizing, right?

“It’s fine, it’s not like he did anything to me…” Gu Qingyu appeared very unconcerned.

Murong Zuoyu frowned, “He? Who was that person just now?” Gu Qingyu’s words made some doubts arise with him.

Gu Qingyu blanked out for a moment, then followed up with laughter, trying to muddle the subject, “Ohoho~~ That person was dressed in black clothes and wore a mask as well. I think he was here to assassinate me…” She weakly swallowed, “But, you rushed in at the exact moment he was going to attack. I think he was intimidated by your aura and escaped immediately…”


Such fabrication…

Only ghosts would believe in it!

Even Gu Qingyu herself couldn’t believe in her own words!…


Surprisingly, Murong Zuoyu actually slowly nodded, “I believe you, Brother Zhu.2

Just a faint reply, but the shame made her lower her gaze and turn her head away from him.

They had become acquainted recently and he had already so much confidence and trust in her, and he was also somebody who didn’t trust so easily.


Gu Qingyu forced out a laugh, “Thank you, Murong Zuoyu!”

“I feel like I should change my name,” Murong Zuoyu slightly knitted his brows, “Can you help me pick one?”


Gu Qingyu understood him, he was trying to change the subject.

This technique was kinda weak…


Gu Qingyu laughed, “What about “Little Flower”! It suits you very much!”

“…” Murong Zuoyu couldn’t help but curl his lips.

Little Flower?

“Ahahaha…” Seeing Murong Zuoyu’s current facial expression, Gu Qingyu couldn’t help but to break out into a smile, “I’m just messing with you!

“…” Murong Zuoyu remained speechless.

Gu Qingyu placed her hand under her chin, “Hmm… since you’re always so cold and aloof, let’s just call you Leng Xuanyu3?”

“…” Although Murong Zuoyu didn’t say anything, Gu Qingyu knew that he had already agreed inside.

Gu Qingyu smiled, pleased with herself, “Brother Leng, it’s getting late. You should go back and rest.”

“…” Brother Leng? Murong Zuoyu curled his lips again, “Bye.”


Seeing him leave, Gu Qingyu finally relaxed. She plopped down on her bed with her arms and legs splayed out like 呈, “Sigh…” My ‘me’ time has been getting shorter and shorter ever since I transmigrated here


Maybe she could hear some interesting stories if she went to Venerable Flame’s place~

According to him, they were all just some “past” event that had happened. They weren’t bad and were occasionally paired with some of his dry jokes.

Moreover, she recovered her mental energy quicker at his place.

But… it has been quite a while since she “slept”… so, today, let’s just have a proper sleep.

And so, Gu Qingyu laid in her bed, tucked in her bed sheet, then slowly shut her eyelids, entering her dreamland.



The skies were filled with snow, the flakes fell silently.

As quick as lightning, the room turned unusually warm.

Gu Qingyu looked around quickly around her. There was something very… familiar about this place.


Her home.


“Xiao Yu, what’s wrong?” A girl walked towards her, carrying some bread. It wasn’t until then when Gu Qingyu noticed that she was sitting at a dining table.

“… Xiao Ran?” Gu Qingyu stared at the girl in front of her.

For some unknown reason, a dreadful feeling of suffocation lingered in the air.


Xiao Ran was a university professor, currently renting a room in Gu Qingyu’s apartment.

Gu Qingyu wanted to find another girl to live together with her, since there was no one else at home. So, she coincidentally happened to come across this tender, kind hearted Xiao Ran.


“Hurry up and eat, you still have to get to work,” Xiao Ran cheerfully placed the breakfast in front of Gu Qingyu, “Xiao Yu, as a psychiatrist, you’re way more busier than me~ My lectures are arranged to be a bit later in the morning, so you should hurry up~”

“… Mm.” Gu Qingyu smiled, “Xiao Ran, I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Jeez, stop~” Xiao Ran patted Gu Qingyu’s head, “Go ahead and eat first, I have to go prepare my things.”



After finishing breakfast, Gu Qingyu carried her bag and hurriedly put on her shoes, “Xiao Ran, I’ll leave first, Byee~”

“Alrighty, take care.” Xiao Ran smiled as she waved her hand, while organizing her things on the table.

Gu Qingyu took a deep breath and opened the door.


Before her eyes, everything was white. The white light enshrouded everything—

She suddenly appeared in midair. Then she immediately began to fall down. Plunging down—


“Aaaaaaah—” Gu Qingyu was still screaming as she woke up from the dream, drenched in sweat and her entire body shaking.

What she saw just now… was something that happened in the modern age before she was murdered…

Why would she dream about Xiao Ran all of a sudden?

… Wasn’t this the first time she dreamed about something from the modern age since coming here?


So ominous… so scary… brrr…


She looked outside the windows, it was still very early in the morning…

It should be roughly… around 3 AM…

Gu Qingyu slowly shut her eyelids again, but she didn’t dare to fall asleep again.

She decided to go visit Venerable Flame.


Gu Qingyu’s spirit consciousness arrived in Bloodlife Jade’s “realm”. She found Venerable Flame, dressed in a blood red robe, still half crouching on that red colored bed.

“Wow,” Gu Qingyu was impressed, “Why is it that everytime I come here, you’re still in this exact posture?”

“Showing off, looking cool.” He slowly placed his hand under his chin.

“Hah?” Gu Qingyu was taken aback at his reply. She had imagined that he was going to say that it was comfortable or something similar…

Venerable Flame extended his other hand, and looked at the back of his hands, he languidly said, “Why? Isn’t that how you would describe it back in your world?”

Uhh… He’s not wrong…

“How do you know… uh… the language… from my era?” asked Gu Qingyu, stammering a little.

Venerable Flame raised his eyebrows, “Why? Are you here because of this?”

“Ah, not really.” Gu Qingyu looked at him, “Venerable Flame, you’re very skilled in magical arts right?”

“What are you trying to say?” Venerable Flame slowly replied.

Gu Qingyu immediately moved in closer. She pouted and gave him puppy eyes, “Hurhur… Venerable Flame, here only I know you, you know me. What about you teach me more about magic in the future? As my master, of course!”

“Sure.” Venerable Flame accepted her request without giving it a second thought,” Now, kowtow.”

“…” Gu Qingyu put her fist to her forehead, “Can we skip the formalities.”

“Okay.” Venerable Flame unexpectedly yielded. How refreshingly straightforward, “Apprentice, as your master, I’ll teach you a couple of powerful ones.”

“Eh, really?” Gu Qingyu couldn’t help but reveal a big smile, “Thanks, Master!



The sunlight was shining through the windows, shining precisely on Gu Qingyu’s [beautiful] face.

Gu Qingyu gradually opened her eyes, covering her eyes reflexively as she got up.

A split second of temporary blindness made her sleepiness disappear, so she jumped off the bed and casually patted her wrinkled clothes and fixed her bed head before heading out.

Because she was afraid of an assailant suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the night and reveal her identity, Gu Qingyu had no choice but to be on her toes all day and night and sleep in her male clothes— Tsk, this was absurd!


She slowly walked downstairs, “I knew it! They are all already sitting around the table and cheerfully eating breakfast in harmony!”

Gu Qingyu was simply about to explode!!


“Brother Zhu.” Mo Bai noticed her first, “Come, let’s eat together.”

His current gentle smiling face, was completely contradictory to yesterday’s facade!!

“Uhh…” Gu Qingyu walked over with a face filled with embarrassment, she guiltily rubbed her nose, “About that…”

She didn’t sit down yet. She hesitated for a long while.

“What is it, Brother Zhu?” Qi Yichen’s face was filled with curiosity, “Did you get into trouble again?”

“Why do you always want me to get into trouble.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes unhappily at him, “Let me tell you, if I ever get into trouble, the first thing I’ll do is pull you down with me.”

“Huh? Brother Zhu, how can you be so unreasonable?!”


“Looks like you two are really hitting it off.” said Jia Qizhe softly.


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  1. Now she is a psychiatrist? Yay.
  2. Everyone be believing back and forth
  3. 冷Cold, 轩High, 羽Feather, the last letter in his original name