ACA Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Project: Escape


Gu Qingyu managed to obtain some more information about her current situation from this maidservant.

First, this servant girl was called Xiao Qi1, Gu Qingyu’s personal handmaiden, and Gu Qingyu herself was the daughter of the First Wife, the legitimate daughter of the Gu Manor.2

Second, the ancient Gu Qingyu was skilled in both literature and martial arts. She had a strong and healthy body, and was also good at observing people’s special traits and type. However, apart from that last point, the transmigrated Gu Qingyu had nothing in common with her…

Fortunately, Gu Qingyu discovered that she had unexpectedly inherited all of the abilities from the previous owner of the body!


She also seemed to know some magic.

Third, Hero Jia’s full name was Jia Qizhe3 and was an expert in martial arts and magic. He was currently lodged in the Gu Manor, working on a mission. The ancient Gu Qingyu seemed to have wanted to assist Jia Qizhe, which explains why she tagged along with him.

Fourth, the ancient Gu Qingyu also appeared to be some kind of monster, but only Xiao Qi was aware of this. A cat demon, to be precise. Because she got along with Xiao Qi very well, only the two of them shared this secret.

And finally, it seemed like the ancient Gu Qingyu’s relationships with her aunts back at home weren’t all that great!

What shocked her most though, out of everything she found out about was…  that she was a demon!

This was too much, how could you do this to me! At least, I’m a cat demon…  and not a cockroach spirit or some kind of goblin or something. If that were the case, it would’ve been so humiliating!


“Miss Gu, old master wants you to see him.” A maid outside the door lightly said.

Gu Qingyu’s eyes sparkled with excitement, “Mm, ok, I’ll be there at once.”

Eh-hum? On bad terms with the people at home?

It’s not like I have anything to do, why don’t… I go and greet them?


Gu Qingyu arrived at the meeting hall, appearing calm and collected. Quite a few people had arrived already.

“Oh, elder sister has come.” A little girl holding a handkerchief giggled, “Did elder sister run into some kind of trouble while assisting Hero Jia?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” Gu Qingyu smiled faintly. This little lady looked very pretty, but she was a little too scheming.

“Little sister, are you alright? Welcome back home.” Another girl also smiled faintly and looked at Gu Qingyu.

“Sister, I’m fine, don’t worry.” Gu Qingyu replied calmly.

Xiao Qi stood by the sides and smiled while nodding in approval, “Our Miss seems to have become so much smarter after being hit on the head! You know, usually, if our family’s Miss came across this kind of scenario, she would normally try to avoid it. If she were ever unable to avoid a conversation, she would’ve just stayed quiet…… Wah, Miss has become so much brighter!!”

“Yu’er, I heard you fell and suffered some memory loss?” The man that sat on the master’s seat asked.

He emitted an imposing aura. He was probably the father of the previous owner of this body.

Gu Qingyu half-rose from her seat, “Father, your daughter didn’t suffer any memory loss.”

“Sigh, I have urged you so many times to stop doing dangerous things, but you never listen! You are not allowed to do anything dangerous in the future! You were lucky because Hero Jia was around this time, but he’s going to leave before long. Hero Jia possesses immense power and can consider the whole world as his home!” She sensed that this man really doted on this daughter of his.

“Yes, father.” The corners of Gu Qingyu’s mouth perked up into a wide smile, because at this very moment, she had an epiphany, “Regard the whole world as his own home? Ohoho~ He must be a powerful expert! I should just let that ‘Hero Jia’ take me with him! The situation in this place is too chaotic and messy! I’m sure that if I stay here any longer, I’ll just get eaten alive by these scheming relatives!”

“Good, remember that until next time.” The man nodded, feeling pleased.

“Little sister, you should pay more attention to your status. After all, you are a lady.” That “sister” said with a worried face, but the contempt contained in her words could be heard as clear as day.

Gu Qingyu giggled, “Thank you for worrying about me! I know that guys get easily attracted to me because I’m so kind and beautiful! So, I’m certainly not going to behave like some other pitiful people, you know, those who get jealous of others because they don’t have anything to be proud of!” She didn’t even try to conceal the self-praise, and the meaning behind her words was quite obvious : You’re jealous of me because I’m prettier than you!

“You!” That girl stamped her feet.

“Enough, Yu’er must be tired. You should go back and rest.” Her father said.

“Oki!” Gu Qingyu nodded, “I’ll take my leave then!”

After all that trouble just to get allowed to go back to her room, a young girl suddenly called her out, “Gu Qingyu, are you not going to bid us farewell before you leave?”

“Who am I to you? You actually called my name out directly?” Gu Qingyu immediately turned around, waving her hands, “Okay, since you worship me so much, I’ll force myself to make an effort——Bye, bye!” The moment the last word was spoken, she ran off without turning back.

The young girl was at a loss for a moment, then ferociously bit her handkerchief, “GU QINGYU!!” It would’ve been better if she had never said anything to being with, but now it really appeared as if she actually worshiped her.

Gu Qingyu returned to her room, and closed the door, “Phew……”

“Miss, are you alright?” A part of Xiao Qi couldn’t help but ask.

“Uh, yeah, I’m great!” Gu Qingyu nodded, “Xiao Qi, I have a brilliant idea, will you help me out?”

That’s right! The most important task right now was to tell Xiao Qi about the plan and obtain her cooperation. Then, they could come up with an escape plan!

“What is it? Just tell me, don’t worry.” Xiao Qi nodded, looking at Gu Qingyu with curious eyes.

Gu Qingyu began to tell Xiao Qi about her plan, “I… plan to run away from home.”

“WHAT?! Miss, you’ve grown up here all your life! No, absolutely NOT!” Xiao Qi protested, “Miss, why would you suddenly come up with such ide-…Umph!

Her mouth was quickly covered by Gu Qingyu. Gu Qingyu glared at Xiao Qi, “Are you trying to let the whole manor know that I plan to escape! Could you be any louder!”

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes when Xiao Qi nodded seriously, “Are you going to help or not?” After spotting the defiant look in Xiao Qi’s eyes, Gu Qingyu tried to gently coax her instead, “Xiao Qi, look here. Am I not treated horrendously here?”

Xiao Qi nodded seriously again.

“That’s right! See, Xiao Qi… Do you remember all the times I’ve just quietly endured it?” Gu Qingyu slowly and steadily “enlightened” Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi nodded yet again seriously.

“Dear, Xiao Qi. Are you also unable to bear seeing me getting wronged anymore? Exactly! For the both of us, we have to escape from this place. Travel the world and… Ah! Establish our own ideal homeland!!” Gu Qingyu held her hands up, with the utmost righteousness!



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  1. Xiao Qi (小琪) means “Little Qi.” Calling somebody “little” is usually a sign of endearment. There is also the surnames Xiao (萧/肖)!
  2. Legitimate daughter of Gu Manor – 孤府的嫡女: daughter born from the first wife, age doesn’t matter. Polygamy was common in ancient China.
  3. Jia Qizhe – 贾骐哲