ACA Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Are You More Handsome Than Me?


“I never expected you to have this one up your sleeve, Jia Qizhe!” Gu Qingyu told Xiao Qi fetch her a mirror, and then quietly stared at her own reflection in the mirror—

Her black hair was being tied up in a knot, she had bright eyes and a sharp and defined chin, dressed in a light purple robe, a living major hottie!


I never thought that I could be so good-looking!


Gu Qingyu caressed her own face lovingly, “I’m too beautiful!”

“Puu—“ Qi Yichen burst out in laughter, “I’ve met self-loving people, but I have yet to meet someone who’s even worse than my master.”

“Thanks for the compliment~” Gu Qingyu put down the mirror, and continued stroking her face in a matchless fashion.

“…” Jia Qizhe tapped on the back of her head, “Very handsome?”

“Mmhm!” Gu Qingyu nodded right away.

Jia Qizhe tapped twice again, “Even more handsome than me?”

“Mmhm…huh?” She suddenly felt something was amiss when she nodded. She raised her head and saw Jia Qizhe’s gloomy expression, she shook her head at once, “Of course not!”

What are these two fools doing?

Qi Yichen looked at them with a look of ridicule, “Are you comparing who’s more handsome?”

Jia Qizhe glanced at him, “What do you think?”

Qi Yichen chuckled, he lightly flicked his bangs with his white fan, “Me, of course~”

“Puu-chii—!” It was Gu Qingyu’s turn to burst out in laughter.

Mo Bai also laughed quietly at the side.

“You are the most handsome?” asked Jia Qizhe.

Qi Yichen nodded narcissistically.

Jia Qizhe laughed sinisterly, “You would be even more handsome if you got rid of an arm. Want to die?”

Qi Yichen shook his head promptly.

Gu Qingyu felt speechless, “My god! Is everyone in this party narcissistic and toxic! Except for Mo Bai…”


There were laughter and chatter during the journey. They quickly arrived at the Imperial City.


“Let’s go sightseeing first!” Gu Qingyu pleaded towards Jia Qizhe.

Among the members in the party, the one with the most authority and in control was pretty much Jia Qizhe!

“…” Jia Qizhe looked first at Gu Qingyu, then at the bustling street, and finally slowly agreed, “Sure…”

“Yaaay!” Gu Qingyu couldn’t care less about her image anymore, and jumped in joy.


Four good-looking guys and one beautiful girl walked down the streets. They drew attention wherever they went, and people couldn’t help but “salute” the party of five when they saw them. Gu Qingyu turned out to be quite handsome in her male disguise.


“Boss~” Gu Qingyu dragged everyone to a jewelry stand, “Mm… I want this one! Yeah, and this too!” She held a sapphire-blue hairpin in her left hand and a pair of purple earrings in her right hand.

“Young Master has good eyes!” Said the boss with a beaming smile, “But… Young Master, are you buying this for yourself?”

“Obviously!” Gu Qingyu answered without a shred of misgiving, “If I’m not getting these for myself, whom else? Well, one is for Xiao Qi… however, those three don’t have any interests in these.” Gu Qingyu looked adoringly at the items in her hands, “Aiyo~ How can I… I fall so easily for such things!”

“Young Master, are you attracted to these things?” asked the boss cautiously.

“Of course! Every girl would be interested in these things!” said Gu Qingyu as natural as can be, she seemed to have forgotten that she wasn’t a “girl” anymore.

“If every girl would be interested, then why are you also very interested?” asked Jia Qizhe softly.

“Naturally, I…” She hesitated, something felt fishy. She glared at Jia Qizhe fiercely, “Couldn’t care less about these things!”.

In order to prove her own “disinterest”, Gu Qingyu swung her arms angrily and left, leaving behind the boss with his mouth open…


Meanwhile, Mo Bai seemed to have discovered something, his eyes lit up and went ahead alone. Gu Qingyu followed curiously.

He arrived at a place and halted his pace, Gu Qingyu raised her head, “Hundred Herb Hall”.

Ah! As expected, what else could draw in Mo Bai? A pharmacy, of course!

Gu Qingyu entered the store together with Mo Bai.

“Mo Bai, do you not come here usually?” whispered Gu Qingyu.

“Yeah.” He gave her a nod, “Most of the time, I’m just gathering herbs in the mountains. Never did I expect that there would be so many rare and uncommon herbs in a pharmacy in the Imperial City.”

“Naturally.” Gu Qingyu couldn’t deny it, “This is the biggest pharmacy in the Imperial City.”

Gu Qingyu curiously picked up the bundle of herbs that Mo Bai asked for, “What kind of herbs would make Mo Bai to buy them?”


At this moment, Gu Qingyu saw a familiar figure stepping through the door.

She wore an elegant pink dress, her long hair fluttered softly with every step she took. Her beauty was incomparable, however, her eyes carried a hint of wiliness and slyness, unfit her age.


—It’s her! That “sister” who tried to assassinate her!


Gu Qingyu subconsciously grabbed onto Mo Bai’s sleeves. He glanced at her, he was confused by her anxious expression.

Mo Bai followed Gu Qingyu’s gaze…”Who is she?” asked Mo Bai softly.

“She is my so-called sister,” Gu Qingyu lowered her voice, “She tried to kill me in the past, but I managed to escape before it happened.”

At the same time, the woman also looked towards Gu Qingyu.

In that instant, their eyes met.


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