ACA Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – A Piece Of Rock!


“This is…” Gu Qingyu stared at the rock. The rock gave off a red glow, lighting up the whole room… and it was extremely beautiful and dazzling as if it were a valuable treasure.

“This is the Bloodlife Jade. In some people’s hands, it’s just an ordinary stone, however for others, they would use their own lives to protect it!” said the man as he handed over the rock to her, “It has its own will. It told me, that you were from another world… Take it with you, and it will tell you how to proceed…”

“I don’t like to be ordered around, especially from a completely useless piece of rock with no usage.” Gu Qingyu shrugged her shoulders, “So what if it knows my origins? I might as well stay here since I’ve come, and I am also very satisfied with my current team! There’s nothing wrong with coming all the way to the ancient times to go out on an adventure!”

“Just a piece of rock that has completely no usage?” The man suddenly started laughing, “You actually said it’s a useless piece of rock? A piece of rock? Rock?”

… What’s up with him! I believe them now that he suffers from some kind of mental disorder!!

He suddenly waved his hands when she was about to interrupt him, “A piece of rock! No! It’s not just merely a piece of rock!!”

Just as his voice faded, the rock suddenly emitted an intense red radiance. Gu Qingyu involuntarily recoiled and covered her eyes with her hands…


Rays of red light shoot out and the light scattered, Gu Qingyu opened her eyes again.

She saw… an entire world that was dyed in red… and before her, stood a man dressed in a red robe…

He had a beautiful and delicate face, his mouth curved into a devilish smile.


This pressure… is really heavy!!


“Wh-who are you?” Gu Qingyu subconsciously took a step back.

“Heh, you just said that I, the Venerable, is a piece of rock, now you’re wondering who I am?” His voice brimmed with charisma.

“Y-you’re the Bloodlife Jade that he was just talking about?” Gu Qingyu found it unbelievable, she opened her eyes wide and stared at the pretty man, “No way…”

“What else, then?” asked the man,  “Heh, this is the first time someone has called me, the Venerable, a useless piece of rock…”

“So, you are a piece of rock!” She looked at him in disbelief, “I heard him say that not only do you know my origins, but you also choose me? What kind of selection method did you use?”

“Heh, not only do I know your origins, I even know who killed you in the past.” The red clothed man looked at her with a devilish smile, “Would you like to know…”

“I don’t”, Gu Qingyu interrupted him, “Is knowing my origins of any use to you? It’s not like you can send me back! And I don’t even want to go back even if you offered! My comrades are wonderful and I’m still planning to go out on an adventure with them! Don’t you know that this is a very precious body? There are countless of people that could only wish for magic! So please, stop bothering me, ok?”

“I’m bothering you? How dare you say that I’m bothering you?” He didn’t seem angry nor annoyed, instead his face contained a heavy hint of mockery, “Ridiculous.”

“I don’t think that you are funny either!” replied Gu Qingyu, sarcastically, “Let me tell you, my friends are very powerful! So I advise you to be sensible and let me go!”

“Oh? Powerful?” The red robed man’s originally calm and collected demeanor seemed to have been upset by Gu Qingyu’s words, “I would very much like to know, exactly how powerful they are!”

“My god, you’re so annoying!” Gu Qingyu couldn’t keep her calm either, “Alright, you win! I’ll accept whatever you tell me to do! Just let me go, ok?!”

“It’s very simple,” The red robed man smiled enticingly, “From now on, you must carry the Bloodlife Jade with you at all times, that’s all.”

That’s all? “You dragged out the half day only for this?! Couldn’t you tell me this from the start?!” Gu Qingyu glared at him fiercely.

“Ehem, I haven’t finished yet.” The man spoke in a calm and unhurried voice. A bright red light suddenly flashed in his palm, and the rock appeared. “You can tell your so-called friends about this matter, but you can absolutely not tell them that you have met me.”

“Che~, he actually knows when to feel bad.” Gu Qingyu looked at him in disdain, and nodded, “I promise, but you must tell me why I’m here!” If she didn’t ask for anything in return, wouldn’t she be too much of a goody? She, Gu Qingyu, was certainly not someone who didn’t take advantage of others!

“That I can do, but now is not the time.” said the red robed man with a coquet smile, “I forgot to tell you, the Bloodlife Jade is a unique and priceless treasure. Many would love to get their hands on it, and there isn’t a single martial artist in the world that wouldn’t want it.”

“Huh? What about me then?” Gu Qingyu frowned, “It’s not like I’m a martial artist expert, and Jia Qizhe or Qi Yichen can’t be protecting me every second. Am I not screwed then? Hello? I am someone who cherishes her own life very much!”

“Pssh, I won’t allow my own people to get harmed.” He casually picked up a piece of rock on the floor, then slowly and steadily crushed it into dust, “Those people, I’ll help you take care of them.”


My people? Alright, I’ll allow myself to be one for the time being…’Take care of’? Why does it sound so dreadful! Kk, I won’t investigate this for now.


“Then… why do you keep calling yourself “The Venerable”?… Who are you even?” asked Gu Qingyu curiously.

That guy actually slightly lowered his eyes, “Because I was formerly known as… Venerable Flame.


Gu Qingyu wanted to ask more, but the red robed man lightly brandished his sleeves, “Forget it. Let’s stop here for today, I’m tired.”

Gu Qingyu still wanted to say something, but she suddenly felt the skies and earth tumbling down. She shut her eyes and simply lost her consciousness.


[TL: Flame Venerable – 炎尊]

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