ACA Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Hundred Whirling Leaf


Gu Qingyu, “…”

She watched as the black clothed men continuously emerged out of the woods without end. Jia Qizhe didn’t seem to have a relaxing time while Xiao Qi was also entangled in the situation.


What should I do?


She looked at the shimmering remains of the Thousand Blossom Grass. Gu Qingyu bit her lips and took out the Hundred Whirling Leaf, she put it by her lips and gently whistled.

Although she got acquainted with Mo Bai not too long ago, he was the sole person she could depend on right now!


A lovely melody played out. A white shimmering light surfaced in front of her, and figure rapidly formed from the light.

The light turned weak short after. An azure clothed Mo Bai appeared, still covered by a faint luster.

He looked faintly surprised at Gu Qingyu, and then gently smiled at her, “Miss Gu, long time no see.”

“Awesome, Mo Bai! I knew you would come!” She immediately bounced to his side, “We got ambushed by these black clothed men while going up the mountain. What should we do?”

Mo Bai lightly waved his sleeves, and a couple of leaves flew out. The leaves started to spin, and shoot towards the black clothed men.

Wherever these leaves would pass, the black clothed men would collapse.

Gu Qingyu felt all kinds of admiration!

Thank god, I still had a cheating artifact!

Soon, the majority of the black clothed men was either dead or injured.

“Woah, Mo Bai! You’re so powerful!” Gu Qingyu looked up to him, “I’ll just go with you in the future~!”

“Miss Gu, you’re exaggerating. I’m ashamed.” said Mo Bai as he cupped his fists.

Jia Qizhe quietly groaned, but it got picked up by Gu Qingyu’s sharp senses. She turned around, “Jia Qizhe, are you hurt?”

“Yes.” He curled his lips.

“Ohhh, where did you get hurt? Weren’t you very strong??” She immediately ran over to him and turned her head towards Mo Bai, “Mo Bai, do you still have some recovery herbs?”

“I do…” Mo Bai started to emit a green light from his hands.

“Che~ Who wants his herbs-” Jia Qizhe interrupted Mo Bai. He extended his hands, “Look, here.”

Indeed, there was a big cut with blood pouring out of it incessantly.

“Oh my god! The blood is dripping down! Mo…”

“I said I don’t need his herbs!” He frowned, “[Heal]”

Just when he finished his sentence, his hands started to emit a faint blue light, and the wound started to slowly heal up.

“Huh?” Gu Qingyu got startled, “This…”

“I know some recovery magic too.” said Jia Qizhe very proudly.


She didn’t know why, but seeing him acting like this… Made him unexpectedly adorable!!


“Th-then why didn’t you just heal yourself?” Gu Qingyu was flabbergasted.

“Why do you care?” Jia Qizhe stylishly put back his sword into its sheath, “Go.”

Qi Yichen and Xiao Qi closed in.

Gu Qingyu looked at Mo Bai, “I’m really sorry, Mo Bai. I had no choice earlier, but to trouble you… Are you planning to return, or do you want to come with us?”

Towards Mo Bai, her usual imposing manners mysteriously vanished without a trace.

“Since I don’t have anything to do, why don’t I come with you? You’ll have another companion on the road too.” Mo Bai smiled.

“Mm!” Gu Qingyu nodded excitedly, “Great! Lucky me, We’ve gained another expert to our party. We probably don’t have to worry about any assassins in the future anymore! Ohoho~! I have experts protecting me in every direction.”

Jia Qizhe sneered, then went ahead first.

Gu Qingyu stared at Jia Qizhe’s back, perplexed by his actions, then also started to walk up together with Mo Bai.

Behind followed Xiao Qi, and Qi Yichen was last.


During the journey, Jia Qizhe seemed to be in a bad mood. His sword overflowed with blue energy. He instantly executed some monsters, time to time. It was an extremely disturbing sight.

Mo Bai looked indifferent. Qi Yichen seemed to have seen worse. Xiao Qi just looked concerned at Gu Qingyu, while Gu Qingyu gasped through her teeth!!


“Jia Qizhe, are… you in a bad mood?” asked Gu Qingyu cautiously, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Tsk.” He gave her the cold shoulders, ruthlessly slaying a monster in reply.

“When you are… in a bad mood… you like to kill monsters?” asked Gu Qingyu very carefully again.

“Tsk.” Jia Qizhe coldly neglected her again, and ruthlessly killed another monster as a reply.

“Still, this sort of hobby is truly a blessing in disguise…” Gu Qingyu let out a sharp cold air, “Then… please… continue, continue…”

“Tsk.” Jia Qizhe coldly sneered again.

“…” Gu Qingyu didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

Suddenly, Mo Bai asked skeptically, “How did this Hero Jia get together with you guys?”

“Ummm… He’s our friend, and has been traveling with us since.” Gu Qingyu tried to explain…Wait a minute, how come what she just said sounds so ridiculous and bizarre?

“Ohhh…” Mo Bai couldn’t help but glance at Jia Qizhe. He seemed to have something to say, but he had a look of hesitation, and decided to just keep it to himself in the end.


“Qingyu, when we meet my master in a bit, even if he offends you somehow, please ignore it.” said Qi Yichen suddenly, “My master is naughty by nature, and he loves to prank people…”

“…” Naughty? Prankster? Why am I suddenly curious in how he got sick!

Gu Qingyu chuckled, “Don’t worry! Although I can’t guarantee that I can cure him…” She slowly, paused, then turned around towards the azure-clothed Mo Bai.


Cure? We were discussing about treatment, right? Don’t we have a Divine Healer now?? Why am I wagging my tongue???


“Uhm… Qi Yichen…” Gu Qingyu softly spoke.

“Yeah?” He looked at her.

“I believe, your master can be saved…” She looked at Mo Bai, “Look, I hereby present you a Divine Healer…”

Mo Bai, “…”

“Qingyu, I forgot to tell you, my master is suffering from a mental disorder.”   

Gu Qingyu, “…”

Assa! I guessed it! Mental disorder! His master is suffering from a mental disorder!!


[TL: Heal – 治愈术]

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