ACA Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Transmigrated Just Like That


“Eh, where am I?” Baffled, Gu Qingyu looked around.

Didn’t… she just get stabbed with a knife a moment ago?

However, she found herself surrounded by trees, with a river flowing nearby.

Gu Qingyu approached the river and took a look at herself. Mm, she was still the same! But where is this place? Also, why was she dressed in… clothes from the olden days?

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind, “Gu Qingyu, you cannot escape! If you hand over the picture scroll, I can spare your life!”

This kind of plotline… What the heck?! I have transmigrated, right?

If so, then what is this?! Why do I have to experience this kind of scenario as soon as I come over?


She felt something sharp and pointy poking her and pulled her sleeves open… Heavens! A couple of needles were neatly stuck on the inside of her sleeves!

Looks like the ancient Gu Qingyu wasn’t so simple!

“Who are you guys?” Gu Qingyu blinked innocently at the people surrounding her.

As if she would be scared, after all, she had a black belt in taekwondo!

“Did you get scared silly?” A masked man brandished his sword in front of her, “You actually dared run away alone with the picture scroll, quite some nerves you have there! However, we have to thank you for bringing the scroll here to us… ”

Gu Qingyu curled her lips, discovering that she was actually holding onto a scroll.

She unfolded it and discovered a painting of a man.

He had a cold expression, long flowing black hair, and was dressed in a blue robe as he gazed into the distance.

“You… what the heck would you want this for?” Gu Qingyu stared suspiciously at the scroll.

The masked man laughed out loud. After laughing for awhile, he said, “Gu Qingyu, you really got scared silly! Just because you’re holding onto the portrait doesn’t mean that Hero Jia will come and protect you!”

“Fake Hero1?” Gu Qingyu was a little dumbfounded, then immediately burst into laughter, “Why would I want a fake hero to protect me!”


“Gu Qingyu, stop acting like you don’t know anything! Let me tell you, Hero Jia’s surname is Jia!” said another masked man.

“What’s the point of sprouting so much nonsense with her!” The first masked man drew his sword and sliced it through the air, sending a sharp current of energy towards her.

Gu Qingyu saw the incoming attack, her mind told her to dodge, but her body seemed to be held back by something, unable to move…


The sword aura was flicked away by a flying dart. Gu Qingyu sensed that she could move her body again…

She subconsciously retreated a few steps and discovered a moment too late that the river was just behind her.

Thus, she tragically slipped down…

AAH!” Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her up.


Gu Qingyu managed to stand firm on the ground again, focused her attentions and looked up, “Oh, it’s a guy.”


His black hair fluttered in the wind, and he had a cold look on his face.

His lips were tightly pursed, and his aura was extraordinary.

Although he was dressed in simple blue cloth, his aura was overflowing with power.


He looked familiar…

Wait a minute, isn’t this the guy in the painting?

How did he suddenly appear?

Didn’t those people just say that he was called something like ‘Hero Jia’?

Whatever! It sounds super cheesy!


“Hero Jia, how are you!” Gu Qingyu stood up straight.

That person just gave her a faint glance and didn’t speak.

What’s up with him! Didn’t he just save me? Why is he even ignoring me?

“Hero Jia… ” The group of people became fearful when they saw the man, “Hero Jia, w-we only wanted t-to get a hold of your portrait!”

“You. Leave.” The man replied lightly, his voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, as sweet as the sound of a skylark, but also as remote as the cool breeze and flowing water.

Those people bowed and fled immediately.


Gu Qingyu gazed at the fleeing crowd, curling her lip, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Seems like Hero Jia’s deterrence power is pretty high!”

She imitated those people on TV and cupped her fists, “Many thanks for the help!”

That person looked at her with a strange gaze, “Let us return to the manor.”

“What?” Gu Qingyu started to feel uneasy, “Together?!”

“Are you alright? You tripped earlier.” Hero Jia glanced at her, he seemed rather suspicious.

“…” Do you think I tripped my way into an idiot! “Aiya, I just forgot what I wanted to say…” Gu Qingyu decided that she might as go along with the flow. She put on an “oblivious”-face, “Oh! I suddenly feel like I can’t remember a lot of stuff after that fa- HEY! HERO JIA, WAIT FOR ME!”

As it turned out, Hero Jia had already drifted off while she talked…

Gu Qingyu trotted to catch up with him, speechless…


Outside of Gu Manor.

Gu Qingyu stared widely at all the people coming out of the manor to greet them. One of them, seeming to be a maidservant, ran towards her, “Miss! Welcome back!”

“Eeee…” Just when Gu Qingyu truly didn’t know how to reply, Hero Jia replied in her stead, “Your Young Miss just tripped earlier and suffered some memory loss.”

“Ah! Miss! What happened to you!” The servant girl immediately pulled Gu Qingyu around and checked her from left to right.

“Yu’er.2” A middle-aged woman came out. Gu Qingyu could tell with just a single glance that this was her current biological mother, “You’re back, how did things go?”

“Um, very good…” Gu Qingyu replied, feeling awkward, “It’s just that I recently knocked my head against a large boulder, so there are some things I can’t really remember…”

“Oh dear, I’ve told you so many times! As a girl, even if there’s nothing to do at home, stop going out to attempt such dangerous things! Why would you go out to become some ‘bait’ when you’re perfectly fine…Thank heavens that Hero Jia was there to protect you this time!”

Her mother kept on nagging endlessly without getting to the point, Gu Qingyu, however, listened very attentively to every detail and managed to pick up some information: It appeared that the ancient Gu Qingyu and Hero Jia were carrying out a mission: to go and retrieve the painting. However, they were ambushed on the way back. For some reason, though, she somehow took over the body after the ancient Gu Qingyu received a knock on her head.


Coming through like this… I have no words for this…


Once entering the manor, the interior made Gu Qingyu gasp in admiration.

The servant girl led her towards her room. Gu Qingyu studied the arrangement of her room——Mm, not bad. She liked it. Or you could perhaps say, the ancient Gu Qingyu and she had similar tastes?


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  1. Jiǎ () means Fake and is pronounced the same as the letter Jiǎ () so Gu Qingyu mistakes Hero Jia as Fake Hero!
  2. Yu’er – 语儿, 儿 is used similarly like 小 as a nickname