A quick note about the future of volareTL

Hey all! Now that the dust has settled from the news of SOTR (some readers have already pointed out the similarity of SOTR to LOTR lol!), I just wanted to quickly pop back in with a few words.

Some have expressed concerns/thoughts that volareTL will close down. I’m here to say no! Because

  1. With my works being spread across various sites, it’s nice to have a central repository for everything I do. Some people have even said they like reading on volareTL better O_O! Besides, remember that I translate professionally. This is my portfolio of a sort, and once the computer games I translate go live, they’ll be going up there in the menu as well. Win win win!
  2. It’s actually not that much work maintaining the site anymore, apart from pasting chapters in two different areas. Once we had the kinks worked out in January (in which Kidyeon stayed up to 3 am on New Year’s Day to set everything up) and we had CKTalon from TMW and HighJayster from Gravity troubleshoot once respectively, AND we figured out that the source of our issues was from a need to upgrade our plan, we haven’t had many hiccups since. I’d rather not see all this hard work go to waste, so…
  3. Well, to be a slight tease, keep watching this space! 😀

As for some calls to move GDK to various places or even drop GDK, at the moment, GDK is happy where it is. I like my folks over at Gravity very much so and they were the first big site to take a chance on me. GDK also doesn’t take near as much out of me to translate — each chapter clocks in around 45 min to an hour depending on length and language, whereas STR is anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours (as one of my readers said, “If I can tell that it’s flowery language even in English… I don’t even want to know what’s going on in the raws lol”). It’s a nice mental break, and when I want something with a bit more substance, I hope back onto STR. I’ll only ever slow down when real life gets in the way, but I’m not disappearing on anyone.

And finally, thanks for all the well wishes and warm welcome everyone! It was extremely surprising and touching to see the congratulations flow in from everywhere, I really appreciate each and every single one of you, particularly readers who have been there from the start! (Yes, I read all the comments on WW, so many of you emerged to say congrats! 😀 )

Now off to post a celebratory bonus GDK chapter! Honestly guys, I’m not dropping GDK.

  • Feetareevil

    GDK is awesome, i dont unterstand whyy you should drop it. ID rather habe you drop the other stuff and concentrate in this one ; ) I know you wont drop stuff just stating my opinion, the mix of magic and xianxia is very interesting,way more interesting than another xianxia” i am the legendary cultivater “stuff also GAMES? What GAMES? If its fantasy i wanna habe some 0.0

  • Avid Reader

    Thank you for this books. I don’t usually read everything on translating sites, but i do on volare.

    • etvolare

      Awww I love that you do! Thank you!

  • dns7950

    Thank you for all the awesome work you do translating! Please don’t listen to any rude, stupid, ignorant leeches who ask you to drop GDK.

  • Yuncchi

    If people ask you to drop you project pls just ignore them..